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Nihonium fourth floor.

As usual, I was doing my daily routine of hunting Mummies here.


I was accustomed to the work of defeating the mummies, and cleansed the remaining bandages with my Recovery Bullets.

And afterwards increasing my ability by picking up the dropped Stamina up seeds.

The fact that I was slowly getting used to the dungeon, I steadily hunted the mummies and when noon came, my Stamina increased from C to B.


The only thing left was to use the Collection Box to obtain more Special Bullets—-was what I thought when.

A chill suddenly ran down my spine, and I felt a tremendous glare being directed at me.


[This blood thirst—-It must be the Dungeon Master!]


I hurriedly take out my guns that I holstered a moment ago and went to the direction of that blood thirst.


……..When I arrived at that location, a prey was there.

The small size prey with her prideful bunny ears and bunny suit was standing there.

Out of nowhere the girl was standing beside me and immediately caught hold of my arms.


[…….Uhm, what are you trying to do Eve-san.]

[Carrot or Alive.]

[You never fail to say such dangerous things.]

[Carrots or Alive.]



While a gnawing sound was heard the bloodlust can be felt once again.

Having a resentment towards food is bad.

Thus, I gave up as to not go against Eve.



Teruru dungeon’s second floor, I defeated a ton of Drowsy Slimes and collected huge amount of carrots.

With that, I handed it over to Eve.

This time I didn’t bring my Magic Cart with me, but just by looking at it, the amount is roughly 100k Piro worth of carrots.

With that mountain load of carrots, Eve was chewing at it like a small animal.


The killing intent that was there a moment ago, had all of a sudden been replaced with a smiling face.


[My bad, because I was away from Shikuro for awhile.]

[I’ve heard of it from Clint.]

[Clint….Ah it’s the name of the Dungeon Chief.

Yeah, I was helping him on a request.

So I’m sorry that I can’t give you any carrots at that time.]

[Don’t mind, because there’s carrot now.]


Eve was gnawing at the carrots.

For some reason the act of her chewing on the carrots were cute, so I subconsciously looked at her.


Eve who noticed that I was staring at her quickly stood up and tried to hide the mountain of carrot, though the amount was too much that she couldn’t hide it with her small body.


[I won’t hand over any carrots.]

[I won’t take any so just eat it.]


Somehow, my tone of voice was gentle.

And with that Eve resumed in chewing on her beloved carrots, and while looking at her, something popped up in my mind.


[Now that I think about it, if I’m not mistaken, you have friends right.

I’d also recently started making friends and ended up creating my own Ryouta Family.]

[I broke up with them.]

[Broke up! Why!]

[We had a mismatch with dungeons.]

[Aren’t you guys a band!]


As I subconsciously tsukkomi her, Eve answered me with a serious face.


[Things like these happened often.

There are those who want to be an adventurer, and those who just want a stable income.

Those who just wants to stay at the same dungeon over and over again, and those who wants to dive into different kinds of dungeon.

And also those who wants to stay at the same city, and those that wants to explore different cities and explore different types of caves.]

[Aaah….that makes sense.

If you think about it, it is common that people have different style in exploring the dungeon.]

[Un, that’s how it is.]

[Then what was the mismatch with your party]

[There was a new girl that joined our party, and the guys all followed the girl’s wish.]

[Doesn’t that sound more like a princess crashing onto somebody else’s circle!]


Again I made a magnificent tsukkomi to her.

I won’t dwell any further, because even if I don’t know about it, I could sort of guess it.


While I was thinking about it, Eve flattened out the carrots in no time.

Clearly the size of her body could not fit in all those carrots, but in a matter of seconds she gobbled up that entire mountain of carrots.


[Did you seriously finish up all those….]

[Do you think I would leave any behind]


Eve was holding the last remaining carrot, which was already halfway into her mouth as she chew it all up.


[Carrots are something to be eaten cleanly.]

[No that’s not the problem right now, the problem right now is the amount.]

[Thanks for the meal.]

[Your welcome.]

