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Chapter 34 – A Homing Bullet and a person who tries way too hard

Featured Image Credit: Kyoukai No kanata

A new bullet, with a golden coating on it, I eagerly loaded it into my gun.

I then brought a food ingredient to a distant place, and place a carrot on the ground which hasn’t been turned into trash.

I walked away leaving a good enough distance, and waited patiently.

Emily was beside me, breathlessly watching over me.

For some reason, she is even more nervous than I am, while having an expectant look on her face.

After awhile, the carrot then transform into a rogue monster, becoming back into a Drowsy Slime.

While taking a posture of aiming, I’m predicting the movement pattern of the Drowsy Slime that I’ve defeated many times in the past, and fired.

The bullet went flying straight towards it.

The Slime then jumped infront drawing a trajectory of a parabola, descending as it is, the bullet will intersect with the slime.

But the bullet stopped midway and changed it’s course!

The bullet turned to fit the orbital of the Drowsy Slime, and again descending in the parabolic trajectory.

And, it hit.

I kinda expected it to shoot through the Drowsy Slime, but this was far from what I’d expected.

[Yoda-san, Just now….it changed it’s course…desu]

[Aah, it did.

Or more like the bullet’s chasing the slime.]

[After all, it’s as expected desu.]

[….A Homing bullet, I guess.] (TLN: In the novel it’s call Tracking bullet, but I felt that homing sounds better.)

I tried reimagining back the scene that took place just now.

The trajectory of the bullet moved according to the trajectory of the Drowsy Slime.

[I wanna try it again.

I wonder if we have more trash.]

[I’ll make more desu!]

Immediately, Emily ran towards her baggage with a pitter patter sound, then using her hands skillfully to boil some water and pour some tea.

The tea leaves—was turned into garbage and she left it at a far enough distance away from us, and came back here with the tea-cup on hand passing it to me.

[Thank you, Emily should drink some too.]

[After I finished preparing then I will drink desu.]

After Emily finished saying, she turned back and prepared the next step.

After placing the carrots in the opposite direction of the garbage, she came back here.

The two of us are now enjoying our tea, while waiting.

The garbage then turned into a rogue monster, transforming into a Frankenstein, and immediately I burned it with the fusion Flame Bullets.

After picking up the Golden bullet drop, the Drowsy Slime appeared just as Emily has timed it perfectly.

[Thank you.]


Emily became extremely happy because I praised her.

After sending my gratitude, I loaded the golden bullet into my gun and aimed at the opposite direction and fired.

The bullet that was released from the gun immediately made a sharp curve.

Doing something abnormal by bending the trajectory of the bullet, it then pinpointed the Drowsy Slime and went and shot through it.

[Amazing….Yoda-san that’s amazing desu.]

[Un, as expected, this is indeed a Homing Bullet.]

The bullet that was drop by the rogue monster of garbage is indeed a fairly useful substitute.





Staying up all night, I tested various things and gotten my results, and finally understood the characteristics of this homing Bullet.

First off, the bullet will absolutely succeed in aiming at the opponent that I want.

The Bat Slime, Cockroach Slime, and even the Snake Slime.

As a result, even these Slimes that tremendously moves at a fast pace, the Homing Bullet could still catch their movement and aim towards it.

The accuracy is 100%.

Incidentally, the output of the bullet is the same level as a normal bullet.

What this means is it’s an upgraded version of the normal bullet but it can absolutely hit anything.

Being able to hit something with an accuracy of 100% is really effective.

That was what I thought when seeing the actual number.





The next day, since I was testing the bullet for a really long time, I did not get a glimpse of sleep at all, and we have to set out again early in the morning.

When afternoon came, I saw something from afar.

A large amount of tents are being built around the entrance of the dungeon.

[Is that our destination nanodesu]

[Seems like it.

By the way, apparently the name of the dungeon is called Selenium.]

(TLN: When I search what selenium is, it’s basically a program to test framework for web applications Dafuq, I thought the dungeons are all named after elements… Apparently it’s an element, the author named it Selen(hence why the next line) and it’s just one that I didnt know >W< thanks kyle for explaining it to me :3)

[The name sounds like a girl desu.

What sort of monsters are inside]

[Judging from the conversations that I heard from——]

While trying to remember the information that I heard in advance from the head of the dungeon, my eye caught sight of a different gathering spot that is further away from the dungeon and the tent.

Even from this distance, I clearly know what it was.

A mountain of garbage.

…..But for me, I see it as though it’s a pile of treasure, thus I went straight towards that mountain-like garbage.





After closing the distance of the Garbage mountain, I saw a beautiful girl with a long and luscious black hair.

Just taking a glance at her, this beautiful girl has a slim body of a model.

The girl took a deep breath, then below her feet a magical formation was enlarged indicating that she’s using magic.

From within her palm, a fireball appeared.

She then fired it, aiming towards a part of the garbage.

Afterwards, the garbage is slowly burning up.

Judging from the momentum of the flame, the pace where it’s burning is quite slow.

