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On the way home from Shikuro Dungeon’s Association.

While strolling I was counting using my fingers.

I’m currently thinking of what I need to prepare when going into the dungeon.

Bullets are a must.

Normal bullets are fairly easy to replenish, but I would also prefer to bring along more special bullets though they can only be produce from Nihonium dungeon’s rogue monsters.

Thinking so, I need to bring along the Magic Cart too, and also how many pairs of clothes to bring with me.

[It feels like I’m preparing for a business trip.]

While thinking so, I let out a laugh.

Immediately after I entered my company, before I was exhausted by my workload, I was remembered of the time when I went for my first business trip.

It felt a little like a holiday trip, where the feeling of excitement you get when you go to your first field trip during your school days.

Going to a business trip on a new dungeon, sounds quite fun.

——Though, I was reminded of something.

If I were to leave Shikuro and head for a new dungeon, it’s as if.

[It seems like a solo assignment….]





A monthly rent of 150K Piro, the new 2LDK home.

I went home earlier than usual, and explained to Emily about the request I’d gotten from the Dungeon Chief.

Since there’s a new dungeon being born, I fully explained what I was asked to do from beginning to end.

[Yoda-san is amazing, you’re like the same as the Neptune family.]

[Now that you mention, it’s the same during the time Nihonium was born.]

At that time, before I knew about Neptune, I’ve heard about it from the rumours.

[Yes desu, it’s the same.

Being ask to investigate on a dungeon is something to be proud at nanodesu.]

[Since this world revolves around dungeon dropping everything right.]

[I got it desu~]

While smiling ever so sweetly, Emily made an extremely adorable gesture of patting her chest using her small hand.

[During the absenteeism of Yoda-san, I will stay put and watch over the house.]

[No no, this time I want you to come along.]

[Eh Together]


[But, I don’t think I would be of any use desu]

[It’s not about that.

I just want Emily to follow along.]

While looking at her straight in the eye, I said it.

I’ve thought that it would be bad to just leave her here while I head off.

While having such thoughts, I conveyed it through her while looking at her.

While staring back at me, being surprised, Emily smiled.

With such gentle smile, she firmly nodded.

And just like that, it became that Emily would follow with me together to embark on a journey to the new dungeon.





The very next morning, we immediately left on our journey.

After heading out of Shikuro city, with the help of the map that I’d gotten, we set out to the new dungeon.

While I was pushing the Magic Cart, Emily was carrying her hammer and her rucksack bag, which was her usual style.

That Emily right now is smiling since the beginning till right now.

[Seems like you’re enjoying, something good happened]

[It’s because I get to go out with Yoda-san, it’s a lot of fun desu~]


I’m glad that I invited her to come.

Just being able to see her sweet and gentle smile, I was really happy that I invited her.

Though this is fine and all——as such, I looked around.

Just after walking outside of Shikuro, the surrounding scenery instantly changed.

Though, not even ten minutes of leaving Shikuro, all you can see is the wilderness.

There’s literally nothing, there’s not even a dead tree existing on the wilderness.

[There’s really nothing huh….]

[If there’s something then wouldn’t it be troublesome nanodesu.]


[Wouldn’t it be troubling If there’s something like rogue monsters wandering around Since water, air, and land is the only thing that won’t turn into rogue monsters nanodesu.]

[….Ah.] (TLN: Dumb dumb ryouta strikes again!)

It feels as though I was told of something terrible.

Yes, since all things in this world are produced from dungeon drops.

And if that dungeon drop is left without anyone nearby it, then the drop will turn back into their original monster.

What this means, is that if there IS something in this wilderness, and without anyone around the drop, it will surely turn into monsters, thus there will always be nothing.

[So I guess I can’t make something like a hut, in this world.]

Of all the times, I felt that now I had been blown by this world’s logic once again.





After walking for the entire day, evening arrived.

Since we’re getting tired after walking, we decided to camp near a river.

[It’s time for preparations desu.]

Emily placed her rucksack down, and from within she took out a tent, and skillfully set up the tent, as if she’s done it a thousand times before.

