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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 27 – The order of featured items

The next morning, I dive into Nihonium’s third floor.

The monsters roaming in this floor are the bandaged mummies, I somehow get a feeling that they’re weak against fire.

I loaded the Flame Bullet, and went hunting for a mummy.

I immediately encountered one.

I then approached the macho mummy that is sticking out both it’s hand, and fired it with the Flame Bullets.

At the center of it’s body, a magical formation opened up, and the Mummy burned up.

Although it was in flames, it was still moving forward, one step, two-step, slowly inching it’s way to me, and finally, it fell down the ground.

After fidgeting for a while, it stopped moving, the body disappeared and a seed dropped.

I picked it up and 1 Speed get~

Un, this is good.

Since firing it with normal bullets doesn’t seem to be effective, and dealing with close quarters combat is somewhat dangerous and inefficient too.

But with this Flame Bullets, it’s one shot one kill, plus it’s safer.

Third floor of Nihonium, Mummy.

If I have this Flame bullets, I can finally defeat them at a safe distance.

After half a morning has passed, I’ve already increased my Speed to C.

Just so you know, even though I know that I’m not confirming it, but after increasing my Strength and HP to S, I kinda got a feel as to knowing when my stats would change, so I know for a fact that it’s increased to C from D. (TLN: I’m not sure what the novel wrote, but I felt that this is what it’s trying to say.


The latter half of the morning was put to using the Collection Box(Pandora Box) to collect seeds.

Holding onto the box, I went looking for mummies, and defeated it with Flame Bullets.

Again holding onto the box, looking for more of ‘dem mummies, and defeat it with Flame Bullets.

After countless repetition, I finally gotten 50 bullets that I can convert it into Healing Bullets.





Afternoon came, I was pushing the Magic Cart full of bean sprouts that is worth around 40k Piro as a daily routine to the .

The person who helped me calculate all of the bean sprouts to exactly 40k Piro was Ena, well then, it’s time to hunt some carrots.

[Satou-san….Are you free right now]

Ena suddenly called my name, she had a difficult expression as if wanting to tell me something.

A person who gets along well with Elza, with a bright and cheerful expression greeting her friends, that is the image of Ena.

This is the first time she’s made that kind of facial expression, it’s quite rare–and it piqued my interest.

[I have some things to discuss.

We can’t speak over here.]

After finish saying, she brought me outside the shop.

She brought me to the back of the store where there’s nobody around.

[To be honest…..my family, we run a grocery store.] (TLN: 八百屋)

[I see.]

[But it’s just not profitable.

Isn’t Shikuro an Agricultural City Though with many other grocery stores, and they all sell similar stuffs, it’s difficult to attract customers.]

[Fumu fumu.]

[So uhmm…, I wonder if it’s possible that Satou-san would have any eye-catching product for our store to sell~]

She then looked at me with upturned eyes.

[I guess, it’s not possible..]

[It’s fine.]

I answered back.

I thought that why not help her out.





Teruru Dungeon, I’m currently inside the fifth floor.

In order to sell something eye-catching in her store, I have to come up with something that is never seen before.

While thinking that, I came to the fifth floor.

After walking for a while, a monster appeared.

It’s a Slime, but it’s not your average Slime.

There are several Slimes, one of the Slimes then suddenly swallowed the rest of the Slimes.

The Slime that swallowed the other slimes changed it’s shape, the two Slimes look like they are connecting to each other.

That two shaped slime then swallowed another Slime, and this time three Slimes are connected together.

Apparently, this Slime grows in number by eating up it’s brethren.

(TLN: brutal.)

There’s something like this too in a game, while thinking so I took out my gun.

First off, let’s try using the normal bullets.

I aimed at it carefully, and shot it’s head.

The head that I shot exploded—-but, the body then regrow another head.

Kintaro Ame—wait no, is this like a Daruma toy (TLN: A type of sweet)

That was the image I come up with when looking at the Slime.

I guess using normal bullets here is inefficient.

I then swap it with the Flame Bullets.

