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Chapter 31 – Rice Rebellion

Noon, first thing in the morning, I hunted my usual income of 40K Piro worth of bean sprouts and am pushing the Magic Cart inside the trading shop.

The first thing I felt when going inside the shop, I noticed something weird going on.

Business is going on as usual, but the workers behind the counter are having a serious discussion right now, there are also several groups of adventurers having a difficult-looking expression.

As I was wondering what’s with this mood, I went to the all so familiar counter, and tried talking to Elza that was behind the counter.


[Ah! Ryouta-san.]

[What exactly is happening]

[To tell you the truth…..A strike is happening right now.]


This is the first time I’ve heard of an English word when coming into this world.

[Do you know what strike means]

[No, not really.]

I shook my head while immediately answering back to her.

In actuality I do understand what she meant, but I thought that maybe this world uses that word to bring about a different meaning, thus I act that I do not know what it means.

[Then, you’ve heard about a dungeon named Silicon right]


[At the dungeon’s sixth floor, the monsters in it is the only one that drops a grain of rice in Shikuro.]

[As usual, it’s a wonder to hear about a monster dropping a single grain of rice.]


[I’m sorry, just talking to myself.

So What’s wrong with the sixth floor]

[That place is the territory of the Adelbert’s.

Occasionally, there are people such as this group who monopolizes one part of the dungeon within their friends by teaming up together to form a gang.]

[I don’t think I’ve heard of this situation before.]

[You..you’re right, you know that Nihonium Dungeon has only just been risen right.

Since that dungeon doesn’t drop anything, the Adelbert gang decided to make a move.

Seeing that the sixth floor of Silicon is the only floor in Shikuro that drops rice, they decided to seize that opportunity to sell it at a high price.]

[Right, now I understand….]

[When everyone heard of a new dungeon appearing, we were anticipating for it.

Though monopolizing a drop will cause the market to collapse.

It is rather unfortunate….]

Elza showed a shabby disappointed expression.

Looking at it closely, while glancing at the workers and adventurers, they are also talking about the Albert’s.

Nihonium is indefinite of drops——But because I was lucky with my drop stats, I could get drops outta it, but in return it influenced others.

It’s a rather interesting world to catch up—was what I thought before I heard of this news.

Everyone is troubled at the fact that someone is using the rice to monopolize the market and can’t find a way to stop it.

[The other famous people in town have started to make their move to stop this matter, however, probably because Adelbert is a large group, people have no choice but to accept the influx in price for rice.


That is, unacceptable.





I head over to Silicon.

I’m currently in the middle of a crowd, where merchants and officers who are normally not seen outside the dungeon, are crowding outside the dungeon.

Those people who are gathering outside the dungeon were from inside the shop just a moment ago with their serious looking face, and they are currently discussing about something.

For now I should speak with the person in charge, should I try butting in.

[Arere, if it isn’t Satou-kun.]

[Eh Wait since when the homo’s here!]

The person I’m speaking to is the delicate man I’ve met during the beer store, Neptune.

With that same happy expression he put on previously, he approached me.

[I’m not homo okay, because I only absolutely love girls only.]

[Well whatever, so what are you doing over here right now]

[Right back at you.

Seems that we both came here because of the news about Adelbert]


[I came here by someone’s request.

Speaking of Adelbert, they’ve been doing the same thing several times before.

This time they are meddling with the prices of rice.

So obviously, the town’s people can’t put up with their patience anymore.]

[So I guess the Neptune family is being requested to come and remove them]

[Nope, it’s different.]

[Eh Then]

I tilt my head, I thought that judging by the flow of the conversation, that’s what they came here for.

[It’s not just removing them, but exterminate them.]

[That was more than I anticipated.]

[It’s better to just deal with them once and for all.

Problem is their numbers aren’t to be look down too, even my teammates and others might be injured during this whole expedition.]

[…..I have something to discuss.]

[….What is it]

[Could you let me handle this situation.]

[Handling it, you mean to exterminate them]

[No, removing them.]

Neptune stared at me.

The reason why I came here is because I have another way to peacefully deal with this situation.





Silicon Dungeon’s fifth floor, before heading down to the next floor.

Neptune and I are currently here.

Further back from us is Riru and Ran which we’ve met previously, and also some of Neptune’s teammates.

With everyone present, it gave off a rather sophisticated air around us.

Then the leader, Neptune, turned beside and talk to me.

[Just to confirm, if you can’t handle this situation then we will take it from here and exterminate them, that’s the plan right]


[Well then, I wish you good luck.]

With words of sending someone off from Neptune, I head down to the sixth floor.

The moment I reach the sixth floor, there’s a guard there standing halt.

[Halt, state your coming.]

[This floor is off-limits, if you want to head to the floor below, please use that road instead.]

There are two guards standing side by side, and behind them, a guideway like construction site is made.

Even though this floor is occupied, but I guess they allow adventurers to head to the floor below.

I readied my gun, my recent dual gun which I’d just obtained the other day.

[So you’re doing this the hard way huh!]

[Come, the lots of you! The town’s man send their forces to deal with us!]

The two men then switched to a battle stance.

Without a word, I fired my gun.

While simultaneously firing the Healing bullets, the bullets bumped into each other and fused.

The fused Healing Bullets let out a rather bright light, and the two men were enveloped by the light.

Then, the two men fell down the ground like a broken doll.

Their faces look as though they are in ecstasy, while breathing lightly with a gentle face.

Fuh, looks like I somehow did it.

[Hey, what’s that]

[The homo’s here!]

[Ahaha, as I keep saying I’m not homo.]

[Suddenly sneaking behind me and resting your chin on top of my shoulder, now wouldn’t that considered to be homo!]

While letting a loud voice, I shook off Neptune who is talking to me while resting his chin on my shoulder.

Since I felt like my body is in danger, I decided to explain to him to distract myself.

[It’s a Sleeping Bullet, though if you just shoot it normally it would have an effect of healing wounds, but if you fuse them together, the effect will be changed to induced sleep on someone.]

[Heh, it means the healing power has doubled.]

[I guess that’s it.]

Inside the dungeon, many footsteps can be heard, and one by one adventurers are coming out.

I positioned my gun, and fired both my guns loaded with the Healing Bullets, the bullet fused, and knock them out one by one.

The effect of fused bullets is outstanding, people who are shot with this will be put to sleep.

Even the Adelbert’s leader was put to sleep, and thus all of them who were occupying the sixth floor was put to sleep, and was being dragged out of the dungeon.





[Thank you! You really helped us out big times.]

After we went out of Silicon Dungeon, A skinhead looking guy with a beard approached me and talk to me.

[Who are you]

[I’m sorry for the late introduction.

My name is Clint – Gray, Silicon dungeon’s chief.]

Dungeon chief

This is the first time i’ve heard of such occupation—since this is a world where everything drops from a dungeon monster, I guess this guy must’ve been a rather renown person.

[Thank you once again, because of your help no sacrifices were made, and also the prices of rice wouldn’t rise, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.]

[No, don’t mind it, I’m just doing what I think is right.]

[But it’s still a fact that you saved us all from this mess.

I have to think of something to reward you then.]

[No really, you don’t have to…..]

[I will consider again afterwards and will contact with you.

Thank you, really thank you so much!]

This Clint guy did not even listen to what I have to say, such a one-sided conversation, and after a really powerful handshake, he went away.

Well, whatever I guess.

For now, I guess the problem with rice is gone, guess I should report this to Elza.

Even over there, they were seriously thanking me too.


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