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Chapter 28 – Stay up, Rank up, and Step Up


In the morning, before heading into Nihonium, I went ahead and check my status from the Know-It-All board near the entrance of the dungeon.


Level: 1/1



Strength: S

Stamina: F

Intelligence: F

Mentality: F

Speed: C

Dexterity: F

Luck: F


As per usual, my level stays the same, the only one’s that increased are the one’s that I leveled up using the seeds that dropped on this dungeon.

Since the balance of my status is horrible, there’s still a long journey ahead of me.

Thus, I want to clear Nihonium’s dungeon all the way to the ninth floor and get all my stats to S eventually, as I helplessly thought and await for that day to come.

So even though the balance is horrible as of now, but if I think of this as a means to nurture myself to get even stronger, than it would be way more fun that way.

Now that I think about it, even in games where you befriend/tame a monster, the maximum status that monster can go would still be far lower than your average player, thus in order to further increase their levels, one must have an item or some other stuff to increase their status further.

Thus, I thought of the thing that I have that helped me.

I turned the status to page two, and looked at the status displayed.


Vegetation S

Animal S

Mineral S

Magic S

Special Item S


What reflected on the display is the item drop stats.

They are all S from the stats, nothing’s changed from before.

After confirming my status, I’ve gotten back my mood and dived right into the dungeon.

First is to the second floor.

Usually, one might think of going to the third floor first to gather the Speed Up seeds, but in order to be efficient on the third floor, I must first get the Flame Bullets that are dropped by the rogue monsters of the second floor.

Hence why I’m heading to the second floor first.

By using the Collection Box, I dealt a headshot to those zombies that I encountered, and used the box to collect the seeds.

By the way, though the undead monsters in Nihonium dungeon love to do surprise attacks, I did not receive any damage today by them.

It’s probably thanks to my Speed being increased to C, even though they suddenly appeared from the cracks of the walls, I’m able to dodge them and land on a safe distance, and calmly shoot them.

As always, I’m able to experience the feeling of my skills increasing when going through a real battle.

Thus, after gathering enough Flame Bullets, I head down to the third floor and work my way in defeating the weak to flames mummy.

Before noon arrived, I managed to increase my Speed to B.





For some reason, I don’t have the motivation on working anymore during the afternoon.

Since the weather is good, what’s more the town isn’t that crowded, I really want to take my time off for the rest of the day.

Having to head to Teruru’s fourth floor and defeat some Bat Slimes to get some Bamboo Shoots, and head down to the fifth floor and defeat one Snake Slime and suck up the watermelon using the Pandora Box.

And finish the day by delivering the minimum requirement to people with whom I have a relationship.

Was what I thought when.

[Ryouta-san, you’ve only ever been down to Teruru’s fifth floor only right]


After delivering the Bamboo Shoots, and confirming the cash I received.

Elza asked me faint-heartedly.

[I’ve been inside though]

[Then how about the other dungeons How far have you dive for the other dungeons]

[The rest For Teruru it’s up until the fifth floor, for Nihonium it’s the third floor, for Silicon because I had to save someone I went till the third floor, and finally for Arsenic I’ve only even been to the first floor——Ah for saving someone I’ve actually never been into the 10th floor even once.]

[Right, I see…..]

[Why, what’s the matter]

[That’s because, you haven’t gotten your permit right]


As I was wondering what’s that, I looked back at Elza for answers.

Since I’m still new to this world and there are still many things I do not know of.

[You don’t know Anyone who wants to dive in any dungeon in Shikuro further pass the fifth dungeon, they need to have a permit.]

[Is it something like a Permit Certificate If I don’t have that, it’s bad]


Even though the dungeons in this world are generally for everyone to enter, but any dungeon after the fifth floor, the difficulty will spike up.

Thus, any city who have dungeons must hold onto this policy.

Since Shikuro is rather simple, you will need permission in order to go pass the fifth floor.]

[How about the other cities]

[Some cities have rules that if adventurers do not have their permit, they wouldn’t be able to do trades, or if they are hurt when diving in the dungeon, the medical fees would triple, there are many more policies too.]

[I understand now.

It’s better to have something to govern then having nothing at all.] (TLN: I’m not sure what he mean by that though.一応入れることは入れるのか)

This is rather interesting.

Since this world is a world where [All products are dropped from monsters in the dungeon], they are some interesting rules for diving into dungeons.

