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Eve and I came to Hasemi on the regular route in a hurry.

When we entered the city, the atmosphere of the city was worse than when we came yesterday.


Adventurers are everywhere in the city, but all are dark.


“What happened” (Ryouta)


“No carrots.” (Eve)


“Huh” (Ryouta)


What are you saying at such a time, Eve


“Same as Bunny when they were told they couldn’t eat carrots for a month.” (Eve)


It’s an expression peculiar to her, but she said something decent.


“Should we check what has happened” (Ryouta)

“Yes.” (Eve)

“… let’s go to Aaron.” (Ryouta)


Eve and I head straight to Hasemi’s Dungeon Association.

Once we entered the building, we aimed for the chairman’s office in a straight line.


“Aaron!” (Ryouta)

“Ryota Satou-sama!” (Aaron)

“Something has happened.

What is it” (Ryouta)


Aaron shouted, saying.


“Randal-san has declared that he will not buy milk anymore.” (Aaron)

“So he stopped” (Ryouta)

“Yes, because the milk itself will eventually be gone.

So he said that if he switches to another business….” (Aaron)

“It’s too early! He still doesn’t know what will happen.” (Ryouta)

“Yes… But he declared it and didn’t buy it anymore, so no adventurers would go into the dungeon.” (Aaron)

“Is that why the monsters overflowed” (Ryouta)

“Yes……” (Aaron)


 Aaron struggles again.


“I see.

Then I’ll buy them.” (Ryouta)

“Eh” (Aaron)


Aaron raises his face.


“I’ll buy it … how much” (Ryouta)

“All of them.” (Aaron)

“Well, I’ll buy all of it then.” (Ryouta)


Aaron showed a surprise face.


“Low level, has a lot of money.” (Eve)

“I have savings, so it doesn’t matter.” (Ryouta)


Randal’s “return” fired me up.

It’s too unreasonable to come to such a thing at this timing, and it’s pissing me off.


The beginning is just a request, but when it comes to this, he doesn’t want to deal with Hasemi or Calcium dungeon.


“Well, how can I thank you …” (Aaron)

“Don’t worry, I just want to do it.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you … but there is one problem.” (Aaron)

“What is it” (Ryouta)

“Since all the adventurers have pulled out, the stock of monsters has become difficult.

No adventurers can enter the dungeon as it is.” (Aaron)


So they refer to it as stocks.


“I’ll do that too, leave it to me.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, thank you very much!” (Aaron)


 I left the impressed Aaron for a moment and turned to Eve.


“Eve, can you return to the mansion” (Ryouta)

“Bunny, do anything.” (Eve)


The enthusiastic Eve, where if carrots are not involved then she won’t say much, but the moment I say something, she enters the dungeon instead of the mansion.


I shake my head slowly.


“I want to keep the gate open.

Eve will keep the gate open, and I’ll manage the dungeon here.” (Ryouta)

“……All right.” (Eve)


 Staring at my face for a while, Eve nodded that she understood it.

Then we jumped out of the chairman’s office.


I went to Calcium dungeon in the opposite direction to her.



 If you look from outside the dungeon, you can see the worse situation.


 You can see the Angels playing at the Calcium entrance.


 Because it was a monster and couldn’t go outside, the Angels were pressed against an invisible crowded train-like wall with transparent glass doors and was tightly packed.


First, before I enter.

Pull out the revolver and shoot the Growth bullet.


“Hhmm.” (Ryouta)


The growth bullets bounced on the border of the entrance, on the invisible wall.


“So I can’t shoot it from outside” (Ryouta)


I approach and press the muzzle of the revolver against the invisible wall.

Strictly speaking, neither me nor the revolver are allowed to enter or leave the dungeon, so I pushed them away—–the body that was pushed away was the angel.


Very heavy-It was tightly packed.

 With both hands, the muzzle was finally pushed one centimetre deep.


Immediately I pulled the trigger, the angel is shot at zero distance, drops milk and disappears.

At that moment, a new angel appeared where the angel was.

