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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 30 – Infinite Possibilities

The next day, Nihonium Dungeon.

Today, I want to test out on using the gun on my hand, and the gun on my other hand at the same time.

For that purpose, in order to not run out off bullets and replenish them quickly, I brought together the Collection Box and came to Nihonium.

First off is the first floor, I was met with the usual Skeletons.

Since I was at a safe enough distance, I hold onto my dual handgun, aimed at it carefully and fired.

Seeing that my fire power has increased because of an extra gun, the bone-like monster was hit by my bullets in various places, crumbling it apart.

Next, I went down to the second floor, and search for a zombie.

As I have been hunting down here for a really long time, I sort of have a sense of feeling to pinpoint the exact location of where they are coming out and went straight there.

I keep a fair distance away from it, wanting to deal a series of headshot onto it, but miserably fail.

Different compare to the boney skeletons, the zombie had actual skin and meat attached to it, and when it took a few bullets from me, the body was seen dancing around.

Just like the actors you see in the movie, I felt like one of them and feel a sense of satisfaction.

Next is the third floor—was where I want to go to next when a zombie came with a surprise attack!

The zombie that suddenly popped out made a [Uuu…..Aaaa] groaning sound while grabbing hold onto my arms, so I tried to shake it off.

I then proceed to pick up the gun with my left hand, and used my right hand which was holding the gun and deal a head shot.

Though it was just a coincidence that I pick up the gun on my left.

[Gun=Kata, I felt refreshed just thinking about it.]

Similar to an old movie, there was a battle style where dual pistols and japanese martial arts were merged together, and having experienced it currently, made my tension went up.

After refreshing myself I venture down to the third floor, where the monsters are Mira Guy–I mean a mummy with a tough body.

(TLN: I finally got the reference! Mira Guy is actually a monster from Dragon Quest)

Since my normal bullets have very little effect on the mummies, I went ahead and prepare the Flame Bullet and Freeze Bullet.

While searching for it—I found one.

I positioned both my guns and pulled the trigger at the exact same time, as such, both types of bullets hit the center at the same time.

The mummy full of bandages, was freeze up and burned up at the same time, it was a really pleasant situation.

I am met with more mummies, and did the same combo——although.

I don’t know whether it was by luck or by chance but, the bullets was hit during the middle of fire!

Right before the mummy’s body, the Freeze and Flame bullets were activated.


A noise similar to a weird mosquito noise was ringing on my ear.

Afterwards, I doubted what was in front of me.

The mummy’s body was gouged out.

Being gouged out, I do not know if there is such parable.

What used to be the mummy’s chest—wasn’t there anymore when the two bullets collided.

It’s as though you draw a picture of a mummy, and only using an eraser to rub off one part of it’s body, that was what’s happening right now.

It’s like a feeling of gouging a part of a body out.

[What is going on…..]

The body disappeared, and I watched as the mummy dropped a Speed Up seed, and tried understanding what had happened.

Is it because the two bullets collided





Arsenic Dungeon, the first floor.

Dokon, Dokon! While walking near Arsenic Dungeon, a rhythmic sound was heard.


[Yoda-san, why did you suddenly come here]

[There’s something I would like to try.

And thought that the tough monsters here are the optimal test subjects.]

While saying I turned around and looked.

The monsters in Arsenic are rocks.

Even having your Strength as S, there are plenty of hard rock type monsters in this dungeon that are too troublesome to break.

[Something you want to try]

[I’m sorry but I would be taking some of the monsters.]

Though we are a partner, in this world where dungeon produces everything, monsters are like quasi-property.

I thought she would refuse but.

[Please go ahead nanodesu.]



While breathing and concentrating, I took out my dual gun.

The monster…..I faced towards the Dante Rock and pulled both the trigger at the same time.

The bullets that were fired out from my gun collided right before the monster.

The Freeze and Flame bullets, after hitting together, annihilated an entire basketball size diameter.

The Dante Rock was as like Tako Sensei being engulfed and in a shape of a moon, and immediately afterwards disappeared and dropped a dandelion.

[That was awesome!]

Emily who saw the whole process was excited.

[What did you do desu Is it a new drop desu]

[Not really, the one’s I used just now were the Flame and Freeze bullets, both from Nihonium’s first and second floor respectively.

And when the two of them are fired together and collided, you can imagine what happened just now.]

[So that’s how it happened nodesu….]

[The Freeze and Flame bullets….when together it’s an Annihilation Bullet, I guess.]

[Annihilation Bullet…That is amazing desu, so cool desu~]

While Emily was being excited again, I tried testing again.

I shot with the two guns at the same time.

One time I failed to hit it together and the Dante Rock was frozen and burned at the same time, but sometimes I succeed and the annihilation happened.

This combo technique takes an empty space of several tens of centimeters and happened on the center of the bumped place.

Though I still have much to practice and getting used too, but this combo is indeed powerful, as I thought so.

Getting another gun, with a price of 1.5 Million Piro was——

[Is the combination just the Freeze and Flame bullets nanodesu]


[Etto, you have other two types of bullets right What if you tried combining them together and try too]


I was dumbfounded.

I felt stupid for just stopping with just that and never thought of other ideas.

I loaded a different bullet.

This time it’s——both the same bullets.

I loaded both of them with normal bullets, and fired.

I fired and fired and continuously fired.

Most of them were missed shots, what hit were just being repelled with a spark on the body of the hard body of the Dante Rock.

While firing one of it collided.

A normal bullet with another normal bullet bumped into each other——suddenly became one bullet, and penetrated the Dante Rock.

I thought it would just repel the bullet away, but it went through it like someone drilling a hole in the middle of a rock.

[Amazing, it was penetrated nodesu.]

[Aah, it is indeed amazing….]

Looking at the monster that disappeared, I stare back at my guns.

I’m still not used to it, it might take some time mastering this.

If two bullets were fused, the possibility of it are endless.

Obtaining another gun brought the possibility of fusing bullets, infinitely equal.

Now, I am convinced that it was worth much more than 1.5 Million Piro.


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