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Tennessine, 4th floor.

After defeating both Ran and Ril, I left them and went up to the 4th floor.


“And they already appeared.” (Ryouta)


In front of me was a shadow monster that seems to be floating.

From what Neptune said, I would have to defeat it first.


The shadow started coming towards me.

Looking at how fast it was going, it’s at around C Speed


I easily avoided it and fired a Growth Bullet from the side.


Without any resistance, the shadow was defeated easily.


The drop is———–


“Nothing huh.

If it drops now, I won’t have to do much work.” (Ryouta)


I knew that it wouldn’t be that easy, so I bitterly smiled.

The shadow form is quite weak.

It’s weak enough that I can farm it without doing much.


However, nothing dropped.


If that’s the case, it means I did not meet the condition of the item dropping.


For example, the parent-child Slime.

Nothing drops when you defeat the Child Slime.


I guess the shadow monster has the same concept as that.


I walked a little and wandered around, when I immediately encountered a different shadow.


This time, I turned into a defense position.

With my HP, Stamina and Mentality at SS, I activated Absolute Rock as well, and even have my revolver loaded with the Infinite Recovery Bullet at all time.


In that state, I waited for the shadow to attack.


It came and attack.

I took it up front.


Like a lamp leaking out smoke, the shadow slowly shaped into a person.


Then, the shadow turned into an exact replica of me.

It was holding 2 revolvers on both hands.


No matter how you look at it, it’s an exact copy of me, different from Ryo-sama.


The only thing different is the expressionless face he has.


Then it disappeared.


“———That’s fast!” (Ryouta)


I cross guarded, and was blown away even with my invincible mode.

The power is similar to mine, and he even used magic which I don’t often use, the magic was also amplified.


It was crazy.


The damage penetrated through the Invincible Mode.


“I guess it’s natural!” (Ryouta)


I shouted as I took some distance.

I did defeat the Absolute Rock even when it was in its Invincible Mode.


Thus, I cancelled it because it makes me slow and I can’t fight back.


I held my revolver to fight back, firing a Homing Bullet before rushing to his blind spot and held my fist.


“What!” (Ryouta)


I moment I tried to swing my fist, he disappeared.

The moment I knew where he went, a shock pierced my bdy.


My sense of gravity was lost, and I could feel blood accumulating at my lips.

All I know is that I was blown away at an incredible speed.


“Ughhh!” (Ryouta)


I regained my posture midair and fired a Trash Bullet to kill my momentum.


Upon landing, something spilled on the ground.

It was my blood.

Blood was spewing from my mouth, as I took damage with that blow.


This is no doubt.


His power and speed are higher than me.

As Neptune said, it’s even stronger than the original person.


Looking at it, I laughed.

I don’t know why, but I laughed.


“I’m truly thankful———-Tennessine.” (Ryouta)


I don’t know whether the spirit could hear it, but I thanked this dungeon.

As Neptune has concluded, the doppelgangers are [your limit].


I thought so as well, because I’m still halfway to [SS].


“I can still be strong.” (Ryouta)


I continued pursuing.

I held my gun and fired 2 bullets at the same time.

The bullets merged into a Penetration Bullet.


I’ve decided.

When battling with someone superior, a decision has been made in an instant.


Before even firing the Penetration Bullet, I’ve fired a Speed Up Bullet on myself.


I was way faster than I was, and I sneaked into his side as he tried to avoid the bullet.


“I won’t let you!” (Ryouta)


I saw that he was trying to fire a bullet at me.

In the accelerating world, his speed is similar to that of a normal human movement.

Because of such a reaction, I knew I had to compete with him in the accelerated world.


And it paid off, as I could dispel his revolver.


When the revolver flew up into the ceiling, i grabbed his arm and held it.


I knew what had to be done.


I grabbed him, hit his revolver, then punch him.


By repeating that, I could accumulate damage—-


“Tsk!” (Ryouta)


I got counterattacked.

Even when in the accelerated world, I was hit by a well-thought-out counter attack.


Not giving up, I concentrate even more and take advantage of the speed to defeat him unilaterally.

In between fight, he wanted to enter Invincible Mode, but I stopped it.


After a mere 30 seconds, it was like a storm as I had to face someone who has higher HP and Stamina, but I somehow best him.


I managed to defeat myself which Neptune could not fulfill.


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