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The following day, after diving into Teruru Dungeon’s first floor, he brought back many bean sprouts to Shikuro’s town and is now bringing it over to the owner who has been taking care of him since the first day.

Today’s loot seems to be a huge success too.

Seeing that everything on this world comes from the drops of the monsters in the dungeon.

Even my previous world’s primary industries–Raw materials are a must to produce materials.

Thus, many adventurers would dive into the dungeon and sell their loots just like what I’m doing right now.

After all, most towns are built relatively close to a dungeon, adventures would usually gather around towns to sell their loots.

That is the reason why the shops have had great success.

Now that I think about it, it’s quite a fun scene and system to look at.

As I was thinking so, I searched for a counter that is empty.

Speak of the devil, a group just finished selling their loot and are now leaving, thus leaving the counter empty.

As I was heading to that counter, since I’ve been selling my stuff there many times, the familiar looking face that is in charge of that counter, Elza, is currently smiling while greeting me.

[Welcome~ Another big catch today eh~]

[Quite a few.

Then I leave the rest to you.]

[Okay, please wait for a moment.

Etto, Satou • Youta-san]

[It’s Ryouta.]

[Aah, I am terribly sorry.

Since Ryouta-san’s name is different from the rest, it’s a bit difficult to pronounce it~]

[I’m sorry then.]

[No no, it’s my fault for mispronouncing it too~]

Elza stuck her tongue out, while showing a mischievous face, is currently in the process of counting and confirming the contents in the bag that I placed at the counter. (TLN: Nothing quite beats this face~ tehepero~)


After confirming the weight, she begin counting.

[Okay, uhmm……all in all is 1967 Piro, but since Ryouta-san is always bringing such huge loot to me every time, I’ll total it up to 2000 Piro for you as service~~] (TLN: Luckily my editor corrected me  I thought they said that she is giving Ryouta-san another 2k Piro as service, too kind)

[Thank you.

But as expected, having to sell bean sprouts isn’t going to produce lot’s of cash.]

As I was thinking about it, the hourly wage of diving into the dungeon is about 1000 Piro.

Since the currency is similar to yen, I don’t know whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing.

……Well, even if I keep this up every month for approximately 100 hours, I would’ve gone to heaven by then.

[Should I head to Chrome’s Second floor then What kind of things are there at the second floor]

[The monsters are Sleepy Slimes.

Their drops are carrots and, the usual water and air.]

[Carrots eh….]

As such I imagine the scenario playing out in my head.

After defeating the slimes, the slime goes poof~, and carrots are dropped.

This is too surreal.

Though it’s surreal, this is this world’s [Logic].

[Then how about exploring other dungeons Even though it’s at the first floor, you might earn some good income from it rather than always heading to Teruru]

[Other dungeons as in]

[For example, Silicon or, Arsenic, etc..~]

[Such hilarious names.]

[Really] Elza answered as she tilt her head to the side.

Well, the tenant that is currently living with me would also think so too right.

[Ah but, recently, there are some new dungeons that are being born and their names are quite hard to pronounce.]

[Born Wait, dungeons can be born just like that]

[Yeap, from time to time they would appear] Elza said as she tilt her head again while acting confused as though it’s [Obvious, you know]

[What kind of name are they]

[Etto, Nipo–wait that’s not right, I think Nihonium was the name~] (TLN: The word Nihonium is a chemical under the periodic table listed as 113 Nh, the more you know~)

[Oh, Nihonium, well that’s simple to pronounce.]

[Is that so.]

The name sounded like someone would say something along the lines of [I have come to realize that I am the strongest], for some reason it sounded really familiar.

[The drop is being tested by the Neptune Family right now, so we might know what it is after a while.]

[Neptune Family] (TLN: You already know who I was thinking XD)

[Didn’t you know Shikuro’s strongest group, A group consisted of 5 person which all has A in Vegetation.]

[Heh, then will they bring back some amazing fruits and vegetables]

[Well they are certainly amazing but I’m afraid they won’t bring it to us.]

Elza said while smiling bitterly.

[Why though]

[Since the drop is expensive and the loot is huge.

I’ve also heard this from someone that, they brought back a few hundred balls of melon that is worth fifty thousand each.

It seems like they were going on a mission to hunt down food.]


Such an amazing story.

What’s more, what kind of melon is it that is worth 50k per melon.

Is it those expensive melons like Yubari Melon or Muskmelon (TLN: Holy moly that’s expensive!)

While following the flow of conversation from Elza, it feels like someone suddenly touch my back.

When I turned around, a line of adventurers were waiting behind me while having a fearful expression.

