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Chapter 285 – A slow farm


Looking at the K-I-A Board, I confirmed my status.






Strength SS

Endurance SS

Intelligence SS

Mentality SS

Speed SS

Dexteroty D

Luck SS



After defeating Zombie Dragons one after another, my Dex has finally raised to a D Rank.

As the counter 1 Dragons kept appearing during my farm sessions, it was much more difficult to farm efficiently.

Before I knew it, it was already evening, and it was time for me to head home.


Since I knew the way to meet the spirit of Nihonium, the only thing left now is one last push—-


“——Let’s not do that.” (Ryouta)


I immediately changed my way of thinking.

No point pushing myself.

Isn’t the whole reason why I’m here is because I died from overwork

Let’s try to avoid making the same mistakes twice in a row.


What’s more———



The next morning, after having my breakfast, I went and met with Plumbum.


“Ooh, I’ve been waiting for you.” (Plumbum)


As usual, she was drawing pictures of me, but when she looked up and face me, she smiled sweetly.

And the main reason why I didn’t want to push myself, is because I wanted to meet with Plumbum everyday, as promised.

If I were to burn the midnight oil, I’ll accumulate more stress, and it might affect my performance as well.


I do have a similar promise with Aurum, but since she’s always curious with so many other things, I don’t feel like I’ve betrayed her when I didn’t go and meet her for a few days.

However, Plumbum is different, as she has been betrayed before, and if I were to break that promise, she might not trust anyone anymore.


And today, she has her usual smile and laughter, which warmed my heart as I sat down next to her.


“…….” (Plumbum)

“What’s up, why’re you staring at my face like that” (Ryouta)

“Did something…..happen to you” (Plumbum)

“Eh” (Ryouta)

“Your expressions seems different from usual.” (Plumbum)

“Different from usual” (Ryouta)


As she said that, she used her hands to touch and rub my face.

I do believe I’m feeling normal, and fine.


“Are you worrying about something, and keeping it to yourself” (Plumbum)

“What makes you think that” (Ryouta)

“Don’t think that I’m ignorant, I’m always watching you, so of course I would know.” (Plumbum)


With how straightforward she was, it made me more embarrassed.


“I see.

Well yeah, there is one thing that’s bothering me—–Ah no, more like troubling me.” (Ryouta)

“What is it.

You can talk to me about it.” (Plumbum)

“But…..” (Ryouta)

“I am.” (Plumbum)

“Hm” (Ryouta)

“You can say anything you want to me if it helps relieve you.” (Plumbum)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


I’m glad that I came today.

No one has ever said that to me before.


I can say whatever I want to her, and she’ll listen closely to me, which makes me glad.


“Actually—–” (Ryouta)


I told her about what I was worrying about, the fact that I couldn’t find a surefire way to defeat the counter 1 Zombie Dragons.

It’s not that I’m asking her to find a way to help me, but just letting her hear what I’m worrying about.


Plumbum who listen till the end, stood up and started waving her hands at random.


Then, 1 turtle appeared out of nowhere.

It was a turtle the size where even an adult can sit on, and the surface of the shell reminds me of a UFO.


“This is” (Ryouta)

“This is the rare monster of my dungeon, a Chrono Turtle.” (Plumbum)

“Chrono Turtle huh.” (Ryouta)

“Try defeating it.

The shell is hard enough to deflect any bullets of yours, but there is a way to defeat it.” (Plumbum)


She then taught me the weakness, and asked me to use the Growth Bullet to attack at that one spot.

The effect was as expected, with one hit, the monster was defeated and it dropped some liquid.


“And this is” (Ryouta)

“It’s what the humans called .” (Plumbum) (TLN: I tried finding the meaning of it, but all I got was a song by GLAY, and directly translating means drop of time/beads of time)

“Toki no Shizuku” (Ryouta)


After saying that, she once again waved her hands and another Chrono Turtle was summoned.

Then, she threw the Toki No Shizuku onto the Chrono Turtle.


Then, the turtle’s colour changed.


“It has frozen…… No, if we go by the name——Did time stop for it” (Ryouta)

“Yeap.” (Plumbum)


She nodded.


“It’s an item that freezes the opponent when thrown at them.

Maybe you can use this on that Zombie Dragon” (Plumbum)

“…….!!!” (Ryouta)



Nihonium 9th floor.

Looking around for a particular Zombie Dragon, I walked around the dungeon.


Then, I spotted my foe.

Moving closer, I threw the (Temp) at it.


Then, the Zombie Dragon froze like the Chrono Turtle.

The colour changed, but it didn’t move at all.


What’s more, the counter remained at 1.


I went ahead and fired bullets at it, and the counter was still at a 1.


“Alright!” (Ryouta)


I did a guts pose.

Then, I tested some other things.

With the Zombie Dragon stopped, I used the Invisible Blue Flame Bullet and burned it, and the counter was still at a 1.


After having its entire body burned to crisp, the time suddenly started moving and it was defeated.


The Dex seed dropped.


Not stopping there, I wanted to test again.


I finally found another one, but there were 2 of them.

This might be hard to test, and I wanted to run away——-but I took out my revolver.


“……..” (Ryouta)


 I stopped moving.

Then, something suddenly sparked in my head.


I can do it! 

I tried scooping up water that is spilling through my fingers.


Concentrating at my fullest, my thoughts became clear.


I took out the , and threw it on my revolver.

The revolver changed colour, and time stopped.


I removed the bullets that have stopped in time, and inserted a new normal bullet.

Then, I fired it.

It fired towards the counter 1 Zombie Dragon.


Then, the counter————remained at 1.

With the revolver having the effect of the , the counter didn’t decrease!   


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