[……I hate low level people.] she said as she chopped me with her hand.


[Though judging from what I remember….for some reason the chop this time around was gentler than before.]

[Because of Carrots & Peace, I couldn’t use my strength.]

[I got a feeling something was mixed in somewhere…well anyways, though I know that Eve would always get the carrots from me, but why don’t you just hunt them by yourself]


Eve who did not answer, brought me straight to the Know-It-All board and operated it.



Vegetation        D

Animal        A

Mineral        E

Magic            C

Special Item        C



[See, because my Vegetation drop is at D, so even if I were to hunt them by myself it wouldn’t have tasted good.]

[Wait, if you had that sort of drop then why are you in Shikuro right now!]

[Because there’s carrots here.]

[There must’ve been a misunderstanding!]


[Because of that I’ve somehow earned the title of [The Carnivorous Bunny].]

[That’s because your Animal drop is A!]


I seriously wonder why she came to Shikuro for.

…….I don’t think that she would love carrots to the point of coming here though.


While looking at the Know-It-All Board, I realised something.


[Eve, please drink this.]


I took out the red potion and handed it over to her.


[Is it carrot juice]

[Stop thinking about carrots only! Wait you don’t have to get away from carrots though.]

[So which is it]

[You’ll understand once you drink it.]


Eve stared hard at me for a moment, then started drinking the potion.



[You heard it right.]

[What’s the meaning of this]

[Operate the Know-It-All board again and find out yourself.]


With a surprised expression, Eve nodded and once again operated the Know-It-All board.



Vegetation        A ( 3)

Animal        A

Mineral        E

Magic            C

Special Item        C



[A….my vegetation drop is now A…..]

[With that—-]

[I’ll finally become a [Herbivore(Vegan) Bunny].]

[Weren’t you a herbivore to begin with! Anyway just try defeating a Slime now.]



Eve nodded, and ran around finding for a Slime.

Immediately she found a Drowsy Slime that drops carrots.



[As always, how do you use your karate chop to shatter the monsters into dust.] While bitterly smiling, I once again praised at the fact that she could do something with just a karate chop.

And by defeating the Drowsy Slime, carrots were dropped.


Eve picked those up, and chew it.


[Delicious…….It is not tough and it’s quite chilling, and it also has a moderately sweet and refreshing aftertaste.]

[Are you a gourmet or something!]

[This is——-Carrots!]

[Yeah no, it’s definitely carrots.]

[A Drop D carrot cannot compare to this carrot.] Eve cut me off.


Well it’s certainly true that the status of the drop doesn’t only define the quantity of the drop, but also the quality of the drop.


Eve then went ahead and karate chopped another Drowsy Slime into dust, and it turned into carrot.

She then took the carrot and chew it, and showed a blissful look.



[I’m glad.]

[To hunt it by myself and eat it for myself….A private power generator.]

[So you’re okay with producing something for your own consumption!]


After eating her own carrot, she went to the closest Know-It-All board and operated it, and there she turned to the page where the status of drop was.

The 3 rank that made her drop to A, for some reason she was staring alternatively with me.

Afterwards, she got down to the ground(dogeza) with a flowing movement.


[Please let me join you.]

[To the point where you need to do a dogeza]

[If that’s not enough I can pay you through my body.]

[Don’t start stripping now! It’s to perverted when the top of your bunny suits goes “Boin”.]

[If, if that’s still not enough I can pay you with my ears.]

[Why are you blushing over that! How is it more embarrassing then stripping!]


[Please let me join your team if you let me join your team I will let you do anything with me.] Eve said with an incredible machine gun like speed.


To join my team, the reason was clearly for my red potion—-more like I thought she would’ve done it earlier in order to get carrots out of me, so this was kinda refreshing.


[Fine, you can join—-]

[I love low level!]


Eve said as she jumped for joy and hugged me while repeatedly saying she loves me.

Rather than befriending her, it’s more like I’ve gained a rabbit to feed now, thus I bitterly smiled.


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