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Waking up from my sleep, I was inside a room.


A room where the flow of time is different from the outside.

Once you enter, you won’t be able to leave until after you passed a full 24 hours inside.

And thus I’m currently inside this room, farming for EXP Crystals at first, but then I’ve gotten so exhausted that I fell asleep.


Since there’s literally nothing around me, I could only use my arm as a pillow to sleep on the floor, but without noticing, I’ve already fallen asleep.


[I’m sure this is because of Emily’s effect.] (Ryouta)


Since she herself went through the effort in making this area as comfortable as ever, the entire room has transformed into a place where people go to worship Gods.

And even though I was using my arm as a pillow to sleep, my body did not hurt at all, and all the fatigue in my body was blown right off.


[Well then, let’s get right back to it.] (Ryouta)


I stood up, then looked up at the ceiling.

As what my friends have said, there is a clock over there.

When you first enter, the clock would start a 0, but now it’s almost over.


And even after I farmed for the EXP Crystals, defeated those Slimes, and even taking a rest.

It’s only 1 minute in real time.


I’m now imagining how much I’ve earned with all that effort, so I was looking forward to going out.


The clock further tick, and not even a minute is left.


[Oh.] (Ryouta)


All of a sudden, a door appeared.

It was the door that disappeared when I entered the door.

So I guess it appears once again when the time’s almost up.


Holding the doorknob, I twist it and swung the door open.


What awaits on the other side, is a room from our world.


Sunlight entering the floor, and the shadows of the trees shaking from the gentle wind at a tremendously slow pace.


With just a simple calculation, there’s a difference in time flor of about 1440 times.


And as the clock starts ticking, there’s not even 30 seconds before I have to exit.


[I better get out now, I do want to check whether I can go out safely.] (Ryouta)


I thought, as I went through the door—–and it was at that moment.


A white thunder struck my head.

It felt like when someone thought of an idea, where the light just goes “kyupiin!”.


30 seconds.


That’s the amount of time left.


Speed Up Bullet.


I took out the bullet.

And I wondered, if I’m inside this room where time flows at about 1440 times faster, what would happen if I fired the Speed Up Bullet in that state


…..No time like the present to find out.


I loaded the bullet, and fired onto myself.


I’m currently inside the accelerated world.

The clock in the room has slowed down as well.

Inside a room where time is sped up, I’m also sped up as well.


Which also means that the world outside is going at a slower speed as well.


The shadows are practically stuck there, but if you look real close, it’s as if you’re using a slow motion camera to film that scene.


It looks kinda funny to be honest…..


[———–!] (Ryouta)


Something suddenly caught my eyes.

In front of me, something suddenly appeared and disappeared from the door.


I thought that it was impossible.

That’s because I’m looking at the world that has been slowed down by a thousand times.

So it’s impossible for something to appear and disappear in this super slow motion state.


It’s impossible……However.


If I look at it carefully, and focus on it.

There it is———Right there.


The “Something” was flickering, and was floating.


I suddenly remembered.

It’s probably because it was always there, but it’s just that I couldn’t see it.

And it’s probably the first time noticing it, being in this double the accelerated world.


And I wanted to know what it was.


I watched and observed.

The one time that it is constant.


[It’s right there!] (Ryouta)


Remembering that feeling, I grabbed it with a spinal reflex.


The moment I grabbed onto it as it flickered, it became a clear shape.


And that was …A sword.

An old-fashioned decorative sword used for ceremonies.


Was it completely an intuition, or is it because I saw it before.


In my head, two objects emerged; A mirror, and a jewel.


[The Sword of Kusanagi………] (Ryouta)


What I was searching for all this time, and it was always so close to me.


The last key of Nihonium……is finally in my hands.


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