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Sakura tilts her head and steps in further.


Talking about ……, huh


Being a young girl in the original world, I felt a mental barrier and drew the line at being called “oji-san”, but if you’re asking me like that, I have to answer, huh


“I just can’t see past being unreasonable.” (Ryouta)


I stared at the other side of Sakura.

It’s a wall, but beyond it —– somewhere in the distance —– I feel like I’m looking at people who are forced to be unreasonable by black companies.


“I want to do something about the black companies, the people who are trapped in those places.

I can’t overlook the people who are unreasonable and unfairly oppressed.

I have some power now, the power to do something about it.

So I’ve been doing something about it as I’ve seen it —– that’s all there is to it.” (Ryouta)


As a result, people have come together and become friends.

That’s all I’m saying.


“That’s why I’m saying it’s not a Chi-rem or anything.” (Ryouta)


Do you understand me I looked at Sakura again.


“……” (Sakura)


She looked dazed for some reason.


She was staring at me in a daze and her cheeks were slightly flushed.


“Mmm, did I just make you …… paranoid about something” (Ryouta)

“Oh, …… no, not at all.” (Sakura)


Sakura turned her head away and smacked her cheek between her hands.

What the heck is wrong with …… Muu!


“What’s that” (Ryouta)

“It’s nothing~” (Sakura)


Ena grinned and Elsa, standing beside her, smiled a complicated smile.

Most of my friends went “ Oh well” as it shows on their faces.


…… Why


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