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Doing what we can with motivated friends.

That is——–the policy of Ryouta Family.


“Red potion, Vegetation 1, Animal -1.”


Using the item, Eve went and confirmed her stats at the K-I-A board.



Vegetation A(+3)

Animals B(-1)

Minerals E

Magic C

Special Items C



Her stats are now completely opposite of what her original stat was.

By the way, the reason why she used the 1 Vegetation to 3 is because even a minor difference would have a drastic difference in drop.

We might not know if A is necessary for a good drop, but just in case, it’s better to boost her Vegetation to A.


“Bunny has become a vegetarian.” (Eve)

“You already were.” (Ryouta)

“You’re seeing the Real・Bunny.” (Eve)


She snorts.

She was already energetic from before, but now that her stats have been something she wanted, she has become even more motivated.


Drop stats have nothing to do with actual combat, but it’s not uncommon for these spiritual objects to be effective in actual performance differences.


The best example would be a Japanese national team carrying the Japanese flag will perform better than usual.


With that same analogy, Eve having [Vegetation > Animal] might just improve her performance drastically.


“Alright, let’s do it.” (Ryouta)


Placing the cow model on the ground, we move back.


“Ryouta-san, leave this to me.” (Celeste)

“Celeste Wait but…” (Ryouta)

“I know I know.

But at least I can help stop the movements of the Minotaurs.” (Celeste)

“Bunny will never forgive anyone who takes her spotlight.” (Eve)

“I’ll give this to you.” (Celeste)


Celeste slips a carrot to Eve.

She came prepared.


“You can’t buy Bunny with just one carrot.” (Eve)

“It’s not only a carrot that’s created by Ryouta’s drop but…” (Celeste)

“B-But” (Eve)


Celeste purposely paused, and Eve swallowed air.


“After being assessed by Elza, this is certified the highest quality ever being evaluated, also known as Elza’s best selection.” (Celeste)

“——–!” (Eve)


She was extremely shocked to the point that even I can see a lightning bolt strike behind her back.


“Low level’s Elza’s best….Gulp.” (Eve)

“If you let me help you, I’ll give this to you.” (Celeste)

“There is no reason for Bunny to say no.” (Eve)

“Thank you.” (Celeste)


Eve stood down, and Celeste gives her the carrot.


“And I managed to get through her.” (Celeste)

“Amazing for you to do that.

Does that mean that Eve recognizes Elza’s appraisal ability” (Ryouta)

“That’s that.

Always use your surroundings to your advantage.” (Celeste)

“I mean I know that.

But it was unexpected that Eve would obediently give up.” (Ryouta)

“….Please look at me as well.” (Celeste)

“Hm Aah, good luck.” (Ryouta)


I nodded at Celeste who for some reason was motivated as well.

After a while, the Minotaur has been hatched.


The moment the air changes, Celeste shakes her arms and waves her fingers gracefully.


Wait Her movements were different from before

And also—–The tip of her finger is glowing


Almost at the same time that was happening, 10 Bicorn Horns flew from her body towards the Minotaur.

I thought it would be in a straight line—-But it was separated and surrounding the Minotaur.


Encircling the Minotaur in 360 degrees direction, the fireballs all fired towards the Minotaur.


“Ooh!” (Ryouta)


I became excited.

It’s as if the Bicorn Horn was alive.

And if you paid attention to how she was operating it—-


“Strings” (Ryouta)


Celeste looks behind her and smiles at me.

So I was right.


Her porcelain fingers danced further, and the threads shining from her fingertips manipulated the bicorn horn in all directions.


An omnidirectional fireball.

Despite receiving it, the Minotaur rushes forward.

Celeste fires her own fireball while avoiding the attack, which was delayed due to the torrential attacks.


Then—-She chanted.


After firing from all direction, she used her trump card magic, Inferno.


This was her new fighting style.

A far range method, and a close-range method.


The Minotaur was being pressured.


In addition to the all-range attack, she can control the bicorn horn with the thread.

Her firepower has grown further as well.


After soloing and exhausting the Minotaur’s 14 stock lives, Eve did her ‘powerless’ chop attack.


“Phew.” (Celeste)

“Good work, you were amazing out there Celeste.” (Ryouta)

“Really” (Celeste)


My praise was normal, but Celeste could not hide her joy.


“The more I look at you, the stronger you have become.” (Ryouta)

“Thanks to you.” (Celeste)

“But I didn’t do anything” (Ryouta)


It’s as if—-


“Y-You might think I’m Ryouta family’s weakest member.” (Celeste)


Celeste nervously said.

The moist tone and air just before were wiped away.


What does that mean

I thought…..No it’s nothing.


Celeste continued.


Before i knew it, she returned back to normal.


“The problem is Ryout-san is getting too strong.” (Celeste)

“Meaning” (Ryouta)

“You’re too strong that no one can understand your true strength.

So I’ll be that someone to measure that strength.

If I can become just as strong, then everyone can understand how strong Ryouta is.” (Celeste)

“Uhhh, I still don’t get it.” (Ryouta)


I didn’t quite understand so I asked.

Celeste just smiled.


“Celeste is strong! Ryouta is stronger! For real!” (Celeste)


For some reason, she started speaking in a higher pitch which sounds like she was teasing me.


“That’s what I’m saying.” (Celeste)

“Is it” (Ryouta)


I can only bitterly smile.


“It will, that’s because it’s the truth.

You’re stronger than me.” (Celeste)


She smiles again, but it was a much warmer smile.

In order to live up to her expectations, I somehow thought that I had to become stronger.


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