When the angel entered the vacant place, the dropped milk was pushed out into the dungeon and was thrown away like a bucket.


I have heard the story, but the surplus stock is replenished so quickly.


I need to increase my speed.


I shot myself with the Speed Up bullet and entered the accelerated world.

Similarly, push the muzzle one centimetre deep and shoot a growth bullet.


The angel falls, milk drops.


Milk is blown in slow motion, not yet re-emerging from stock.


I quickly entered inside, defeated the angel with haste.

The angel came over again, milk dropped—-a lot of drops.


The stock that first fell was replenished here, and a lot of milk came to me.

I was in a bukkake state and it got into my eyes and slowed down.

During that time, the monsters also restocked the second stock— Thus I was pushed out of the dungeon with milk.


The pushing power was quite strong, and I rolled around with milk.


I got up, wiped the milk with my sleeves, and remember what I’ve done.

The extrusion of the stock is heavy, but there is no momentum.

On the other hand, milk is not so heavy, but it is intense.


These two combined, and I was blown away.


And the first floor of calcium is still packed with angels.


“If it’s the strength of pushing, it’s good.” (Ryouta)


I took a deep breath and approach the entrance the third time.


 With the Speed Up bullets effects remained——Fire.

Fired the Trash Bullet.


I shot a lot of scraps at the entrance as if I was painting in stippling.


The Trash bullets moved forward.

Advancing while crushing the angel, as if it were a press machine.

The amount of pushing force of the quantity that the dungeon is full and the stock appears were considerable, but it is not as good as the Trash bullets.


 No matter what, the bullet that moves forward with a slow pressure are pushing.


It’s a wall of Trash Bullet I made at the entrance.

Once they have reached a certain depth, I filled the gaps around the area with more trash bullets.


If an angel comes in from the gap, everything up until now will be ruined.


The speed up bullet has been removed.


I continued to fill the gap between the trash bullets that keep moving forward.


In time, hundreds of bullets pushed the angels away, leaving room for one person.


I go inside and hold my revolver in the space and time that the trash bullets made.


 The trash wall, but there are two holes.

The hole left open from the beginning.


One of the holes was fired with the highest firepower, Growth bullet.


I can’t see, but I felt the angel hit and fell.

Immediately after, milk spouted from another hole.


Water gun-No, it’s not that kind of thing.


It’s a water column build from the suppression of mobs.

With comparable momentum, milk was blown out of the hole and splurted out of the dungeon.




Perhaps for the first time, the drop S had a negative effect, I was dropping out a lot of milk.


If I don’t do this, no matter how many angels I kill, the moment the trash wall disappear, they will be pushed out into the milk just like before.


To prevent this from happening, milk has been put out sequentially.


The growth bullet is fired from one hole.

As the angels fell one after another, the water pressure increased one after another, and the water column was blown out 50 meters horizontally.


“Thanks for waiting, low level.” (Eve)


When the trash wall progressed further and the space for about two people was reached, the gate opened and Eve was able to come.


“You can finally enter Eve, this is dangerous-” (Ryouta)


Immediately after saying that, it was too late.


The first shot trash bullet that was shot expired and disappeared.


It disappeared at a stretch.

The first shot was in an accelerated state, so they all disappeared.


The fact that there is momentum means that there is a lot of milk.


At the same time as the walls of the litter had disappeared, a wave of milk was rushing over us.


A big wave that you can not stand even with all abilities at SS.

Eve and I were washed away and pushed out of the dungeon.


“Cough, cough, spit.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny, has been bukkaked.” (Eve)

“No no no no, please don’t say that.” (Ryouta)


Eve made a misleading expression when the two of us were sitting on our butts.

There’s too much white going on.


It’s not erotic at all.

Too many and it has made it not erotic at all.


“Ah.” (Eve)

“What happened” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eve)


I reached out to grab Eve’s hand, but she gave the “silent treatment”, and pointed to the dungeon.

When I look at the dungeon.


“Is the stock gone” (Ryouta)


In the dungeon where milk still flows, some of the angels are swaying in the space!


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