I dodged the snake-like Slime that suddenly jumped towards me, after passing by each other I aimed at it and fired.

The slime was in flame.

The flaming daruma fell on the ground, and stopped moving.

Pon! A huge watermelon dropped.





I carry the watermelon out of the dungeon.

Ena who was waiting at the entrance immediately noticed my presence.


[Here you go.]

[Thank you! This is….Satou-san’s….]

Ena was staring at the watermelon that I was holding.

[This is, rather normal.]

[Mu~] (TLN: Stop it Mio.)

[Ah, sorry.

That’s not what I meant, etto, the taste is probably really delicious and juicy.

Maybe it’s gonna be the same as Ryouta • Bamboo where the look is normal but—]

[Yeap, just like you said.

That’s what’s important.]


She looked at me, stupefied in amazement.

[Please wait for a moment.

Lemme prepare some stuff first.

Ah,  in the mean time please check for me the taste.]


While having a fox-like face, in order to bring that, I left it together with Ena behind.





Evening came, this time I brought Ena along to Teruru’s fifth floor.

Instead of explaining it to her, bringing her and actually showing her is way easier.

[How was the watermelon]

[It was extremely delish! It’s the first time I ever taste such juicy and sweet watermelon! As expected, Satou-san is amazing!]

[I see, that means the product has no problems.]


[If that’s the case—]

Without completing my sentence a Slime appeared.

[Ah, it’s a Snake Slime.]

[The name is just as it is]


[Yoshi, watch closely.]

I checked my surroundings carefully, I’m currently checking whether the Snake Slime that is conjoined with four other slimes is the only one around us, after confirming so, I bring Ena along.

I took out my gun, and leave an item on the ground.

The Snake Slime then flew towards me, I aimed at it and fired the Flame bullet.

I thought that maybe it won’t burned it’s whole body because of it’s length, but it’s burning up quite nicely, afterwards it fell on the ground and stopped moving.

Afterwards, the watermelon dropped on the floor—and was instantly sucked up.

It was sucked up into box that was on the ground—and you guessed it, it’s the Pandora Box.

[A Collection Box]

[Nope, this is slightly different.

A group of people modified it and it is called a Pandora Box.]

[Pandora Box Ah, Satou-san’s face appeared.]

[As you can see, when I defeat a monster and it’s item dropped, the item is then sucked into the box and the face of the person who defeated the monster will appear on the box.

If it’s this, wouldn’t it become a unique product]


Ena gasped.


She then took the Pandora Box with my face on it.

As she was looking at the box with the producer’s face, her eyes gradually began to shine brightly.





The next day, early morning, before going to the dungeon I drop by at town.

After knowing the place in advance, I went to Ena’s family store.

The grocery store which had just opened in the morning is crowded with people.

All the customers, are currently looking at the front of the store displaying the Pandora Box which I brought for them.

[What is that box]

[You don’t know That is a box that Princess Margaret recently used as her new Air Box called Pandora Box.

It is a mechanism used to know who the producer is when defeating a monster.]

[Heh, so this watermelon is produced by that guy.

What was his name again, Ryouta • Satou—oh yeah the bamboo.]

[Wait a minute, if it’s Ryouta’s drop I want it!]

[No I will buy it first.

If the bamboo is that delicious, this watermelon must be the same.]

The entrance of the store suddenly turned into a battlefield.

With the customers who are noisily trying to buy the watermelon, it attracted other customers who are interested in what’s going, further increasing the crowd.

Afterwards, it turned into an auction, and the crowd then attracted even more crowds to come.

[Thank you so much Satou-san.]

[Oh, it’s Ena.]

Out of nowhere Ena suddenly appeared beside me…..well, it is her home.

Her head is slightly facing down, while her eyes are looking at me while thanking me.

[Really, thank you so much.]

[Your welcome.]

After completing this request, toppled with a thank you, I’m twice as happy.

By the way.

The person who are selling the Pandora box with Princess Margaret’s air in it, came and thank me too.


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