Though I’ve also experienced something like that yesterday, but the garbage in this world really has a characteristics of bean sprouts.

(TLN: この世界のゴミはもやしつらい特性を持ってる I wanna say it means that he has something that can burn the garbage, but I’m not sure either.)

Though that’s good and all.

[What is that person doing]

[If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s the person in charge of disposing the garbage desu.]

[Disposing the garbage]

[Similar to the city, there’s a lot of people around the dungeon, so if there are people living there must also be garbage around, so they have to appoint a person in charge of disposing the garbage nodesu.]

[Aah, I understand now.] (TLN: OMG RYOUTA STOP BEING SO DUMB!)

If I think about it, that’s true.

I then took a glance of where the direction of Selenium Dungeon is.

There’s a lot of tent being build there, and adventurers are present.

Hearing from the conversation I had with the dungeon chief, since it’s not the dungeon of neither Shikuro of Hetero, the drop from Selenium cannot be tax by either of the city.

So that explains why there’s a part of adventurers that came here to earn some bucks.

And if there’s adventurers around, more garbage will accumulate and obviously they have to hire someone to dispose them.

Un, it’s an obvious natural cycle.


[What’s wrong.]

[More garbage is being brought out from the dungeon.]

[You’re right—-wait, isn’t the amount way more than what the girl was burning just now]

[A lot desu.]

I was watching a while with Emily at the sight.

The only person in charge of disposing the garbage is only the black-haired model girl.

The girl seems to be a magician specialized in fire magic to burn up the garbage, but it’s clearly shown that she could not keep up the pace with the amount of garbage being brought to her.

Hence why there’s a mountain of trash right now.

[Ah! She’s staggering desu.]

[You’re right.]

Emily immediately ran ahead, while behind her I ran slightly later to catch up to her.

[Are you alright]

[Who are you guys….]

[Etto, we came here to inspect the dungeon.]

[I see.

If you’re going to stay overnight at this section, then please do bring all your garbage here.

It doesn’t need any classification, just bring it here and I’ll burn it all up.]

[That’s fine and all but….it’s better if you have some rest first desu.]

[Thank you, but I can’t do that.

If I don’t hurry in disposing of all these garbage, it will affect the business activities of everyone.]


[I’m fine.]

After the girl said so she then used her magic again, but.

The magic formation spread across from beneath her feet but then it immediately dissipates, and at the same time the girl was wandering.

[Are you alright desu!]

Emily then hug her in haste.

[I, I’m fine.]

Even though the girl is trying to act tough, I did not miss it.

Her beautiful face clearly has some dark spots beneath her eyes, and her face is turning pale.

Looking at her closely, she seems to be unhealthily losing weight.

I’ve seen it plenty of times during my working days, it’s the face of a person who worked overtime over a 100 hours a month.

That girl then tried standing up on her own, and continued disposing the garbage.

She had a face that shows her conviction full of responsibility, but.

Without a word I loaded my bullets, and fired.

It’s the fusion of two Healing Bullets, a Sleeping Bullet was fired at the girl and she immediately fell to sleep.

[Emily, I leave the nursing to you.]

[I understand desu, I’ll take my leave from here nodesu.]

Emily who immediately understood my intentions, carried the girl away to a safe location.

Same as her, I draw a distance from the mountain of garbage.

It wouldn’t be weird if crows are flying on top of it, no matter how I look at it it’s a mountain of garbage, but the me now sees it as a mountain of treasure.

After taking some distance, I loaded the bullet, and waited.

After waiting for a while, the garbage turned into rogue monsters one by one and all of it became Frankensteinssss.


I then defeat them one by one till the end.

And finally gotten hold of a huge amount of Homing Bullets.

(TLN: I swear to god he’s gonna get his retribution.)






Inside a tent, a beautiful girl has awaken.

Though she’s still a little drowsy even after opening her eyes, suddenly, she jumped up and focus on her surroundings.

[Please don’t push yourself, it’s best to rest for a while longer.]

She then immediately jumped out of the tent.

Emily and I wanted to chase her.

Though, the girl just stood there dumbfounded.

It was at the place where the mountain of garbage was, but now there’s nothing there at all.

[….What in the world is happening.]

[I dispose of it in your stead.]

[You, you did]


While nodding, the girl stared straight at me.

She’s staring at my shabby face——was what I thought.

Then her legs quivered, and she fell down on the ground.

[I’m glad…..]


[Those adventurers who came here for income has increased day by day, and I was wondering what I was supposed to do because it exceeded my ability….]

[Is that so.]

That must’ve been troublesome for her.

[Thank you, really, thank you very much.]

The girl who fell on the ground stared straight up at me, and repeatedly thanked me.

As I was thinking, she suddenly fell down unconscious as if her battery has run out.

I quickly embraced her, and was amazed at how light she is.

I guess she really was trying her best.


[Yes desu! I will make something energetic desu!]

Emily happily nodded, and started moving with a pittar patter sound.

As for now, I guess I should let this girl have some rest first.

As we thought so.


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