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“Good job out there you two.” (Ryouta)


As I fired the Recovery Bullets at the two of them, I praised them.


“Your welcome nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Was that good enough” (Celeste)


Celeste looked at me while still sitting on the floor.

I held her hands and helped pulled her back on her feet.


“Yeah, that’s plentiful.

If the doppelganger has to force the both of you to fight with such extreme measures, I don’t think even 1 person could get pass the entrance.” (Ryouta)

“That’s if you brute force it.” (Celeste)

“What do you mean nanodesu” (Emily)


As I did the same by pulling Emily up from the ground, she showed a confused expression from Celeste’s reply.


“Alice.” (Celeste)

“Right, if you’re someone who is born in the dungeon, you can just avoid encountering a single monster.” (Ryouta)


Celeste nodded.


The only two people I know who is born from the dungeon is Alice and Rebecca.


What they gained as a special trait, is having an awareness around the dungeon (Differs from person to person).

The moment they enter the dungeon, they can understand the entire layout of said dungeon, and where the monsters are living, right up to the timing of which the monster would spawn.

Also, they would be able to do a perfect timing in getting a drop.


“Do we need a countermeasure for that” (Celeste)

“You’re right.

It’s better to have one, but honestly not having one is alright as well.” (Ryouta)

“Why is that so nanodesu” (Emily)

“Even if a few elites were to hire one who is born in a dungeon as their guide.

The motive this time is to make a barricade, and make it the hardest possible way to farm inside this dungeon.

So there’s no point in just guiding the adventurers around the dungeon if they can’t defeat them anyway.” (Ryouta)

“I see, you do have a point.” (Celeste)


Celeste nodded in approval.

Then again, it’s better to think about it.


I think I’ll call Alice over, and ask her to give me her own POV about this dungeon.


I know it’s over the board, but better to be safe than sorry.


“Well then, let’s go back home for now.” (Ryouta)

“Okay desu.” (Emily)

“Alright, follow me close from behind.

If any doppelganger were to appear, I can just defeat them.” (Ryouta)

“Is that alright To defeat them” (Celeste)

“I have 12 stars saved up.” (Ryouta)


When I said that, I rolled up my sleeves and showed them.


“It would be okay if a few are gone….

Oh, but you can just reset it afterwards.” (Ryouta)


I praise myself from what I’ve found.

Convincing them, we went to the gate where we can go back to our mansion.


“Once we head home, I’ll use this for tonight’s dinner desu.” (Emily)

“The Matsutake….

The thing from before” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu, we picked it up desu.” (Emily)

“That’s nice.

To have Emily use high grade ingredients to cook.

Just thinking about makes me excited.” (Celeste)

“Me too.” (Ryouta)

“You can make steamed claypot, cook it with rice, grilled it.” (Celeste)

“…………” (Ryouta)

“Ryouta-san, you’re drooling.” (Celeste)

“I have some bad news for you as well.” (Ryouta)

“What is it” (Celeste)

“I don’t know whether you realize it or not, but you’re drooling from the side as well.” (Ryouta)

“——–! !” (Celeste)


Quickly, she used the back of her palm to wipe away her drool, and I did so as well.


I’m truly awaiting the combination of [Emily High Grade Ingredients] for a really long time.


While we were talking more about Matsutake, we slowly head to the gate.


“So this is Tennessine.

So, what are we doing again.”

“Let’s try going up to the highest floor and put our flag there.”

“Why though”

“To show that bastard employer what we can do when we’re serious.”


We stood just slightly away from the gate, and listened in on the conversation.

Seems like there’s a team of 2 men.


Looking at Celeste and Emily, we nodded and silently followed where the conversation was.


With such impeccable timing, there appears to be adventurers here.

And based on their conversation, I guess that they’re hired by someone.


Which means they’re going to be fighting against my doppelganger, I wonder how they’re going to pull this through.


We went a little closer to see their faces, and it looks to be two young adventurers who just so happened to encounter my doppelganger.


“That is……..Satou Ryouta!”

“No, that’s just the monster.

It’s a monster that took the appearance of him.”

“Didn’t it all turn back to shadow monsters Tsk! How the hell are we supposed to deal with it”

“I’ll pull him away!”


One of the guy turned back and ran away.


“Oii, what the hell are you doing!”

“You better run as well! I don’t want to be tangled up with Ryouta Satou! If word comes out, we’ll be blamed as the bad guys.”



Now that’s unexpected.


“As I expect from Yoda-san nanodesu.” (Emily)

“This is the fame and prestige that you’ve been building up thus far.” (Celeste)


When they said that, they looked at me with pride.


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