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Chapter 296 – H- Girls


By the time I returned to the mansion, it was already night time.


“Welcome back nanodesu.” (Emily)


The first person came running to the entrance was Emily.


“I’m back.

Sorry for coming home so late.” (Ryouta)


It took some time to get home, so the sun has already set long ago.

Dinner time has long since past, and it’s time for people to watch their favourite program during Golden Time.


“Do you want to eat now desu” (Emily)

“I’m going to rest for today.” (Ryouta)


Saying that, I exhaled the air that has accumulated in my lungs.

I feel that my fatigue has healed thanks to the warm and bright mansion that is being maintained by Emily at all times.


“Yoda-san.” (Emily)

“Hm, what’s ——-Uh.” (Ryouta)


I was surprised when Emily suddenly hugged me.

As natural as breathing, I kneel down to be the same height as her, as she stroked my head.


“Good job out there nanodesu.” (Emily)

“I didn’t really work that hard.” (Ryouta)

“Is the new dungeon troublesome nanodesu” (Emily)

“Well, I guess it kinda is It’s because the first floor is already a monster that is a doppelganger of Neptune, and what’s more it’s way stronger than him.” (Ryouta)

“That is indeed troubling nanodesu.” (Emily)


When she said that, she continued stroking the back of my head.


I finally calmed down, and my fatigue was blown away.


“Yoda-san, I wish that you don’t always push yourself desu.” (Emily)

“………..Did I make a painful face” (Ryouta)

“Yoda-san is kind desu.” (Emily)


With a straightforward answer, I thought that it was apparent.

When Neptune’s in trouble, I want to help him.


Thinking of ways to help ease his burden——-I was stuck contemplating on how I should go about it during the trip back.


“You’re showing the same face back when I first met you, Yoda-san nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Sorry for worrying.” (Ryouta)

“I’m sure Yoda-san would know what to do, just don’t be too hard on yourself nodesu.” (Emily)

“I got it, I’ll keep that in mind.” (Ryouta)

“Then that’s good desu.” (Emily)


While being in that pose for awhile, Emily finally released me.

When she took her distance, she maintained her usual gentle smile.



The next day, after chatting with Plumbum, I went back to the first floor of Tennessine.


There were lots of Neptune doppelgangers roaming around, and I had to use Repetition to defeat them.

However, I have to be mindful of the star thing, so there’s a limit in which I can fight.


Thus, I decided to head up a floor.

My goal would be the 4th floor today.


Dodging and avoiding any unnecessary fights, I headed towards the staircase.

On the way, a Neptune appeared out of nowhere, and I used the Maxed out Strengthening Bullet with the Restraint Bullet to keep it stun to buy me enough time to escape.


I was sweating.

Even with the maxed out Restraint Bullet, it took no less than 3 seconds for it to release the binding.

A maxed out Neptune is scary.


Finally, I approached the staircase going upwards, and on to the 2nd floor.


Immediately, I encountered monster.

It was a pretty girl with green hair.


It’s one of Neptune’s partners, Ran Hydrogen.


Ran and her pickaxe disappeared.


“Fast!” (Ryouta)


I rolled on the floor and avoided it.

The pickaxe that was supposed to hit me was smashed towards the ground, splitting it in half.


“So she uses this weapon when she fights alone.” (Ryouta)


This is fearsome as she has the power and speed.


Even though it’s such a simple movement, with such incredible power and speed, this can be considered a threat.


If we wanna compare, she can be equivalent to a Dungeon Master.


“But!” (Ryouta)


I stepped on the ground, accelerated myself and narrowed the distance between us.

I raised my arms into a guarding position and guarded the handle of the pickaxe.


“Emily would’ve smashed me with just her handle.” (Ryouta)


Thinking of the similarity of their weapons, I took one step forward and fired point blank with the Growth Bullet.

Though I’ve nurtured this bullet to the point where I can 1 Hit KO monsters, her defence is also high.


Just like a hammer, she struck again with the pickaxe.


As expected, she didn’t fall with just that.

I kicked myself backwards as she swung her pickaxe again.

I barely avoided the tip of the pickaxe, then continued firing bullets.


After a total of 10 shots, she was finally defeated.


Pon! The sound of item dropping was heard.

I wonder what it is.


“It’s a black watermelon, now that’s something unusual.” (Ryouta)


What Ran dropped was a round watermelon with a shining black coating on it.


Although it’s a watermelon, it felt like a luxury item, and judging by its appearance, it might cost around 10k Yen.


“Even the first floor drops Matsutake, does this dungeon specialize in dropping fine ingredients” (Ryouta)


I took the watermelon and went back down to the first floor.


Then, using the transfer gate, I returned to the mansion.


As mentioned, the condition of the Transportation Room is that you can go to any floor that you’ve been to, but you have to go back to that specific floor if you want to return.


For the time being, I would prefer having an escape route if things go south.


By the way, the black watermelon was handed to Elza and Ena.


Then, I used the room immediately to get to the 2nd floor of Tennessine.

Since I don’t want to reduce the stars as well, I decided to head to the 3rd floor immediately.


On the 3rd floor, it was yet another beautiful girl, but this time with long pink hair.

However, her costume was that of a bondage outfit, and she was holding a whip.


She reminds me of a Queen.


Ril Hydrogen.

Both of them were recognized by the dungeon of Hydrogen, and was given the nickname.


“Ghh!” (Ryouta)


I reacted late.

When I saw her hand moved for a moment, something wrapped around my neck the next moment.


It was the whip that she was using.

I immediately used my arms to pull the whip, so that she doesn’t strangle me to death.


Ril herself was pulling her hands as well, which dragged me towards her direction.


“What power!” (Ryouta)


I shouted as I fired a Growth Bullet at the whip.

The whip itself wasn’t particularly strong, so it tore with a single shot.


However, without even a second, another whip came flying in front of me.


I avoided it by dropping all fours, then kicked the ground to close the distance.


Apparently she can regenerate another whip out of will.


This time, I changed the bullet to the Flaming Bullet.

I fired a Homing Bullet which hits the whip.


The whip was torn, but immediately regenerated again.


“So it’s those kind.” (Ryouta)


This time she uses both hands to control the whip.

I fired another shot which tore the whip.


The strength of the whip isn’t a big deal.



“She can’t move while its regenerating” (Ryouta)


Doing it 3 times, I can see a pattern.


Her power and techniques are great, but with no weapon, she’s not all that powerful.


I aimed for the whip again.

Fired it before it completely regenerated.


If I keep breaking the whip, she would remain in a stunlock state.

Then, I fired a Growth Bullet which I switched in between.


Though she was tough like Ran, but it was an easy victory as she was standing there doing nothing.

What dropped next was…..


“……Are those caviar” (Ryouta)


This confirms the theory of Tennessine being a dungeon that drops luxurious foods.


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