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Chapter 44 – All Rounder


Morning, opening my eyes, I got up and went outside the secure tent which gives off a feeling of a parent’s home, and did a light stretch.

Due to the fact that I’d recently just finished a job given by the association, I woke up slightly later than usual.

Being influenced by Emily’s lovely and warm tent that she prepared, I feel exceptionally refreshed, and all my stress and tiredness went away all at once.


Wow, I was immediately faced with a mountain of garbage and Celeste who was standing slightly further away from the mountain.

Even though she had already dispose of it, in just one night, the garbage has been piled up into a mountain again.

Wait, it’s actually way more than usual.

It felt like the garbage has increased by a few folds.

Celeste came close from behind me, and I greeted her.


[Good morning, you’ve finally decided to wake up.]

[It’s because Emily’s tent is too comfortable.]

[Oh, I totally get what you mean.

Even for me, it was difficult to get out of the tent in the morning.

I was like, just 5 more minutes, another 1 more minute, just give me another 30 seconds…..it was really difficult.]

[Just so you know, an ordinary home would not give off such comfort.

It’s only this tent that gives off such warmth and comfortable feeling when you stay inside, you get me]

Celeste then yawned and covered her mouth.

[The tent is…way….yawn….]

She continued to yawn, I can imagine why.

Just for a moment, I felt like inviting her over.

How do I put it, I feel like bragging about Emily.

I somehow want to invite her to stay at our home in Shikuro.

Well then.

With that train of thoughts, I looked at the mountain of garbage.

[By the way, what is with this amount.

The garbage is way more than usual.]

[I know right.

I’ve heard that a Dungeon Master has recently spawned, since the adventurers don’t dare to venture any further, most of them are just staying here while eating and drinking all day.]

[Dungeon master]

I tilted my head when I heard that term.

This is the first time hearing that word.

[As the name implies, it’s inside the dungeon.

Since it’s been months and we have never encountered it before, this must be the first time one has spawn in Selen.]


There’s something like this.

Is it strong]

[It is strong.

That’s the problem with it.]

What does that imply, while I tilted my head once more.

[The adventurers that are gathered in Selen are mostly just started or here to earn some extra cash.

They only specialize in steadily hunting on the same monsters.]

[So they can’t fight monsters that are way out of their league]


Though starting from tomorrow, there will be adventurers that can deal with these monsters.

They are adventurers that specialize in killing Dungeon Masters.]

I see.

I guess there are many types of adventurers.

Well, there is that princess who does business in selling the Air Box that is named The Princess Air Box, and then there’s people like me who are hired to deal the finishing blows on the monsters because of my high drop rate.

So it’s not that uncommon that they are adventurers that specialize in killing high-grade monsters.

Mochi’s are sold in a Mochi store, and if you want a mochi you can head there to get one.


[What’s wrong]

[Seems like over there there’s a rogue monster being spawn.

There’s also a lot of them and not enough people are there to handle it.]

[Should I head there to defeat it]

[Eh But.]

[Anyways, I won’t be diving into the dungeon for today, so I can help out.]

[…….Thank you.]

Why did Celeste thanked me and suddenly blushed.

I took along my dual guns, and then I go around the mountain of garbage where the rogue monsters are.

While strutting it took me a minute to get there, it’s quite a distance to the location.

Over there, many Frankensteins are present.

Well, it’s obvious.

If nobody is close to it they would hatch into rogue monsters, and if something like this were to happen, it won’t be just one or two of them.

Even though Celeste was worried, I was really happy.

Because to me, these rogue monsters are like a pile of treasure to me.

I’m currently equipping the red ruby bracelet, that gives the effect of sometimes increasing the drop rate of rogue monsters.

I loaded the Flame Bullets to both of my guns, and leaving a safe distance away from the Frankensteins, I hunted them.

I stood still, and used the fused Flame bullets and defeat them one by one.

The Frankenstein that was burned one after the other dropped the gold color Homing Bullets.

Most of the time it’s just one bullet, but because of the bracelet’s effect I sometimes get two bullets.

And just like that I diligently defeated the rogue monster while in the flow.

Now that I think about it, my style might be classified as hunting the same type of monsters.

While unexpectedly dealing the monster in a safe and efficient way, my body became accustomed to it.

Or that time when I guide the Slime onto the top of the Magic Cart and defeat it, letting it go smoothly into the cart, which I would naturally do because it increases the efficiency of my work.

That’s fine and all, but.

[I would like some changes once in awhile.]

While muttering, I let out a bitter smile.

After some time, it finally came to the last Frankenstein, I kept my gun, clenched my fist and stepped on the ground.

With several patches around it’s muscles on both arms, it punched at me and each punch would cut through the wind.

I stopped it with both my hands, and shockwave blew away the back of my surroundings, which then made a loud ‘Pachin’ sound.


