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On the next day, at the new house’s living room.

Though we immediately moved into the new house, I could already feel the warmness wrapping around my body.


Since our baggage didn’t increase, we were still living our lives equally.

Moreover, this feeling of warmth and security is similar to living with my grandma back in my hometown.


[As one would expect, Emily is a frightening creature.]

[That’s true.

Though I wonder what’s different.]

[If we were to count the tent then this would be the fourth place we are living.

Thus, since long before I’ve already given up on looking at the difference between all four of the houses.]

[Even though you’ve been experiencing the longest, you still can’t tell the difference.]


Looking at Emily who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, Celeste sighed as she was troubled by it.


[I already gave up on this phenomenon.

As long as Emily’s around the house it would be bright and warm, if she isn’t then it would just be a normal house.

That’s all.]

[I agree with that wholeheartedly.]


[Speaking of phenomenons, the Magical Storm is still going on.]

[It’s gonna continue strong as ever too for today.]


Celeste sighed but this time for a different reason.

She was disappointed at herself and mourned as she knew of her own powerlessness.


[I guess it’s impossible too for today.

Furthermore my drops are all F, and with me not being able to use my magic at all, I’m truly useless.]

[Don’t mind, you should rest up during these situations.

And isn’t it really calm inside this house]

[Yeah, it’s calm to the point where I was surprised that this building can produce such calmness.]

[Well I’m glad.

I guess it was worth renting this place then.]


Celeste opened her eyes wide as she was shocked at my words, and I wonder why immediately afterwards her cheeks would be dyed with red.





[As I said, don’t mind.

Aren’t you a fellow group of the Ryouta Family]

[…..Yeah.] as Celeste nodded and smiled gently at me.



Since Celeste has fallen sick due to the Magic Storm, thus today I will be soloing.

I first went to Nihonium in the morning to increase my Stamina from D to C.

As I’d completely gotten used of dealing the Mummies which requires you to defeat it twice, I felt that it was much more relaxing to hunt inside the floor.


Afterwards, I went to Teruru’s first floor during the afternoon to hunt for bean sprouts as our daily income.

Though this was an even easier job compared to the previous one, but gradually I was starting to get bored of it.


Since it can’t be helped, I mixed in a few shots with some special bullets.

Thus, in a technical method, for every 20 bodies I would use one special bullet to defeat them.


Thus with the continuation of defeating the Slimes, I made used of the Magic Cart’s function and gotten a perfect total of 40k Piro drop, then went back to Shikuro to sell them off.



[Yes, it’s exactly 40k Piro.]

[Thank you…..wait what]

[Have you realised]


Looking at Elza who was an employee in the shop, she bitterly smiled as she handed over the money.

Of course I would realised.

Usually, when it was 40K Piro, they would give me 4 notes of 10k Piro.

But today she gave me 3 notes of 10k Piro, and 10 notes of 1k Piro.


Though nothing has changed, and I’m still getting my 40k Piro.


[I’m sorry for complicating things, but recently the flow of money has decreased.]

[I see, so that’s why.]

[Since there has been a case where they captured a corrupted governor who was governing the dungeon, and the production volume has been temporarily dropped, but since they have just convicted the previous governor guilty and elected a new one, thus as of right now, we have to wait for awhile till the situation returns back to normal.]

[I see…..hmm Wait a minute, the things you just said.

There’s a dungeon that drops money]

[That’s correct]


While Elza was caressing her neck, a question mark() popped up from on top of her head as she looked at me.

Her expression clearly says “Did I just hear something stupid because that’s common sense”


Ah I see, so I guess even money is dropped from dungeon huh.


With the 10K and 1K Piro bills that I just received, I took out some coins from my pocket.

So I guess these money that we have been using, was also being dropped from dungeons.


Wait, doesn’t that mean the country who was controlling this dungeon could just gain lot’s of money—-

Well, the money currency should work similar to our world, the country can’t just be getting money left and right, the higher ups must be controlling the money.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same with both worlds, no wonder she was talking about the person governing.


[Thanks, I’ll drop by later.]

[Yes, please come back again!]


As Elza smiled and sent me off, I walked out of the store.

While carefully storing the notes, I took out the largest coin which is 500 Piro from my pocket, flipped it using my thumb and catch it midair.


This is a dungeon drop huh.

Until now, I never wondered about it, but after knowing it now I thought that it was interesting.


This world where everything is dropped in a dungeon is truly an interesting world.




[Oh, I’m sorry.]


As I was thinking about it, without looking what’s infront of me, I accidentally knocked onto someone.

And the coin that I was playing around dropped and landed on the ground.

