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After picking up the bullet, I was looking at it with eyes of expectation and wonders.


[What is it]

[Let’s test it out.

I think it’s a special bullet.]

[Then let’s aim it at that rock over there desu.]


Emily lift up her hands and points at the other direction.

And over there a huge rock which looked unmoving was present.


[I guess so, let’s try it out.

Just in case, Emily you stand behind me.]

[Okay desu.]


Emily immediately moved behind me, and I loaded the new bullet into my gun.

I aimed at the huge rock, and pulled the trigger.





[What’s wrong desu]

[Nothing happened]


Kachi, kachi.


I then pulled the trigger several times, but no such bullet flew out.


]Did it miss Or is the gun broken desu]

[Let’s test that out.]


Leaving the new bullet as it is, I loaded another normal bullet inside, and pullet the trigger.

Pan! The sound of gunfire resonated the area, and a gaping hole was at the center of the rock.


[It’s not broken desu.]



[Don’t you think that the power is a little bit strong]


[The normal bullet from before, isn’t it stronger than before]

[Was it desu …..Aah, maybe it’s because.]



I nodded.

I think our train of thoughts were the same as to what was going on right now.


I took out the new bullet, and this time just loaded a normal bullet inside and fired the huge rock.


[It became slightly weaker desu.]

[……Emily, let’s go buy some more experience points.]

[Yes desu!]



We hurried back to the city of Shikuro, and went back to the place where we first met that shop owner who was selling the box filled with a poisonous mushroom and bought another 9 more boxes.

We immediately head back to the outskirts of Shikuro, turned it into rogue monsters, and every time we fought one I cast [Reservations] on the rogue monsters before letting Emily defeat them.


Emily has finally upped her level by two, and she’s now level 28.

And with the 9 new bullets added on, I have a total of 10 in my hands.


[Let’s try putting two inside.]

[Okay desu.]


After loading the two new bullets inside, and tried pulling the trigger, and as one would expect, nothing came out.

This time I loaded the normal bullet inside—-It fired!

The huge rock was clearly beaten up by the normal bullet.


[That’s awesome desu, even I can understand the power difference desu.]

[Yeah, the power did went up.

Now let’s try using three to fire.]


I added the third new bullet inside and above it a normal bullet and fired, the fire power increased even further, and the huge rock that had sustained a large proportion of damage by the bullets crumbled into pieces.


[There’s no mistake here.]

[Yeah desu, even though you can use it to shoot, but if you put in other bullets and fire it, the bullet would get stronger nodesu.]

[So if this strengthens bullet that means this is a huh.] (TLN: 強化弾 what do you think Bullet enhancer Bullet strengthener Reinforced bullet)

[Even though every time I fired I would have to reload it, but I’m pretty sure this would be pretty handy in the future.]


And thus I thought of several ideas as to how to use this new Bullet Enhancer that was on the palm of my hand.

Then, I realized that Emily was looking at the whole time and was smiling at me.


[What’s the matter Emily]

[I’m happy nodesu.]


[I’m extremely happy that Yoda-san has once again become stronger nodesu.]


It’s as if Emily put herself in my shoe and was happy for me.



After finished checking the effects of the Bullet Enhancer, Emily and I once again head back to Shikuro.

For now, I guess that the experience points and the Mech Mouse and the Bullet Enhancer’s case has been dealt with, thus returning to the mood we once again went around at the Harvest Festival.


After afternoon came, the crowd was even larger compared to this morning.

The crowd was so bad that even by walking at a normal pace I would be knock in the shoulder by various people, but the city was getting even more exciting.


[There’s something over there making a fuss.]

[Looks like they’re having a fight.]

[Are you stupid or something, if you’re well and good then come to the dungeon with me.]


Among the enthusiasm and unusual uniqueness to the festival, Emily and I walked a lot.


Just so you know, whatever Emily was looking at, she was extremely excited when glancing around.

I remembered that I’d said that I would participate in the Harvest festival for the first time, thus I used a lot of money for the sake of Emily.


And to that Emily, she stood still in front of a small vending store selling small items.

There were some accessories with threads and thin chains etc, all of them very really cute looking, and the size was just right for her.

This vendor is similar to those items where you buy it put it as your phone strap.


And Emily who was staring at all those, her eyes were shining brightly.

Looking at the direction she was looking at, I saw that she was looking at an accessory that is shaped like a bell, and I immediately knew.


[You want that]

[Eh You’re wrong, I just thought that it was sort of nice that’s all desu.]

[I see.

How much is that.]

[3k Piro desu.]


I took out the money and gave the shop vendor, and received the bell like accessory.

And I handed it over to Emily.


[Here you go.]

[…..Thank you desu.]


When Emily received it, she held it as if it was something really important as she held it near her chest while wrapping it around.

Afterwards, she placed it at the handle of her hammer.


[You’re gonna put it there]

[Yes desu.]


After tightening the string, she slightly held her hammer up.

Clink, a nice ringing sound was heard as she held the hammer.


[Then it’ll always be together with me nanodesu.]

[I see.

Then something like when monsters hear the ringing of the bell, they would fear it and immediately run away.

It’s the Reaper(Shinigami)! The Reaper of Bell is coming!!!! And they’ll be petrified with terror.]

[Am I a Monster(bakemono) or something nanodesu!]


After saying a suitable joke to her, we continued walking around the festival.

When we were walking around I could her the sound of the bell ringing, and the sound of the bell ringing gradually symbolized the existence of Emily, and I came to feel a sense of security from Emily’s bell making a warm home.


