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At night in the salon.


After dinner, it’s a daily routine of the Ryouta family to move here to relax unless there is a particular need.


Almost everyone is gathering today as well.


Emily, Celeste, Alice and Eve.

Elza and Ena of the merchant group.

TheA spirit α group with Mike and Sakuya added to Aurum, Nihonium, and Vanadium.


A guest was added today in front of almost everyone.


The guest——–Carbon’s eyes were rounded and startled.


“What’s wrong” (Ryouta)

“There are four spirits … what kind of place is this” (Carbon)

“Four people Oh, right there’s Mera-mera too.” (Ryouta)


Mera-mera——–Phosphorus is often forgotten.

Although he joined Alice’s monster party in a deformed appearance, he is also a spirit of the Phosphorus dungeon.


With the addition of Phosphorus, Carbon was even more surprised than when she was able to be brought into the mansion.


“They are all my dear friends.” (Ryouta)

“Friend……” (Carbon)

“Oh and back to our conversation, what do you mean by me being your destined person” (Ryouta)

“That’s right! Yes, you’re my destined person!” (Carbon)




While making a noise, Celeste and Elza stood up at the same time.

Celeste had a very surprised face, Elza seemed to be stunned, and the two of them were staring at me.


I can’t afford to think about its meaning.


“That’s true!” (Carbon)


Carbon answered while expecting my answer.


“Well … First of all, can you tell me what that destined person is I can’t answer you if I don’t know what that means.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so” (Carbon)

“Yes … because the feelings of spirits and humans are different.” (Ryouta)


I tried to give a reason like that.

I don’t think that’s the case, but I used it as an excuse for the time being.


“That’s not the case! I heard about the so-called destined-one from a human!” (Carbon)

“What do you mean by that” (Ryouta)

“I was told by someone who came to see me before you.

Humans and spirits would also have a fateful encounter.” (Carbon)

“That’s … yeah, well, is that so” (Ryouta)


I thought that was the case in general terms and nodded.


“So yes, that’s the kind of person who has survived various trials.

My destined one would be able to overcome all the obstacles that block him.” (Carbon)

“That’s … well, it’s not like I don’t understand what you mean.” (Ryouta)

“For hundreds of years since I talked to that human, I’ve given humans a lot of challenges.

And in my dungeon.

You’ve cleared them all.” (Carbon)

“……I see” (Ryouta)


Is that what a destined person is to her


“So, you’re my destined person, right” (Carbon)

“Hmm …” (Ryouta)


How should I answer


“By the way, what does your destined person do” (Ryouta)

“I don’t know! I’ll know once I meet him.” (Carbon)

“That’s straightforward …” (Ryouta)


Was she deceived by the previous person or was it actually out of good will

Or is it neither It makes me wonder.


“Ah, but I do understand this!” (Carbon)

“Eh” (Ryouta)

“Since I’ve met my destined one.

I want to be with them forever!” (Carbon)


Crack! Clank!


Suddenly there was a noise.

Turning to the sound, Celeste drops her plate and breaks it, and Elza breaks the handle of the teacup.


The two are looking at me with impatient faces.


“Sigh …….what a troublesome guy you are.” (Ena)


Ena responded to that.

She sighed with a bitter smile and came towards me.


“You have some time” (Ena)

“Who are you, I’m talking to him right now.” (Carbon)

“I know what you mean by a destined person.” (Ena)

“For real!” (Carbon)


Carbon took the bait.



I also know how to find the true destined person.” (Ena)

“What, the real one ! Tell me how!” (Carbon)

“It’s easy.

You mentioned that your destined one needed to survive the trials.

But a true soul mate, would have to overcome it together.” (Ena)

“I see!” (Carbon)


I thought it wasn’t so bad, but Carbon was convinced.


“So it’s your turn to be challenged from now on.” (Ena)

“That’s right! But what should I do” (Carbon)

“When you return to the dungeon, you will stop the trials of other adventurers and think only of him.” (Ena)

“Just think” (Carbon)

“Ah” (Ena)


Ena grinned and I looked at Carbon.


“What she said Try it for only one day.

You can see how hard it is.” (Ena)

“Okay! Hey, take me back to the dungeon!” (Carbon)

“Oh, oh … I understand.” (Ryouta)


I was rushed by Carbon and stood up.


When I saw Ena just before leaving the salon, she was blown away.


I don’t think I’m digging even deeper.

Thanks to Ena, I am Carbon’s only target.


Carbon dungeon has become a dungeon that can be adventured and produced normally by other adventurers.


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