The 500Piro coin then rolled away so I was trying to stop it.

Using my foot to step on it, I crouched down and picked the coin up from the ground—and at that moment.

Something came to mind, a flashing white light suddenly came across in my head.


I almost lost the coin that I just dropped.

And if I were to lose it, it will be gone from my palm and it would disappear from the owner.


—-That means, rogue monster.


Realising it just now, I opened my eyes wide open.



At the suburb of Shikuro, at a place where I often go to where not a soul is present.

At that place, I left a 10k note on the ground.


Moving away from it, I waited for a moment, and the note hatched into a rogue monster.

It’s a bird.

It’s a Crow that is usually spotted in the city but this blackbird is three times the size of the usual crow.


Then it suddenly flapped it’s wings—-and flew away from the opposite of my direction.

It’s flying away at an astounding speed!


[I won’t let you escape!]


I grabbed my gun and fired.

The bullet flew straight at the bird.

The bird that seemed to realise the bullet turned to the side and dodged it.


[Seems like it’s mobility is high, if that’s the case!]


This time I switched to the Homing Bullet, and just in case I fired twice.

The special bullet flew from both direction towards the bird, and the bird acrobatically dodged the bullets, but that did not stop the bullets as it was still homing onto the bird, and finally both the bullet hit it’s target.


The bird died while airborne, and something dropped.


I then went around looking at the place where it was last seen.

And after finally finding it, I picked it up.


[This is…a key]


The item drop of the bird is apparently some sort of jewel-like objet(art object) that is a key.

The rogue monster that came from the money has dropped a jewel-like objet.

This is probably the drop from the bird, as I was thinking.


[This is fine and all, but how do I use it]


While staring at the key, I tried fiddling with it and lightly pulled it.

Oh, some sort of voice appeared inside my head.

The voice explained that the item is a Special Item, and also explained how to use it


[Like this]


According to what the voice said, I should twist it in the air like I normally do when opening a door.


At that sudden moment, I was being flown to somewhere!


Before that, I was at the outskirts of Shikuro, now I’m suddenly inside a dungeon.

Like a temple, also like a ruin, and also a cave with wide area.


Further away from me is a monster standing still.


At first glance it looked like a girl, but looking at it in detail, it’s clearly not human.

The body is strangely pale and transparent, and it had no legs so it was floating in midair.


If we take Nihonium’s monster as undead type, then this would be a monster under the ghost type called Wraith.

It seems that the key somehow teleported me into the Special Dungeon when I used it.


[Anyway, if it’s a monster I will first have to defeat it.]


Even I understood it, while leaving a smile at the corner of my mouth.

This world—-a world where even money is dropped in a dungeon, we can just treat these monsters as a real treasure box.


I also did not expect to see such special type in any dungeons before, thus I was this fight anticipating too.


The Wraith then lazily float towards me.

And I intercepted it by firing my guns.


The normal bullet—it went through it.

The Freezing Bullet—it went through it.

The Flame Bullet—–it went through it.

The Recovery Bullet—it went through it.

The Homing Bullet—-it went through it.


Using the special bullets one after the another, though all of them phased through the Wraith.

The last bullet was the Restraint Bullet, I fired at it and—-it worked.


Right as the bullet was in front of the Wraith, it shone, and the light rope entangled the Wraith’s body.

Afterwards, the Wraith that was bounded by the light rope, it’s body was not transparent anymore.


Immediately I fired a Homing Bullet.

As I fired, from just now when the Homing bullet would just phased through the body, now with it being bounded by the light rope, the bullet damaged the Wraith.


The Wraith then let out a scream which a normal human being was not capable of doing.

Seems like it’s working now.


While it was still being restrained, I switched to a normal bullet, and since it was extremely thin, I shot at it to the point where I realise that I was hitting from zero distance.


The Wraith continued screaming in agony, and after awhile as if none of these had ever happened, it vanished into thinned air.

What dropped was a glass bottle full of red liquid.

When I picked it up—-immediately I was brought back to the outskirts of Shikuro.


Now I get it, seems like this key lets me transport into the Special Dungeon once to defeat one monster.


Well, earning that money, I turned that money into a rogue monster, and getting a key out from the rogue monster, I can use that key to get into a Special Dungeon,.

Although it was a really tiresome procedure, so I wonder if the effect would be worth the time.


I placed the bottle near my mouth, and drank the red liquid all at once.

I could feel the liquid going through my body, and some sort of effect has been activated.

And so.


—-The drop of Vegetation will increase by 3 ranks for 10 minutes.


This was different compared to the others, in a way you could categorize this effect on a different category.


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