I then recall back when I was checking on my status during the morning.

Since my Drop Rate is all S, I want to venture into other cities instead of the Agricultural city of Shikuro.

[So then……I’m asking you.]


While thinking about the various other cities, Elza brought me back to reality.

Again she timidly asked me in a somewhat apologetic attitude.

[I know that Ryouta-san hasn’t obtained his permit, and would like to get one for himself.

So, if the regulars who have permits and frequently comes to the store, the store would also rank up.]

[Aah, I get it.]

I somehow understood what she’s trying to say.

The permit becomes somewhat of a parameter in determining the strength of someone.

Since it’s not affiliated with the adventurers, but to business owners, they seem to want to have them by their side.

What that means is if they are more adventurers having the permit, then the appearance of the shop would increase.

Elza had her head downcast while looking at me.

It seems that she has an expression of feeling sorry for asking such thing.

Well, since I’ve been helped by Elza a lot when coming to this store.

[I got it, if there’s anything I need to do please teach me.]

After understanding the conversation, I answered back to her with only two sentence agreeing.





Receiving a map from Elza, I finally arrived at Shikuro’s government office.

I went into the fabulous building that has various vegetable shapes, and following her explanation, I went down a floor.

What was there was a wide area of space.

Somehow, it reminded of a shooting range when I went to Hawaii a long time ago.

There’s only one counter, and there’s a middle-aged man sitting behind the counter.

The guy listlessly spoke to me.

[…..What do you want.]

[Etto, I came here because I want to get a permit to dive further into the sixth floor.]

[…….What are your achievements]

[I’m able to deliver watermelons at Teruru’s fifth floor.]

Following what Elza taught me to say, the listless guy finally stood up.

[….I’ll test you.]


[The test is…..If you can defeat a monster below the fifth floor then you pass.]

[That’s rather simple.]

[……Since it’s easy to gauge whether you have the necessary strength to get pass the fifth floor.]

[That’s true.]

The monsters in the dungeon that drops item, are items that are used as products for this world.

The aim of diving into the dungeon for this world isn’t like in a game where you finish the first floor and are required to defeat a boss, what’s important in this world is about diving in everyday, and secure back the products

Thus simple is best, if you can prove that you can defeat the monster, then obviously you won’t have a problem in actually diving further..

[I understand, so I just have to dive into the sixth floor of Teruru dungeon and defeat a monster]

[…..No, over here is fine.]


While being perplexed, the guy already went ahead and prepare the necessary.

In the middle of the huge space, a melon was placed there.

…..I kinda know what’s gonna happen.

The guy returned, and waited at a reasonable distance away from the melon.

The melon then transform into a rogue monster.

The slime has a sort of metallic colour on it.

[Lemme guess, is it a…..Metal Slime]

[…..It’s a Steel Slime, it’s tough to even negate a knife.]

[I just have to defeat that right]


[I got it.]

Leaving the guy, i went in front.

The Steel Slime then jumped around.

It feels like there’s no hostility, even after noticing me it didn’t come and attack me.

Though I don’t know why, I first tried hitting it.

Even though the Steel Slime was sent flying away——but it seems to not have taken any damage.

It’s tough, even with my Strength being S, there’s hardly any damage at all.

Well, when I was saying [Metal Slime[ I kinda expected it to be that tough.

Then, it’s time to get serious.

I took out my gun, and loaded two bullets.

I then fired at the Steel Slime that is hopping around.

I fired at it in different time.

A magic formation appeared, and first a huge flame was emitted, then afterwards the place around it was frozen up.

I slowly approach it, and lightly jab it.


The Steel Slime shattered into pieces.

By the way a bullet was dropped, but before the guy could see I quickly pick it up and store it away.

[….What was that just now]

Though his expression never changed, he sounded shocked.

[It’s fatigue fracture.

It occurs when something is instantly heated up and cooled down, and a material is subjected to these conditions, will be weakened, even if it’s Steel.]

[…..I just learn of something amazing.]

The guy was seriously impressed.

Even though it’s something common, but they do not know about it

Well, it’s fine.

After safely obtaining the permit, I can finally dive into all of Shikuro’s dungeon up until the 10th floor, then I would have to get another permit again.

After leaving the office, I sigh in relief.

Freeze Bullet and Flame bullet, and also fatigue fracture.

I really really want another gun, as I helplessly thought.

(TLN: Plox help plot armor!!!!)


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