I grabbed it’s hand and pulled it towards me, it then loses it’s balance and that is where I counter it with a punch.

I then rush to catch up to the Frankenstein that was blown away, clasped my hands together and knock it with a hammer punch.

The huge body was blown by my punch, and crashed into the ground.

The ground cracked, making a crater around the body, as expected it was tough, the Frankenstein did not die and was struggling trying to get up.

My hands did not rest and continued pursuing it.

With my Strength being S and my Speed being A, having all these high specs physical abilities, I demonstrated a variety of fighting techniques where you see in Manga’s or in an Anime.

Even the world’s most famous midair combat, I still remember back in the day when my friend used to ask me to fly from the jungle gym but in the end I twisted my wrist, but now I don’t have a problem and blew away the Frankenstein midair.

This sort of, feels good.

While trying on various things, time flew.

The time I took to defeat this Frankenstein took way longer than usual, and it was only 1 of them.

The drop was, the same Gold coloured Homing Bullet.

Since the effect did not activate, I only gotten one bullet.

Though the results is the same, the efficiency is horrible.

But I really wanted to try it out, and it felt really good.

Even though I’m usually the type to play as efficiently as possible, this time I wanted to get a little side track.

This was one of my bad habits.

But I am now relieved.

Well either way I got the job done, plus I get to try something outside my usual style.

I picked up the Homing Bullets, and walked around the mountain of garbage to where I was.

Over there, a person completely opposite from me, a person that has the worst efficiency is there.

Just slightly away from Celeste, she used her Inferno magic to burn the garbage.

As the garbage is burning, there will tend to have a few more garbage left around.

Usually you would use your low-level magic to burn away those garbage, but because Celeste only knows one magic only, it can be said that her efficiency is so bad you might as well die.

After that, using such magic which consumes a lot of MP on such useless thing, her stamina is also being consumed.

Even now her body is wobbling around.

[Emily, you there]

[Yes I am desu~]

The moment I called out for her she replied, which she immediately left the tent.

[Let Celeste rest.

If she tries to rebel, restrain her and force her to sleep.

I will handle the rest of the garbage.]

[I understand desu.]

After she said that, she went straight to where Celeste is.

She caught hold of her hands, and dragged her into the tent.

Emily with a happy face, and Celeste with a troubled expression.

Even though she tried to release the grip from Emily, she couldn’t do it.

With the height of 170cm Celeste, she couldn’t win against a 130cm Emily.

It’s sort of hilarious.

(TLN: Omg she’s almost as tall as me!)

Afterwards, Emily managed to pull Celeste into the tent.

Before Emily went into the tent, she shifted the tent away from the garbage.

As expected of Emily, she never fails to amaze me by following up because she knew I want to change the garbage into rogue monsters——I mean Frankenstein.

What a wonderful woman.

What’s even more amazing is, in just a moment she could open up the tent again, looking like a temple from here.

As expected of Emily, what a wonderful woman.

[It’s good to heal up once in awhile.]

While giving my blessings to Celeste, I kept a distance away from the garbage.

This time I will be using the Flame fusion bullets, because I’m devoted to my efficiency play.

[Nn….feels, good…..]

Inside the tent, I heard someone letting out a loud voice, I then wiped out the garbage, and got myself a huge sum of Homing Bullets.

Though I really want to leave one and beat the ** outta it, but I bitterly smiled, and clean it off with the Flame fusion bullet.


Just then, 4 adventurers came from the direction of Shikuro.

It feels like I met these 2 warriors, and 2 magicians before.

They also have a sort of atmosphere around them.

What’s more they seem to have a good balance in teamwork.

[Isn’t that.]

[Seems to be the adventurers that are hired to defeat the Dungeon Master nanodesu.]

From behind me Emily answered.

[It’s as I suspect.]

[Yes desu.

Even though they seem potent they didn’t even bring a Magic Cart.

They just wear equipment for the subjugation.]

[Aah, now that you mention.]

All 4 of the adventurers were well equipped from top to bottom.

The equipments seem to be better than the other adventurers, though it seems like it’s better to bring some Magic Carts, but in this situation I guess it’s not necessary for that.

They are just equipment specially used for subjugating.

[Seems like Selen will go back to normal starting from tomorrow.]

[Yes desu.]

[By the way, how is Celeste]

[She’s taking a nap desu.

Once she wakes up, we can have our snack time.]

[Please make my share too.]

[Yes desu!]

In order to heal Celeste, Emily is going to make some snacks once she wakes up.

Though I’m not sure what’s she’s going to make again, I’m sure it’s gonna be something amazing again.

While anticipating it, it’s not just for Celeste, but she is also gonna make it for me to heal me.

Emily’s night healing.

Little did they know, the subjugation experts were annihilated by the Dungeon Master.


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