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Chapter 292 – Trust by Spirits


When I returned back to the mansion with Alice, the disaster was much worse than I can imagine.


The mountain load of gifts were spilling out of the mansion.

Since we can’t even enter the mansion, we had the horse carriage stop near the garden and dropped us off there.


All of them were wrapped neatly, and they’re probably expensive items inside, but to go this far is a little———


“It looks just like a garbage filled house.” (Ryouta)

“What do we do~.” (Alice)

“I wonder.” (Ryouta)

“Do you want me to leave it to me” 


The one suggesting was Aurum who was hugging Mike as always.

The owner of Aurum Dungeon is so used to come to my house that it’s a norm right now.


“What do you mean by that” (Ryouta)

“It’s just like what I said.

You can just leave these in my house, since the space is infinitely large.” (Aurum)

“Your room……..Ah, you mean the spirit’s house.” (Ryouta)


Aurum nodded.

I see, if it’s there, we have no problems keeping it.


“Just leave it at my place for now, if not you can’t even use your mansion right” (Aurum)

“……Yeah, that would be bad for us.” (Ryouta)

“You don’t have to be so reluctant okay Aren’t you my friend” (Aurum)

“Ah no, it’s not like I’m being reluctant.” (Ryouta)

“Then what is it” (Aurum)


Aurum tilted her head slightly.

I have to explain my reason——-Or maybe I don’t have to anymore because..




Before I could even say anything——an explosion occurred on the other side of the mansion.


“What happened”

“Ah! There’s monsters over there Ryouta!” (Alice)


Alice immediately noticed the rogue monsters.

Alice hurriedly bring me there, and we could see monsters flying from behind the mansion.


It was a huge eyeball ghost, and not only that, it has some tactile senses extending from its eyeball, and those have small eyeballs on them.


Then, Emily and Celeste too rushed out from the mansion, and were chasing after the monsters.

Emily was holding her signature hammer, swinging on the monsters, whilst Celeste tarted chanting a huge magic with the Bicorn Horn on  her hand.


“I knew this would eventually happen.

This is just too much, which even humans couldn’t reach, and that would cause monsters to hatch.” (Ryouta)

“Aah……..” (Aurum)

“That’s why.

If we place it all inside Aurum’s room, they would all eventually hatch into rogue monsters as well.

That would be a war on its own.” (Ryouta)

“I see~” (Aurum)

“Let’s leave what to do for later——For now, let’s go and defeat those monsters.’ (Ryouta)


It’s my first time seeing these monsters, which are called Gazers.

Both Celeste and Emily have a rough time defending.


Knowing that they need help, I stepped in as well.


“Emily, Celeste.” (Ryouta)

“Yoda-san!” (Emily)

“Ryouta-san!” (Celeste)

“Leave the back to me.” (Ryouta)

‘Yes desu!” (Emily)

“Okay!” (Celeste)


With me joining the fray, they could focus on the front, and I would help fight the ones at the back.

Looking at how they defeat the Gazers by hitting their weak point, I followed suit by using the Special Bullets to counter.



“So you’re Nihonium.”


And who might you be……..” (Nihonium)


Inside the mansion, Nihonium who was staring at our fight was approached by Aurum.

Even the salon that we hang about was filled with presents, and Nihonium was the only one sitting there.


“If I say I’m Aurum, you should know right” (Aurum)


So you are Aurum.” (Nihonium)

“It’s so strange, that we would actually meet with each other.

These are things that we couldn’t dreamt off previously.” (Aurum)


Yes, that is indeed the case.” (Nihonium)

“So it wasn’t a misunderstanding when I’m looking through the window and saw your face, you don’t seem to be showing your emotions.” (Aurum)


Aurum said, then gently hit Nihonium’s head with a chop.

Nihonium who was hit by Aurum, had a [] on her head, and strangely looked at Aurum.


“I’ve heard of your circumstances.

And I understand.” (Aurum)

“…………” (Nihonium)

“Arsenic, Selen, Plumbum, Phosphorus, and me, Aurum.

Do you know anything about them” (Aurum)

“……..” (Nihonium)

“These are the dungeon names in which Ryouta willingly came to help.

And you know he’s amazing, just take a look.” (Aurum)


Aurum pointed at Ryouta, who’s fighting the monster who he never faced before, and could immediately eliminate it.

With his abundant experiences, and his high status, plus the plentiful powerful items that he owns.

By using all these, he was able to defeat the Gazer with minimal damage to himself, and also to the mansion as well.


“Ryouta will never abandon something once he starts.

So, your problem will eventually be solved, so you just have to wait for him.” (Aurum)

“Do you really…….

Believe in him in high regards” (Nihonium)

“…….Yeah, come with me for a while.” (Aurum)

“Uhm, where are we going” (Nihonium)

“I want to bring you to meet Arsenic, Selenium, Plumbum etc.” (Aurum)

“M-Meet them But how…… No, how are we going to meet them in the first place” (Nihonium)

“I’m going to get angry okay.” (Aurum)

“Eh” (Nihonium)

“You’re gonna make everyone angry if you still can’t trust him when he’s already here helping you out.

Mike, bring us to where everyone is.” (Aurum)

“Alright, let’s go!” (Mike)


Aurum said and forced Nihonium to follow her.

A mountain load of presents from the humans that trusts him.

Aurum who also trusts in him, pulling Nihonium to show her.


Ryouta is someone who not only has humans trusting him, but by the spirits as well.


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