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In the evening, I used the gate to return to Vanadium, where all my friends were at the salon as usual.


Almost everyone was there today.


Emily, Celeste, Eve and Alice, the adventurers.

Elsa and Ena, the merchants.

Aulum, Nihonium and Vanadium, the spirits plus monsters like Sakuya, Mike and Cerberus.


Almost everyone was there.


Among the adventurer group that gathered around, I placed the tickets on the table.


“I see, this is the rumoured …….” (Celeste)

“You know it, Celeste” (Ryouta)

“It’s been a long time since Cell approached Ryouta-san about it.

So I’ve been doing some research.” (Celeste)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


It is the family’s living legend.

In the beginning it was only Shikuro, but recently she has become knowledgeable about other dungeons.

I guess he’s been doing a lot of research.


“When I use this, a monster appears desu” (Emily)

“Yes, and it’s a different kind of monster too.” (Ryouta)

“Even in different dungeons” (Celeste)

“Well, to begin with, it dropped in Fermium and I used it in Californium.” (Ryouta)

“I see!” (Alice)

“I thought I’d give it a try, so I took one home —– Is that alright, Vanadium” (Ryouta)


Vanadium, who had been munching on Emily’s homemade potatoes at Aurum and her friends’ place, nodded curiously.


Vanadium is afraid of humans, but she doesn’t show any negative feelings towards monsters.


“Thanks, I’ll use it then.

Everyone stay away for a bit.” (Ryouta)

“Okay desu” (Emily)


Emily took the tea set and plates down from the table.


I used my ticket, just like in the daytime.


The salon —— the house —— the vanadium dungeon.


This is the dungeon where I spend most of my time.


When I used the ticket, a crack appeared in the space.

A monster comes out of it.


“What!!” (Ryouta)


I was very surprised.

What emerged was a monster unlike any I had ever seen before.


A full-face helmet showing only the eyes, a camouflaged but clearly bulletproof vest.

And the assault rifle in his hand —– a modern weapon.





There are many words that come to mind and then disappear, but that’s what they were.

There’s 12 of them —– that’s one team.


“The human …… eyes are dead.” As soon as Celeste said that, the opponent moved.


He held up his rifle and pointed the muzzle at us.


“Everyone careful!!” (Ryouta)

“”””–! “”””


Immediately after I shouted, the group of adventurers scattered in unison.


As they landed, Emily summoned her hammer from the wall, Alice summoned her fellow monsters, and Celeste produced a myriad of thread-manipulating bicorn horns.


The enemy pulled the trigger, and countless gunshots rang out, sending bullets flying wildly through the salon.

As the attack was fierce, so was everyone’s reaction.


Emily immediately leapt and swung her hammer from the sky, Alice summoned Gaugau and blocked all the bullets with its huge body.

Celeste knocked all the bullets away with her bicorn horn, and Eve dodged all the bullets while chewing on a carrot.


The counter-attack was almost reflexive.

As soon as they had dodged all the first shots, they all fired back at the same time.

A dozen of the soldier monsters were swept away by the four of us in a matter of seconds.


There was no drop, by the way.


“That was surprising desu.” (Emily)

“There’s those fast objects flying quite fast.

It’s the same as Ryouta’s.” (Alice)

“The other side had better firing power.

Wouldn’t it be even stronger if Ryouta-san had one of those” (Celeste)

“…… carrots” (Eve)


They gave their own opinions about the situation.


By the way, the spirit group, as well as Elza and Ena, were relaxing and at ease watching the show.


It was a bit of a relief to feel the trust they have in their friends.


“Oh, the tea has spilled desu.” (Emily)


Emily noticed and called out to Vanadium.


“I’ll make a new cup desu Can I have some water, please nanodesu” (Emily)

“…….(nod nod)” (Vanadium)


Vanadium nodded and held up her hand.

But no monsters appeared.


There were no water-dropping fluff monsters in the Vanadium dungeon.


“……” (Vanadium)


Vanadium looked at her hands and wondered.


“What’s wrong desu” (Emily)

“It’s that thing from earlier.” (Ryouta)


I chuckled and told Emily and Vanadium.

I had to put into practice what Cell had told me and experience first-hand how bad it was.


“If you do something like that, the dungeon will be devoid of monsters for a whole day ——-bringing production to a halt.” (Ryouta)


When I said that, my friends looked at me like, “What”


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