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“I missed having that.” (Aurum)


Aurum opened her mouth who was in spectator mode at a distance.


“You knew about it Aurum” (Ryouta)


There were people who came to my place with it.

I thought it would be even better at my place.” (Aurum)

“That’s true, Aurum’s drops are gold.

I know what to expect, if not what to expect.” (Ryouta)


My friends started to chatter around Aurum.

I was thinking about the monster I had just seen.


That’s a …… monster.


It was a platoon’s worth of modernly equipped infantry —– but it had no light in its eyes, and it didn’t bleed when attacking it.


I felt quite uncomfortable, because they looked unmistakably human.

It’s the all-aged version of a grotesque game —— that’s the kind of unnaturalness I felt with this opponent.


“Hey, hey, Aucchi, what was dropped at that time” (Alice)


The word “drop” was overheard, and my thoughts were jolted back to reality.

Everyone else seemed to be doing the same, and their gazes were focused on Aurum at once.


By the way, there were no drops for the current group, probably because they were all killed by my friends.

I stared at Aurum, wondering what Drop S would have …… given me.


“I don’t know, I wasn’t interested at the time.” (Aurum)

“Oh shucks.” (Alice)

“…… They probably wouldn’t have dropped much.

Or none at all.” (Aurum)


Aurum said after a thoughtful look.


“Why is that nanodesu” (Ryouta)

“The fact that they left the ticket with Ryouta-san is proof of that.

No matter if the person is Ryouta-san, as far as I can tell, this is quite important.” (Aurum)

“Fumufumu.” (Alice)

“But they still gave it to him.

I think it’s because they’re so confident that they won’t drop.

Besides.” (Aurum)

“Besides” (Alice)

“If it does drop elsewhere, then no matter how tightly they manage it, there’s bound to be adventurers who divert it and do it elsewhere.

And yet, we don’t hear about these things at all.” (Aurum)

“Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of it.” (Ryouta)

“I’ve never heard of it either desu.” (Emily)

“What about you Eve” (Celeste)

“Bunny doesn’t know either.” (Eve)


Celeste asked Eve, but Eve replied languidly.


Eve, the most experienced out of her friends and still a bit mysterious.

If anyone knows something that everyone else doesn’t —— it’s Eve.


Eve too said she didn’t know.


“So it’s something that doesn’t usually drop.” (Celeste)


When Celeste summed it up, the eyes of her friends all came together.

I was puzzled for a moment, but I knew right away.


They don’t usually drop.


Behind the words, there is a connection to “Drop S”.


I understood that, and I started to wonder too.

What would I do I wonder what will drop if I beat them in a dungeon other than Californium.


“Hey, hey, Ryofta, let’s give it a try.” (Alice)

“Will that person stop you from doing so” (Celeste)


That person —- you mean Cell, right


“No, I don’t think he would.” (Ryouta)

“Then let’s do it.

Do you still have the tickets” (Alice)

“No more.” (Ryouta)

“Then Fermium Let’s go to Fermium.” (Alice)


Alice said, and almost all her friends looked at me with excitement.





Using the transport gate, I came here with my friends.


Emily, Celeste, Alice, and Eve.


The whole group of adventurers came.


I would later regret this day.


“…… Destroy”


There was more than just a huge C in the air, there was a huge rush of of them.


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