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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 58 – A Playable Monster

26TH JULY 2017 ~ SHIRO

Really really really important Note: The Stamina in this entire novel is actually describing about the Endurance.

I apologize about the mis-translation as at that time they did not dwell so much in explaining each status.

Featured Image Credited: Kiri-boi (Image sums this chapter up)

[What is the meaning of this potion]

[…..Let’s see, since you’re with us now I guess I can teach you about it.]

To answer Eve’s question, I brought her close to the Know-It-All Board and operated it, there I showed her my second tab’s status.


Vegetation S

Animal S

Mineral S

Magic S

Special Item S


Eve who was standing beside me moved closer to see my status, afterwards she looked at me with her small head and tilted her head, making her bunny ears flop to the side too.


[As you can see my drops are all S, which is one rank higher than A, and because of this status I was able to get a lot of items that others couldn’t obtain.]

[……I see.]

[…….You were convinced easily .]

[Because your carrot is way better than mine, thus convinced.]

[So you take the carrots as a standard huh.]

While bitterly smiling, I thought that it was just like Eve.

After regaining my thoughts, I continued explaining.

[For example, that potion you took just now, there are other types of item that I have shown you before, those were from the drops of monsters that I’ve gotten because of my Drop being all S.]

[Oh, I see.]

[And I only tell this secret to my friends, so please keep it a secret okay.]

[I got it.]

Eve said as she showed a really serious expression while nodding.

Well she seemed like the type that doesn’t talk often, so I can trust her.

Though I told her to keep it a secret, but what is with this seriousness

But I immediately understood why.

[I’ll absolutely not tell anyone even if this body is torn to pieces and spreaded to dungeons all over the world.]

[That is a heavy determination! You don’t have to go that far to keep my secret.]

[It’s for the carrot’s sake!]

……She’s amazing, though in a completely different way as I thought.

Being heard by Eve’s determination, she once again looked at my status at the Know-It-All Board.

[What’s wrong]

[For your abilities, HP being S and Endurance being B….Is S really better than A]

[Didn’t I just said that a moment ago.]


After looking at my status for awhile, Eve looked towards me and gave me a karate chop.

A ‘Pechi’ sound was made.

[Why So sudden.

Are you gonna say [Low level hate] again]


Without answering me, Eve went to a side of the wall and chop it.

Then, one part of the wall crumbled and turned to dust.

It cracked, no wait, it was slashed, no wait that’s not it either.

It’s just one part of it being crumbled to dust.

After that, she once again looked at me.

[Sturdy.] was what she responded.

[Was that the strength you put into when you chopped me just now]

[In about one second I chopped a hundred times.]

[Are you a high frequency cutter or something! Wait then don’t do it on people!]

[But you’re sturdy.]

[Well…..It didn’t really hurt that much.]

[Maybe if your Endurance becomes S then it wouldn’t hurt at all.]


I was shocked by Eve’s casual words she said.

Noon came, inside of Shikuro’s city.

As to team up together with Celeste and emily, I was currently waiting at the city.

[Thank you for the hard work Yoda-san.]

[What should we do today Should we dive into the sixth floor of Teruru]

[Sorry! Let me act on something different for today!]

While clasping both my hands together, I bowed down deeply.

[Eh A different matter….What does that mean…..]

[I have something to do today.]

[Something to do….Is that something important Even more important then diving into the dungeon—-]

[Okay desu.]

Against the confusing Celeste, Emily immediately accepted it and agreed.

[Leave this to me nodesu.]

[Thank you Emily! And sorry Celeste! Oh I know! I’ll leave this Vegetation Drop-up potion to you girls.]

I handed the red potion to the two of them, and turned my back towards them and rushed away.

I have something I need to do, while having thoughts on how to complete it I was running with my full strength.

After Ryouta up and left it was just Emily and Celeste.

Although Celeste was showing a troubled and a half-depressed expression, Emily had a gentle smile floating around her mouth as she looked at Ryouta disappearing into the crowds while waving at him.

[He just went away….Was that okay, Emily, without even asking why did you just let him go.]

[It’s the usual Yoda-san desu.]