Woops, this is bad.

[Sorry for hogging you for so long.

Well then, see you tomorrow~]



As I was trying to leave the store, Elza suddenly called me.

When turning back towards her, I wonder why is she fidgeting around.

[What’s the matter]

[Does Ryouta-san!, like drinking beer]



I heard that recently there’s a new shop that’s open around the corner.

The shop seems to be called Lantern and it’s suppose to have some delicious beer.

If, if you’re free, why don’t we head there today!]

[Beer eh…..]

I am at a lost.

I don’t really hate beer, rather of all the drinks it’s my favorite.

Even though I love it but……My entire savings right now is only 2000 Piro.

It’s not a money which I can freely spend on drinking.

What’s more, there’s someone waiting for me back home, Emily~

[I’m sorry, I would have to decline your offer.]

[I see…….]

[Well then, laters~]

[Ah, please wait for a minute, here.]

This time I really wanted to leave but, she called me again.

Elza took out a ticket of some sorts from under the counter and handed it over to me.

[This is…..Coupon]

[Yes! Next time when you visit, you can use this coupon to get a 5% discount~]

[This kinds of things exists too]

[Of course~]

Elza winked at me, while having a mischievous smile floating on her face.

[Please come and support my store again okay~]

[I understand, thanks~]

After shaking Elza’s hands, I left the store.

There are currently many people crossing around outside as much as the people’s in store.

Shikuro, the agricultural city with 5 dungeons.

Since the monster’s in the dungeon usually drops vegetation, a lot of skillful people would gather around the city.

Even now, there are a few tens of thousands of people living in this city.

With normal humans living here, they can produce the vegetables while getting it from the adventurers.

It is natural for the two of these kinds to always be together, what a strange city.

As I was wondering what ingredients I should get for dinner, the 2000 Piro that I’ve earned was used up.

While thinking about it, I wandered around town and finally reached home.

At the entrance of the store, one can see someone with a miserable face right now, and that person is Elza.

Beside her counter was another colleague of her’s named Eina.

[Too bad, you’ve gotten rejected~]

[I, I wwaaasn’t rejected! It’s not that sort of thing!] (TLN: Tsun tsun desu ne~)

[Ahahaha, Don’t try to hide it~ One look at your expression and it’s already been exposed~]

[Even though I said it isn’t……like that…..]

[One word of advice though.

Those types of workaholic people, when you invite them for a drink, they will only go for a drink and, end of story.

So you have to approach them in a different direction, if you don’t say what you truly want to say then, it will never work~]

[Didn’t I just say–]

[Ah, there’s customers.

Welcome~ Hey Eve-chan~ You brought a lot of loots again for today eh~]

Eina avoided her and turned to the direction of the customer, which is a bunny girl pulling a cart.

As Elza wanted to point out on what she was saying, she got left behind.

[It’s a misunderstanding…..] Elza muttered while pouting with a miserable face.

I’ve returned home.

The town which Shikuro has left out, the cheapo 87-year-old apartment.

As I was reaching for the doorknob, I stopped..

There seemed to be a presence of someone inside.

Sorry, I lied.

I’ve already known who that presence was, it wasn’t someone that I don’t know.

Because of this cheap apartment, even from the outside, one could hear footsteps coming towards the entrance.

The person inside was obviously Emily~

It’s fine but….

……What should I do in this situation

While thinking about it, it seems like ages since someone were to greet me from inside my home.

What should I do then, should I go with the simple “I’m back”



There’s no point in thinking about it! For now let’s just head inside.

[I’arm, byac—–]

As I opened the door—-I have shown an uncool side of myself while biting my tongue.

A hundred years of love has been poured over by cold water, damn I was so uncool biting my tongue. (TLN: I actually don’t really get the meaning of it, hundred years of love being poured out Lemme just show the original word then~ 百ひゃく年ねんの戀こいがいっぺんにさめかねない)


[Welcome back desu~]

While showing an extremely adorable face, Emily greeted me home.

[I, I’m home..]

This time I was able to say it without screwing up.

[Yeap~ welcome back desu~]

[What are we having for–wait, why is the house so clean]

[Yeah~ Since I’ve cleaned it up.]

[Cleaning….This isn’t the level of just cleaning.]

This, this isn’t just the level of cleaning…

The entire wall was shining white, and the bed was sparking clean.

Just this morning, when I awoken from my slumber, there were lots of cockroaches around me and that to me wasn’t weird at all.

The place was even ragged.

But now, it’s as if the entire house has been rebuilt and cleaned up.

[Is it that bad It was my first time cleaning up an entire house, so I think I went a bit too far…..]