That’s because, before I came to this world, she’s been surviving in this manner, thus doing this is rather familiar for her.

[Yoda-san, may I go draw some water]

[I got it……Should we use the Magic Cart for that]

[It’s okay desu.]

I nodded, and pushed the Magic cart towards the river bank.

Then I drew the water into the Magic Cart.

While looking at the river, I thought that it was really clean and beautiful.

Though there’s nothing in it at all, not even grass or fish.

As fishes are also considered drops in the dungeon, so I guess there aren’t any in the river.

……As I thought, this is a rather amazing world, which again made it more interesting.

After gathering enough water I went back, and saw that the tent was done building.


[I’m inside desu.] (TLN: Oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Leaving the Magic Cart aside, I went inside the tent.

[Wait what the hell is this!]

[It’s a tent]

[Isn’t it the same as our living room!]

I trust a large tsukkomi.

The inside of the tent is quite like Emily.

Same as our home, the moment you enter, you can feel the warm and gentle feeling.

Though putting it in another way, the inside of this tent isn’t like your typical tent.

It’s as though when looking at the interior of the tent, you’re brought into a different dimension where you are met with a magical space.

There’s a table in it, even a sofa.

There’s lamp hanging on the wall, it really felt like our own living room.

[How in heavens did you do this.]

[I stuff it up inside the rucksack and carried it desu.]

[In that rucksack!]

[It’s heavier than usual nodesu.]

[That’s not at a level of just being heavy already.

What’s more it’s sparkling, and even fluffy.

Wait, is this a carpet]

Even the floor is fluffy, it’s as if the outside wilderness was just a joke.

[I did my best desu.]

[Again, this isn’t the level of just doing your best anymore.]

Even though I was being dumbfounded, Emily looked at me with gaze of amazement.

Her face is telling me that, isn’t this a must when doing things

While being surprised, I thought that this is just like Emily.

As our home also exhibit such warmth and passionate feeling that it made me wonder if Emily came from a certain shrine who came to pass her divinity.

Though for her, it doesn’t matter if she made the interior of the tent like our living room if it’s for the sake of me.

[I should make dinner next desu.]


While stopping my deep thoughts, I went and relax inside the tent that Emily has installed.





After finishing Emily’s warm and delicious dinner, I’m now sipping on tea while breathing out.

Even though we’re suppose to be camping outside, the meals are always with us.

Well, since at that time, I’ve had several of her wonderful meals in the dungeon, I wasn’t as shocked as before.

[Let’s have some ice cream for our dessert desu.]

[There’s a limit to everything right!]

While doing a tsukkomi, I was handed a dessert.

Though I wanted to say something, I gave up and quietly enjoyed it.

[Oh, this is delicious.

The sweetness is just right.]

[Because it’s a citrus flavoured ice cream nanodesu.]

[Un, delicious~.]

[While Yoda-san is enjoying, I will dispose the garbage desu.]

[Aah….wait dispose]

[Yes, disposing desu]


I was caught off guard again.

Not throwing away the garbage, but disposing it.

[What are you gonna do with the garbage]

[I’ll do my best and burn it.

Back at the city, a contractor would come and deal with the trash, but now we have to properly burn the trash.

If not, it will turn into monsters desu.]

[Aah, it’s the same with garbage huh.]

After thinking it through, I guess it’s common sense.

For us humans living, it is almost impossible to completely use up our supplies, thus we have to properly dispose of the garbage.

It’s a world where all things come from dungeon drops, if you leave an item without supervision, then it will turn back into monsters.

In that case, it’s the same with garbage.

If you don’t eliminate it then it will turn into monsters.

Though initially i knew of this, but further thinking suggest that it’s a rather common thing to not know of it.

[I’ll help with the burning.]

As I said it, I took out my gun.

Emily who knew of my Flame bullet immediately smiled.

[Thank you desu!]

We went outside the tent.

Different from the warm and lit tent, outside is a deserted wilderness, it’s like I just stepped into a different world.

Thus we left the garbage on the ground, kept a distance, and fired the gun.

