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After the minotaur disappeared, the atmosphere around the dungeon returned to normal, and I picked up the item that the minotaur dropped.


“….Is this a plastic model” (Ryouta)


I accidentally voiced out my confusion as I looked at the unexpected item that the minotaur dropped.

It was about the size of my palm, and it’s a plastic model of a cow.


Basically a cow model.


I blinked several times staring at the thing on my palm.

Is this… Something like a Bicorn, or the third sacred weapon of Nihonium

It’s just an intuition that it might be related to those.



“Wow!” (Ryouta)


A voice suddenly spoke behind me, which made me jump in surprise.

It was Eve who has awoken from the minotaur’s attack.


“So you’re up, you feeling fine” (Ryouta)

“….” (Eve)


Without saying anything, she chopped me in the head.

Usually, she’ll be saying, “I hate low level.” and chops me, but she didn’t say anything, and it doesn’t really hurt either.


What I do know is that she might not want me to bring it up, so I asked something else instead.


“What did you mean by substitution” (Ryouta)

“That is incredibly valuable.” (Eve)

“This” (Ryouta)

“If you have that, you can sustain any attack once.” (Eve)

“Any kind of attack” (Ryouta)


She nods silently.


“Even if the world has ended, you will be alive.” (Eve)

“I see, so it’s really any kind of attack.” (Ryouta)


If what Eve said is true, that means this item can even withstand an Armageddon attack.



“I thought it would be a straightforward item where like the minotaur, you have 14 lives or something.” (Ryouta)


Something like the Absolute Rock’s item, where you keep the special traits of the monster.

But there’s one thing I’ve learned right now.


There was never a time when the item’s effect is weaker than the original.

Which means that you can receive any sorts of attack, like the minotaur wasting one of his lives.


I stood still, coming up with strategies using this.


“It sells for a high price as well.” (Eve)

“It should.” (Ryouta)

“You can have a years worth of carrot.” (Eve)

“Is that pricey” (Ryouta)

“Bunny can have a years worth of carrot.” (Eve)

“That’s too much!” (Ryouta)


When it comes to carrot, Eve’s abnormally void stomach can store as much carrot as she wants.

When I secretly counted, it was around 50 kg worth of carrot in her stomach per day.


If you think about it, a years worth of that is certainly a lot.

Even if I don’t use it, I can sell it for a high price.


“Let’s try hatching it.” (Ryouta)

“…..” (Eve)


Eve nods.


It’s certainly an expensive and powerful item, but right now, my priority is to freely create a Dungeon Master.


I placed the cow model on the ground and keep a distance.

After waiting for a while, a new Minotaur was hatched.


The roar and murderous intent from the beginning was heard again.

It swings its axe and rushed over.


I intercepted.


Using the Trash Bullet——-Hmm, let’s change the name.

Blocking the attack completely—-I fired on the orbit of the axe that is being swung down with the Iron Wall Bullet.


The Iron Wall bullet completely blocked the axe.


I loaded two of the Iron Wall Bullets into the two revolvers.

Reading through the minotaur’s attack, I fired the Iron Wall Bullets beforehand.


The movement of the minotaur was completely predicted by me.


This is to buy more time.

Buying more time for the Dungeon Master to stay.


Based on the experience I did in Flint, I waited for a while until the structure of the monster change.


“Repetition.” (Ryouta)


I chanted.

The MInotaur disappears and the cow model drops, together with my MP almost dropping to zero.


“Alright, I can keep on doing this.” (Ryouta)


I was relieved that Repetition worked.

I thought it would be a troublesome task where I have to defeat the minotaur 14 times.

But I can clean up with just a Repetition.


The result was better than expected.

After defeating the dungeon master, we walked around the dungeon.


“There’s one.” (Ryouta)


We encountered a monster.

Although it’s still an angel, it looks a little different from before.

The angel spotted us and tries attacking, but I fired Repetition.


The rush did not stop, meaning Repetition wasn’t working.


Though I’ve defeated once before, Repetition doesn’t seem to be working.

In other words, it’s proof that the breeding improvement was successful for the time being.


Although that’s good.


“……” (Eve)


Eve did not do anything and just stood behind me in silence.


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