[No, it’s not bad.

More like this is amazing~]

[Oh, I see!]

The sad and sinking face of Emily suddenly turned around almost instantly to a bright expression.

However…..This is really amazing.

While heading inside the house, I looked around every nook and cranny to check for any dust.

I placed my finger across the only window that we had and–It immediately slipped out of my finger!

With this kind of cleanliness, even an aunt who wanted to complain about it can’t do so.

This alone is already amazing, so amazing in fact that words can’t describe it.

[Here, Yoda-san.

Towel for you~]


Emily then took out a towel that has been soaked in warm water.

While receiving it, I naturally wipe my face with it.

Ah, I instantly felt refreshed after wiping myself with it~

[This is]

[Good job in working hard today~ We have tea too though, You don’t want it]

[There’s even tea!]

It’s amazing, so amazing in fact that I have to absolutely voice out.

Because of Emily, the moment I returned home, I can receive all these wonderful feelings.

Emily probably move around a lot doing all these.

[Emily-, doing all these work, is your body alright You must be tired.]

[Since this is a new experience for me I’m enjoying it a lot, so I am not tired at all~]


Then it’s alright.]

When Emily herself have said that, she really do enjoy herself to the point where she is happily doing it.

Well, if she does all these for me, I might end up liking her you know.

[Oh yeah by the way, I’ve heard that there’s a new dungeon being born right now.

If I’m not mistaken, the name was Nihonium.]

[I’ve heard about it too.

It seems to be a no good dungeon though~]

[No good dungeon]

[A few people have went in and check out the dungeon but, it seems there are no drops at all in that dungeon.

The other towns people were also trying to help by asking people who have A rank in drop rate to explore the dungeon but, there isn’t even a single drop.]

[Hee, something like that can happen too.]

[It can happen~ Chrome dungeon is also similar to it, but because the water in it is delicious, people would hunt for the water instead and sell it.]

[I see…..]

A dropless dungeon, Nihonium eh.

I’m sort of interested in it.

The next day, as always, I separated with Emily and wanted to head to Teruru’s first floor but, instead I went towards Nihonium dungeon.

This is a world where dungeon practically drops anything.

Even beer or wine, or distilled liquor, dungeons that specifically drop alcohol is available, and even dungeon that specifically drops only marbled meat exist and are being monopolized by the population.

Since this is a world where anything is obtained from dungeon drops, something as interesting as no drop at all is something to be curious about.

After arriving at the dungeon, I went in.

Unlike in Teruru’s first floor, this dungeon looks like a naturally spawned limestone cave.

Maybe due to its unpopularity, there isn’t even a Know-It-All Board to check your stats with.

What’s more, because of the fact that no drop can be found, there is no need for a Know-It-All Board here.

I don’t know how to say this but, being only recently born and already being left alone, I really want to confirm whether the rumours are true.

Well whatever, since I’m just here to confirm it with my eyes.

Even with that– my S rank drop rate, if I can’t even get a single drop, then I will just head back to Teruru Dungeon again.

Well then, what monsters are lurking about in here

Just as I was saying so, a monster has been spotted.

Wait, aren’t those zombies!

Looking at it closely, it has a body of a human, but the clothes are all tattered, and it’s body has skins tearing out from it, yeap, it’s definitely a zombie.

[Damn it! I wish I’d have an infinite bullet handgun right about now.]

While cursing softly, the battle has begun with the zombie.

First off, I aimed at the zombie’s stomach.

Since the zombie has a humanoid figure, I’m afraid of attacking it’s head first.

A weird squishy feeling was felt when stabbing it with the bamboo spear.

Even though I’ve staggered the zombie by penetrating it with the bamboo spear, it immediately recovered and advanced forward.

As I thought, it must the head then!

While taking out the spear, I barely avoided death by dodging towards the side and once again stabbed it on it’s head.

With all my might, I penetrated the head with the bamboo spear, and it went right inside the head.

After destroying the head of the zombie, it fell down to it’s knee and fell to the ground.

After waiting for a while it doesn’t seem to be moving and, it vanished.


And, what is the drop…..Oh

The place where the zombie died, there seems to be a weird-looking seed that dropped.

So, this is the drop

While thinking so, I picked up the seed from the ground and–the moment I touched it, it immediately melted from my hand

This feeling is like when a racoon is trying to soak up a cotton candy, just like that, it melted away. (TLN: Why racoon tho XD) (Update: It seems that a commenter have found the answer to this mystery!)


What just happened What the hell is this even

As I was trying to think about it.

–Max HP has been up by 1 point.

A sound was suddenly heard out of nowhere.


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