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After cashing in the money earned earlier today, I went back to where Emily was.

The tent was not at it’s original location——was what I thought when I walk for awhile, the tent was moved nearby the garbage.

After getting close to the tent, I went inside.

[I’m back, wow…..]

The moment I step foot inside, my body is being enveloped by warmth.

It’s not like outside was particularly cold, nor was it that hot inside.

But, it just feels me with warmth.

Wait no, this is happiness.

This warmth called happiness is gently wrapping my entire body.

Even though it’s just a tent, but this feeling.

[Welcome back desu~.]

Well, all of these feelings are hugely thanks to Emily.

While naturally smiling from side to side, she sweetly smiled back.

[I’m back, sorry for being out late.]

[That’s okay, thank you for the usual hard work nanodesu.]

[Anything happened Seems like the tent was being moved abruptly.]

[Yes desu.

Since there are people throwing more garbage at the original spot, we have to leave that location although not far away from it, in case the garbage all turned into rogue monsters.]

[I see.]

While lightly nodding, I looked at the corner of the tent.

There, a tall and beautiful girl that we helped earlier was still sleeping.

Though, it seems that the difficult expression that was covering her face earlier has disappeared, and is sleeping soundly, so I left her for the time being and talked to Emily.

[I’ve already dive into the first floor of Selen Dungeon.]

[How was it]

[I think it’s quite an interesting place.]

The characteristics of the monster, if you hit the specific part of the body and defeat it, it’s drop will be doubled.

Moreover, by using my Homing Bullets to defeat them, together with the tax exemption, I was able to earn 100% from the drops that I’ve collected.

Although Emily was attentively listening to my story, but, seems like she thought of something and tilt her small head.

[What’s wrong.]

[Yoda-san, seems like you’ve used up a lot of those Homing Bullets]

[Ah, on the second half of the day——well, I guess I used up two-thirds of my Homing Bullets.]

[Then isn’t it kind of waste Since if I’m not mistaken, you have to use two of your Flaming Bullets in order to get 1 Homing Bullet.] (TLN: Way to go Emily!)

[Now that you mention, it was that kind of ratio.]

After being told, I just realized.

The most effective way of defeating the Frankenstein monster that was hatched from the garbage is by using a fused Flaming bullet.

So after calculating everything thus far, a Flame Bullet is obtain through absorbing the seeds into the box and releasing them, which means I have to defeat two zombies in order to get one, and if I wanted to get 1 Homing Bullet, I would have to kill 4 zombies in total.

Of course, all monsters can be defeated with bare hands.

After listing it out, it’s easy to understand the conversion of bullets.

Following my calculation, it’s as Emily said, this might be [a waste].

[It’s alright.]

[It’s okay desu]

[Yeah, because having elixirs but not using them is a stupid principle.

Because the most effective way of defeating those monsters in that dungeon is by using the Homing bullet, thus I used it.]

[I don’t know what Elixir means but….I got it desu.]

Emily nodded, seemingly convinced.





[My name is Celeste.]

After the tall beautiful girl woke up, she introduced herself.

While sitting straightly in the tent, she looked around the elegant surroundings after introducing herself.

Though, I think she was just feeling awkward.

While looking around the tent, she had a curious and troubled expression.

I know what she was worried about as I’ve been through it before too.

[It’s her, Emily’s special abilities(work of art).]


The person whom I introduced——Emily, let out an interesting voice.

[Even if it’s a run-down apartment or a new home, or even this tent, it is because of her god-like skill that turns them into a godly warm place like a sacred temple.]

[Really! That is totally amazing!]

[Th-th-th-th That’s not true nodesu! I’m just normally cleaning and arranging the place, that’s all.]

[I know, I know~]

While shrugging, I purposely agreed and nodded.

[Only a genius would say that his/her talent they own is normal.]


[I totally get what you mean! A talented person would not think that they have talent as if not seeing a spec of dust.]

[Right, right! They would say things like [Eh, isn’t that normal] or something.]

[And then proceed with [Why can’t y’all do it] which in return troubles us.]



Emily made an extremely troubled expression.

Immediately afterwards her face turned bright red.

[I, I will go and pour some tea desu.]

After saying, she immediately ran out of the tent.


After Emily was gone, only me and Celeste was left behind in the tent.

The girl looked at me, and once again, she bowed down deeply.

[Thank you very much for letting me rest at your place.]

[Don’t mind, it’s something that anyone will do.

Moreover, why is it that only you are the only one in charge of disposing the garbage Won’t it be even more problematic if you don’t quickly dispose of the garbage and more are piled up one after the another]

[At first, I could manage it somehow.

But information flowed that it seems that this dungeon’s tax preferential treatment is about to end.

Thus before it is over, every adventurer bombarded this area, and thus why.]

[I understand.]

Probably a lot of people have heard of the agreement between the two associations, Shikuro and Hetero.

Naturally, if they decided on which city this dungeon is under the jurisdiction of, taxes will be embedded, thus adventurers take this opportunity to earn some cash.

[That’s right, how long was I asleep]

[Probably half a day, plus the sun is about to set.]

[That’s bad.]

Celeste then abruptly ran out of the tent.

Going to a place that is slightly away from the tent, where the distance is almost safe for the rogue monsters to not spawn, there, a mountain of garbage was stacked earlier.

That amount is almost like a few worth of garbage trucks.

In just half a day, it became like that.

[As I suspected, the amount increased.]

[That’s right.]

[I’m sorry, I’ll clean it up immediately.]

I nodded.

I really don’t feel like wasting any more special bullets, but it can’t be helped.

Celeste then stood in front of the pile of garbage, and below her feet a magic formation enlarged.


Without thinking I let out my voice.

The magic circle was larger than when we first met, and the magic circle shined brightly.

Celeste hold up her hands, and a pale flame appeared enveloping the mountain of garbage——and in a moment it turned into ashes.


That’s impressive, I didn’t know she was a person with high magical power.

While thinking so, Celeste took a step back, and, like Emily, briskly walk away from that location and came back here, smiled and bowed.

[Thank you, it’s because you helped me.]

[Fue !]

[It’s because you let me rest at your tent, and my magic was able to recover way more than usual.

Really, thank you so much.

You’re an amazing person.]

[I, I’m just normally——]

Emily who was being praised, for some reason I was also happy about it.

It’s amazing that a 130 centimeter girl with Strength A could swing that hammer.

What’s more, she was the one who made our houses so warm.

I’m really blessed that I have such an amazing person to happily and mercilessly do all these whether it is a tent or not.

[Yeap yeap, it’s all because of Emily~]


[It’s thanks to Emily, that Celeste who previously could not catch up with everyone’s garbe by herself, finishes her job.

Emily is truly supporting everyone’s life.]

[Th, th-th-that’s a little too much nanodesu.]

[It’s not a lot in the least.]

[I also agree.

I want to talk about you to everyone right now.]

[Please stop it desu, if you do that I will really die desu.]

Emily’s face was bright red like a boiling octopus being lifted up when me and Celeste was praising(teasing) her.

Nevertheless we didn’t care, and she continued thanking her, and in the end made her squirm.


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