Using the Flame bullet, the garbage was burned——but.

[Most of it isn’t burning nicely.]

[It’s difficult to dispose of a garbage nanodesu.]

[Though my line would be it should be normal to dispose of it.]

Though the sight infront of me is abnormal.

I then took out the other gun.

Same as before, I fired both my gun loaded with the Flame bullet, the bullets fused together and burned the garbage.

With an extremely intense bright flame which can blind someone when staring at it directly, the garbage is finally burned to crisp.

[With this we are done desu.]


[If the garbage turns to monsters, we might have a problem nanodesu.

Since it’s garbage, it won’t turn back to it’s original monster but into a different monster which is even more terrifying nodesu.]

[Now that is troubling.]

If someone were to illegally dump garbage somewhere, it would cause a lot of problems, no wait, there must’ve been such possibility, which would cause harm to others.

If disposing of garbage uses a fused flame bullets to properly burn it, then there must be incidents concerning such disposing of garbage.

This world’s garbage issue is unexpectedly a huge problem.

….Wait a minute.

[Emily, what did you say just now]

[Yes desu]

[The garbage will turn back into a different monster]

[Yes desu.

What seems to be the problem]

[Then what would happen to the original drop]

[There’s none It turns into rogue monsters—-Ah.]

After being told as such, Emily was startled.

Seems that she finally understood what I’m trying to say.

Since it’s confirm that rogue monsters won’t drop anything, BUT, that’s excluding me.

If I defeat a rogue monster, I would get a drop.

If that’s the case, what happens if garbage is spawn into a different monster





After Emily finishes making supper, I took out the trash.

Bringing the garbage further away than usual, as far as the middle of the wilderness, I left it there and waited from afar.

While waiting for nearly ten minutes, the garbage shine brightly, and is transforming into a monster.

It was a human shape.

With a green skin full of patches, and a nail being stuck on it’s head, it’s a shape of a guy.

There’s only one word to describe this—It’s a [Frankenstein].

[I’ll restrain it.]

After Emily said so, she took out her hammer and flew towards the monster.

While flying straight at the Frankenstein, she lift up her hammer and strike it down.

The Frankenstein lift up his arms and whack, intercepting the hammer.

It’s dull, but a loud sound was echoed.

Emily’s hammer was completely stopped.

That hammer which could break all those rock type monsters like it was nothing was being stopped by this monster.

[Emily, retreat.]

[Yes desu!]

While the person also knew of the circumstances, she flew back and landed beside me.

This time the Frankenstein pursued her, thus I used my gun and fired at it’s leg to stop it’s movement.

The normal bullet had no effect against it, just like the mummies.

The Flaming Bullet burned for a moment and disappeared, and when the Frozen bullet was shot it froze for a moment and melted immediately.

I tried firing more normal bullets at it, but all the shots had no effect on it, and the Frankenstein continued to move towards Emily.

[Emily, try striking at it again.]

[Yes desu!]

She immediately responded to me, she rushed forward and stuck down with her hammer.

Again equally, the Frankenstein blocked the A Strength swing of a hammer with it’s own strength.

Though, it was successfully stopped.

At that exact moment, I loaded all my Flame Bullet into my gun.

I then aim at the Frankenstein and repeatedly fired the Flame Bullets, without leaving a single bullet all of it turned into fused bullets.

It’s skin full of patches was burned up, since the blaze of a Flame fused bullet isn’t going off, the Frankenstein was burned to crisped.

Eventually the body crumbled down to the ground, and it was turned to ashes.

[Thank you desu.]

[This monster is unexpectedly formidable unlike the one’s we fought so far.]

The leftover supper that Emily and I left as a garbage turned out to be an unexpectedly frightening monster.

Well that’s that, let’s just leave it as is as long as we dispose of the garbage properly.

What’s more important is that it dropped something.

While waiting with excitement, the Frankenstein vanished.

Clad in gold colour, It’s a single bullet that I’ve never seen before in my life.

I can only use it once to determine the result.

Even if the effect of the bullet is bad but I’m really excited to see.


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