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Chapter 4 – A bright and warm home



I’ve remembered something horrible.

Even if I try to forget about it, it pops out.

As I try to forget about it, I hit my head several times.


[Alright, I promise that I would come back before night!]

[Aa……yes desu!]

[Then, I’m leaving~]

[Please come home safe!]

As Emily sent me off, I left the house.

Then, I told myself to come back home early.

Even though I’ve said that I will come back early, but I didn’t say anything about not doing any rash decisions.

While currently at the first floor of Nihonium, I am defeating the zombies with great speed.

Since I’ve promised to come back home early, I will push myself to do what must be done before night-time approaches.

Instantly kill a zombie when approaching it.

Collecting the seeds while running around.

Afterwards, seeing a zombie and immediately killing it again ㄧ—

Since I’ve become able to gradually grasped the movement of the zombies, the efficiency of killing them has increased.

And so before the sun sets, I’ve power level my Max HP from C to S.

As promised, I returned home before night and Emily greeted me with a happy expression.

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