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“That’s why I’m thinking of living in Erythronium.” (Ryouta)


In the salon at night, where my friends gathered, I made a clear declaration in front of everyone.


Everyone who was relaxing and having a good time at night all stood up and was lost for words.


Meanwhile, Alice replies to me first.


“You mean Erythronium in the garden Can you live there” (Alice)

“Yeah, with Eri’s cooperation, she can make it like a mansion—-” (Ryouta)

“Let’s go, everyone.

Meramera, let’s get Eri-eri!” (Alice)


Alice jumped out of the salon without listening to the story.

Eri, who was riding on my knees, was brought by Meramera and was pushed by her back.


Meramera is the same spirit as her, but she’s puzzled that she has no resistance or fear.

I wonder what it is, maybe it’s because it’s the spirit phosphorus.


“Alice sure is nonchalant.

She didn’t listen to the story until the end.” (Ryouta)

“Because she was born in a dungeon.

I think the dungeon feels more like home than Indole.” (Aurum)


It was Aurum who responded to my words.

Since the personality and usual tension are close, the two maintain a good relationship like a combination.


“Well, that’s Alice.” (Ryouta)

“Maybe everyone else would feel more calm in the dungeon.” (Aurum)


I wonder if Meramera is the same.

Though he’s spirit, but the dungeon of another spirit feels like someone else’s house.” (Ryouta)

“Hmmmm” (Aurum)


Aurum folded her arms and thought a little.


“Still, it’s better than an ordinary house.

I guess, in human terms, it’s like a normal inn and a high-end inn” (Aurum)

“I see, I see.

Will Aurum move as well” (Ryouta)

“It depends on Emily.

So is Nihonium.” (Aurum)

“…Yes” (Nihonium)


Nihonium, which hesitantly but nodded clearly.


“You don’t have to be so embarrassed anymore.” (Aurum)

“Shy What do you mean” (Ryouta)


I alternatively looked at Aurum and Nihonium.

Aurum was teasing Nihonium and she became embarrassed.


“The space of Emily Mama is so comfortable that she is more comfortable than going back to her dungeon.” (Aurum)

“Eh, there’s no such thing…” (Nihonium)

“Ahaha, what’s with that You don’t have to lie to yourself.” (Aurum)

“Hey.” (Nihonium)


Nihonium shyly said, and Aurum laughs.

I was made to recognize again the tremendous power of Emily’s space that also captivates spirits.


“Well, that’s why it’s up to Emily.” (Aurum)

“Well, what would Emily do” (Ryouta)


We turn around and talk to Emily, who is brewing tea.


On the table in front of Emily is a farce like a miniature in the garden, like the Silva*nian family.


It was fun to watch the hot water that warmed the tea bowl flowing from a high place to a low place gradually, and it was something Alice found, and when Emily brewed it, a fellow monster was like a waterslide.

It’s the latest trend to enjoy.

Emily, who was pouring on it, raised her face and smiled.


“I’m going with Yoda-san desu.” (Emily)

“Are you sure” (Ryouta)


I’ll always be together with Yoda-san ever since he invited me desu.” (Emily)


Emily gently smiles.


I didn’t dare to say that she was the one who invited me first.


“Well, I’ll see you there too.” (Aurum)

“Pleasure to be with you.” (Nihonium)

“Uh…I…” (Sakuya)


Aurum and Nihonium express themselves in quick succession.

I have heard that Sakuya, who has been sticking to Nihonium all the time, also answered.


“Of course.

If you want a room with Nihonium, that’s okay, and Eri can create almost infinite rooms, so it’s okay.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you!” (Sakuya)


“What about you, Celeste” (Ryouta)

“Of course I’ll go” (Celeste)

“Is it an immediate answer” (Ryouta)

“I don’t have a reason to refuse.

Rather than that, it’s better to pay the rent this time.

I’ve heard that the rent for Erythronium is about 1.5 billion piros a year.” (Celeste)

“Well, don’t worry about that.” (Ryouta)

“But—–” (Celeste)

“You don’t have to be so serious” (Ena)


Ena popped from behind Celeste.

She blew at her ears, and Celeste screamed cutely.


“Wha- Wha- Wha-…” (Celeste)


Celeste who jumps, holds her ears with her face bright red, then turns to Ena.


“Ah, such a cutey” (Ena)

“Hey, don’t make fun of her, Ena.” (Elza)


Ena’s best friend, Elza, appeared from behind.


“I wasn’t making fun.

Rather, she shouldn’t shame a man’s pride in such a situation.

Right” (Ena)


Ena said so and she hit me with a wink.


“I don’t want to insist on a man’s pride, but I want to take responsibility for Eri.” (Ryouta)

“For that, you paid 1.5 billion Piros a year” (Ena)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Wasn’t there no connection or relationship until a while ago” (Ena)

“It doesn’t matter.” (Ryouta)

“Hey” (Ena)


Ena suddenly turned around for some reason and asked Celeste for consent.

Although it was Celeste who had her face turned red by breathing in his ears.


“Yes.” (Ryouta)


I was completely calm and nodded quietly.

I don’t know why you suddenly settled down, but if you’re satisfied, that’s fine.


“What about Elza and Ena” (Ryouta)

“Hey, should we go as well” (Elza)

“On one condition” (Ena)

“Which is” (Ryouta)

“I want her room beside your room” (Ena)

“Ena!” (Elza)

“Mine Well… if Elza is good with it, it’s fine.” (Ryouta)

“Of course it is good, eh” (Ena)

“No……” (Elza)


Elza looks down with blushed cheeks.


“Then, then I want my room to be the opposite of yours.” (Celeste)


Celeste has entered the war there.


Well, it’s fine.


“Okay, we all agreed with this.

Let’s move there then.” (Ryouta)

“But it’s ridiculous.” (Aurum)


Aurum suddenly said something.


“Why” (Ryouta)

“It’s amazing to live in a dungeon, but there are four spirits together.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t we just bring Plumbum over” (Aurum)

“I’ll ask.

I’m sure she’ll refuse.” (Ryouta)


Pull pull.


My sleeve was pulled.

Eri is back I thought but it was Eve instead of Eri.

It is not a bunny suit as outerwear, but a rabbit nightwear.


“What happened” (Ryouta)

“Bunny doesn’t agree” (Eve)

“I’ll bring the carrots there.” (Ryouta)

“Goodbye” (Eve)


Eve immediately withdrew.

Everyone who was there was so excited that it was so easy to understand.

Laughter echoed in the salon that night.


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