[Whenever Ryouta-san has something he wants to do he would always put up that face desu.

Doesn’t it make you want to support him too nanodesu.]

[That is….Certainly he is the coolest in the world…..]

When Emily said so, Celeste was blushing really hard, and with an embarrassed expression she looked at the place where Ryouta left just a moment ago.

[Ryouta-san who made that face….wanting to do something….Alright!]

Celeste who wanted to chase after Ryouta who just left, was caught in the arms by Emily and detained her.

[No interfering with Yoda-san nanodesu.]

[But, he might need our help, hence why.]

[If he needs our help, Yoda-san would’ve asked us already desu.

Since he didn’t say anything about needing our help and asked us to head to the dungeon first so we don’t have to help him desu.]

[Let go of me Emily, please let me go with him.]

[No means no nanodesu~~]


Celeste who was begging like a little child wanted to go with him.

But Emily was firmly gripping on her arms, and dragged her into the dungeon with her.

Nihonium’s fourth floor, as usual a dungeon with nobody in it.

The moment I stepped foot into the dungeon I was immediately greeted with a Mummy and I grasped hold of it’s throat, and pounding it against the wall as I was squeezing onto it’s throat.

After awhile the head loosen up, and the Mummy was defeated.

The insides of the mummy evaporated, and when the bandages remained I immediately shot a Recovery Bullet.

I extinguished the bandages while it was still shaped like a human figure.

Then a seed dropped and my Endurance was up by 1.

I then searched for the next monster.

Further away from me I saw a Mummy, I shoot a Penetrating bullet at it, and later timing it slightly after I fired a Recovery Bullet.

And at that moment I was also dashing towards it to shorten the distance.

The Mummy’s head that was penetrated by the bullet was defeated, and afterwards the bandage was cleansed, and just when the seed dropped I reached in time to pick it up to increase my Endurance.

While I was hunting inside Nihonium my tension is at a maximum level, because I wanted to hurriedly increase my Endurance.

With that high tension I was hunting down the Mummies, and calculating the fastest way on the spot to defeat the Mummies.

And thus for the entire afternoon, as a result of rampaging inside the dungeon, my Endurance went up from B to A, and then from A to S in one shot.

After exiting the dungeon, I went to the only Know-It-All board that Nihonium had to confirmed my abilities.


Level: 1/1



Strength: S

Endurance: S

Intelligence: F

Mentality: F

Speed: S

Dexterity: F

Luck: F


Even though my level is still at a level of 1, but my Endurance has finally reached S.

After confirming that, I once again went back into the dungeon.

Nihonium’s first floor, the floor where Skeleton loves to surprise people.

And immediately I encountered a Skeleton.

Usually I would’ve immediately taken it down, but this time I stood there doing nothing at all.

And I even put both my hands inside my pocket.

Pechi, was what I felt when being hit.

The Skeleton’s attack, though it’s not as if I did not feel anything at all, but the pain was like being hit by a kindergarten child.

And once again standing still, yeap, no matter how many times it attacked me, it did not hurt at all.

Then I walked forward, and the Skeleton was chasing after me while not attacking it at all.

Since Nihonium doesn’t drop anything for other adventurers, nobody frequent on this dungeon, so I encountered another Skeleton.

Together with that Skeleton, both the Skeleton from before and right now was hitting me left and right.

Pechi-pechi, pechi-pechi.

As I expected, it doesn’t hurt.

Just in case I evaded one of it’s attack.

The Skeleton that was attacking me landed it’s attack on the ground.

Yeap, that’s a rather heavy attack.

But, pechi-pechi.

It had completely no affect on me.

With my HP and Endurance being S.

If I was in a game, then this would mean I’m just taking 1 damage from a monster each hit.

Without defeating the Skeletons I continued moving onwards.

From two to three, from three to four, and from four—–.

The Skeletons were gradually increasing, eventually they were grouping up while attacking me.

When it became to about 20 of them, it was to the point where they were surrounding me, thus I could not move forwards anymore.

Even so it did not hurt at all, I was still in a state of continuously receiving an endless attack of 1 damage.

While being attack by a mob of Skeletons, I was thinking on how I can use this power on something else.


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