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“What the heck was that ……”


The spirit Californium was astonished.

He seemed to be unable to comprehend what had just happened before his eyes.


“H-How about this!” (Californium)


With an impatient look on his face, he summoned a large number of goblins again —- he couldn’t do it.


This was the third time I had seen Californium summoned.

If you see the exact same move over and over again, you’ll remember it.


I took my two revolvers and shot down every single goblin that was summoned.


They appear and disappear.

The goblins were always summoned from the same place, so I could almost see them coming.


To the casual observer, it would appear that I had summoned the corpse of a goblin whose head had popped off.


After wiping out the goblin again, I spoke to Californium.


“I want to talk to you.” (Ryouta)

“Ugh, shut up! I’m going to have to do this in person–” (Californium)


Californium said, striking a cool pose that tickled what little middle-aged spirit remained.

Can’t help it, I’m not going to hurt you –


“Hold on.” (Sakura)

“Huh This, this is–” (Ryouta)


The next moment when Sakura stopped me, I felt a strange feeling in my body.


A little bit of discomfort.

I didn’t have time to think too much about what it was.

Californium was already in sight.


He jumped in vain and did a leaping kick that could have been named a technique.


I couldn’t fight back.


My body moved, but just as I was about to strike back, I froze.


It was like a seatbelt.


If you pull it slowly, you can extend the belt, but if you pull it too hard, the safety catches it and you can’t extend it.


It’s like that, the moment you think about fighting back, you can’t move.


“Stone of Absolute Rock!” (Sakura)


I don’t know what she was thinking, but Sakura used it on me.


I can’t fight back and I’m hit by Californium —- but it doesn’t do any damage.


I took all the rushes with my body, starting with the kick, but with the absolute protection of the Absolute Rock stone, I didn’t take any damage.


Californium was gasping for breath after the one-sided attack, which lasted dozens of seconds.


Then, with an angry look on his face, he tightened his hold on my collar.


“Why! Why don’t you fight back!” (Californium)

“Because–” (Ryouta)

“Don’t you understand” (Sakura)




Sakura interrupts the conversation.

Me and Californium, the confused “Huh” overlapped beautifully.


Halfway through our confusion, Sakura, with a straight face, speaks only to Californium.


“Destroying goblins in an instant.

A man who can even anticipate and destroy goblins, took your attack with his body without fighting back at all.

Think about what that means.” (Sakura)

“What that means ……” (Californium)


Meaning ……


To be honest, I had no idea what Sakura was trying to do.


But I know exactly what she’s trying to do.

If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have used the Absolute Rock stone on me and talked to Californium in such a theatrical tone.


“Of course it’s because we’re here to talk to you.” (Sakura)

“You said a talk ……” (Californium)

“Yes, to talk.

I know about spirits.

That’s why I’ll kill the monsters, but I won’t touch you.

Because I want to talk to you.” (Ryouta)

“……” (Californium)


Californium glares at me.

My hands tighten around his collar, growing more and more powerful.


I was worried that it was going to explode —– and it did.


“Hmph!” (Californium)


The inflated balloon slowly deflated without exploding.


Californium let go of me, turned around, and trudged away with a sullen gait.


“Now we can talk.

You’ve come to talk to me, haven’t you” (Californium)

“That’s true, but …… what was that” (Ryouta)

“Huh Is Oji-san the kind of person who doesn’t watch ji*ri” (Sakura)

“Ji*ri…….” (Ryouta)

“It’s not scary, it’s not scary.” (Sakura)

“Oh no!” (Ryouta)


Sakura told me, and my memories came flooding back.

A ferocious squirrel bites the heroine’s finger, but she doesn’t even say it hurts, she just lets him bite her and comforts it.


“I’ve always wanted to try that, you know, once.” (Sakura)

“Um, …….” (Ryouta)


I looked at Sakura with a bit of mixed feelings, and then away from her to see Californium looking at me again.


“What are you talking about, get on with it.” (Californium)


Apparently, it worked …… Looks like it.


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