But, that image was immediately broken.

Further away from us we could her an explosion and screams, and after awhile there were people running from that direction towards us.





The both of us nodded, and we both dashed towards that direction.

With the rhythm of the bell ringing as we were running, we arrived and a monster was there.


It has a sharp ear with green coloured skin, and it was leaning forward showing a bent posture.

It was clearly a monster that resembles a —-and it was huge.

Even if it was leaning forward it was still around 3 meters tall, if it were to stood up straight I think it would be even taller.


My first impression of it was a Goblin, and a giant at that.

It was that kind of monster.

From that monster, the people of the city were running away like a spider’s girl(huh).


[What the hell is that.]

[I, I don’t know desu.]

[If only Celeste was here….Never mind, for now let’s do what we can.]

[Yes desu!]

[Wait for a moment.]


As I was about to jump out a clumsy male voice stopped me.

When I turned to look, there a young man with blood flowing out from his forehead was there.

The young man kept his head down, and talked to me.


[That is a .

It is an incredibly annoying monster where if you don’t defeat it in one hit, the damage you receive would gradually become stronger.]

[So it’s that sort of monster….If it were to surround us in the dungeon it would be an annoyance to deal with.]


We must defeat it in one hit, or else.


[It was actually locked up in the cage for use during the Harvest Festival, but when my child mischievously threw a stone at it, it grew stronger.

It’s can’t be defeated by normal adventurers like you.

You guys hurry and run away now.]


[Don’t worry I’ve called for help—They’re here!]


The guy looked behind him, and showed a face as if he was looking at a God coming for rescue.

When I looked at that direction, it was the three familiar faces that I knew.


[Neptune, and also the two of them.]

[Ran-san and Riru-san desu.]


It was the guy who mysteriously acts like a homo, and behind him was always the two girls following him, and they were standing in front of the Increase Goblin.


[Riru, Ran.

Can you do it]

[Who do you think we are]

[We’ll do it for the sake of Ne-kun!]


The three of them nodded, and Neptune was the first to move forward.


The formation was like a scissors, where the left and right was Ran and Riru, and magic circle was expanding beneath them.

One one side the magic circle shone brightly, and on the other it was as if darkness was eating up the light.


The both of them were chanting, and was casting onto Neptune.


[God Press!]



Black and white, the two magic was cast onto Neptune.

The two light enveloped him, and from behind his back, wings spread out.

One white, and one black.

The wing was differentiated with two colours.




A pressure like feeling, even Neptune who was already strong to begin with felt even stronger right now.


And from beside me Emily was grasping onto my sleeve.

She had an unsettling feeling and was holding tight onto my sleeve.


[Let’s go, Haa!]


Neptune flew, and it wasn’t strange, and the speed at which he was flying wasn’t that quick either.

ANd afterwards he released an attack.

He flapped his wings and jumped up, and pushed down his palm down as if it was crushing something—and went straight at the Increase Goblin.


Gugugugu….I could see that the body of the Goblin was dazzling.

Even though the palm wasn’t touching the goblin, but I knew that it’s as if an invisible force was pushing that giant.




A sound was herd, and the bones of the Goblin was twisting into direction impossible for the human eyes to see, and finally it fell down from it’s back.


After Neptune landed on the ground, the wings were gone.




Breathing a sigh, the people around us cheered.

They all praised Neptune for dismaying a powerful monster that was raging in the city.

And from within the crowd a girl jumped out, and caught onto the side of Neptune while looking at Neptune with awe.


The tense air of the battle has relaxed, and instead the people’s eyes were glowing.


Though we had no chance to shine for today, but it wasn’t a big deal.

I then tried walking away.


[Oh, if it isn’t Satou-kun.

I’m sorry, since my friends are waiting for me over there.]


Shit, the homo spotted me.

I thought before he saw me I better run away from here.

But it can’t be help, at least I have to do it properly—




Before I could think my voiced slipped out.

The Goblin that Neptune should’ve beaten gotten up and attacked him.


Neptune reacted along the attack.

He guarded the attack from the thick arm of the goblin, and he flew away.





Ran and Riru hurriedly tried to rush over to him—but the situation was getting worse.

Neptune who has flew away, only the girl was left there.

It was the girl who ran towards Neptune from before.


He can’t sleep right now, he stood up but was still shaking from the impact of the damage.


Being damaged by Neptune, because the hit did not kill it the Increase Goblin became even larger and was about to attack the girl—-.


Pan pan!


Before I could think my body moved on it’s own.

I used the two of my gun and fired at the same time.


It was the combination of two normal bullet—and inside it was the ten Bullet Enhancer together with my the normal bullet.


Along the way the bullets fused into a Penetration Bullet and penetrated the Goblin.

No, it wasn’t just penetrating, it was something that couldn’t be saved at all.


The 4 meter tall giant, it’s chest had completely disappeared!

And the bullet continued flying, and the roof of the building also disappeared along with it.


[Yo, Yoda-san….]

[Aah…So it can even be this strong huh.]


Towards what I had done, I silently prayed to myself.


There were 5 Bullet Enhancer on each side and I fired a normal bullet, and then it fused into a Penetration Bullet.

And that firepower was way more powerful that I’d imagine.


And around the time I defeated the Goblin.


[ [ [UOOOOOOOO!!!!] ] ]


The people around me roared with passion.

In a hurry to see what was going on, the people in the city praised me grandly.


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