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[Well then, I’ll be going now.] (Ryouta)

[What can we do] (Celeste)


Before I head down the stairs leading to the spirit room, Celeste asked.

Only the person who defeated the monster can go down the stairs.

And although both of them can’t tag along, Celeste still wanted to do something helpful.


[Let’s see….

I’m grateful if one of you can go back to the mansion, it would help in case something happens.] (Ryouta)

[Back to the mansion] (Celeste)

[To open the gate.] (Eve)


Eve answered calmly.


[Yeap, if someone can go back and use the Transportation Room, we can get to Plumbum quicker.

Then I can get back home easily as well.

We only need to do it once, and it’ll really be useful in the future.] (Ryouta)

[I see, it’s the same with Emily.] (Celeste)

[Yeah, when we helped Arsenic, and Emily helped getting the times 2 drop rate.] (Ryouta)

[I got it, then Eve and I shall do it.] (Celeste)

[Thank you.] (Ryouta)


After seeing them off, I went down the stairs.


But, as you remember, it’s not all smooth sailing where I can meet the spirit immediately.

If we go by the pattern, I’ll have to fight one difficult boss before I can meet the spirit.


So as usual, the entire space is white.

However, the area was smaller than usual, somewhere around half a tennis court size.


And in the middle of it all, was a turtle.

Surprisingly, it was just a turtle.

It’s paws were hidden in its shell, looking all round.


I took out my revolvers, and test its strength using my Growth Bullet first.

Bam! Clink!


The sound of metal clashing was heard when the bullets collided with the shell.

I see, so it’s really hard——was what I thought.


And the turtle split into two.


So, it’s the same as all the other monsters from above.


Welp, small damage ain’t gonna cut it, time to bring out the big guns to defeat it.


With both revolvers on each hand, I equipped both Flaming Bullets and Blue Flame Bullets, and fused them together to create the Invisible Flames Bullet.


The invisible flames were burning the turtle into pieces.


[Wh-what!] (Ryouta)


I shouted.

I could clearly see the heat waves from the result of the bullet, however, the turtle didn’t even take a damage, let alone moved.


Worse of all—–it split again.

This time, there were four turtles.


[The Invisible Flames Bullet didn’t work huh…..

I’ll have to be careful on how to deal with it.] (Ryouta)


But then, what should I do, as I pondered.


It was then the four turtles multiplied into eight!


[What!] (Ryouta)


Though I did not do anything, they split.


Wait no, way before that.

All of them split into two, even the ones that I did not attack.


What is the meaning of this—– I thought as they multiplied again, this time to 16.


[A multiplier game] (Ryouta)


A few seconds later, it split into 32, then after a few more, 64 of them.


If I leave them be, they’re gonna take over the entire space in this room.


Even though they’re hiding in their shells, they don’t seem to be attacking—- No I was wrong!


I just realized.

I just realized that I was caught in a pinch.


It’s that the turtles choose not to attack.

They’re probably the same as the rocks in Arsenic, where they do not go into attack mode.

However, with each passing second, they multiply.


What’s worse is that this room is purposefully built to be small, and there’s no exits.


At this rate—— Not even 30 seconds and the turtles will fill up this room—– and I’ll be crushed to death.


[Damn!] (Ryouta)


I kept my revolvers and kicked the turtles with my feet.

Since my Strength is at a SS, I think—— Nope.

Even when I kicked with all my might, the shell didn’t even budge.


And guess what, it split again.


And now with how much turtles they are, they’ve covered up the floor, and I had to step on them.


But I didn’t stop, I continued kicking them.

However, as expected, it didn’t work as planned.


I have another 2 more tries, so not even 10 seconds.


[Speed Up Bullet!] (Ryouta)


Shooting myself with the bullet, I gained some time.


I have to think of a way to defeat them no matter what.


I gritted my teeth as I frantically think of a plan.

My attacks aren’t even affecting them.

They’re just, very hard.


Not even physical nor magic attacks work on them.


If that’s the case, I guess I should just keep attacking them nonstop.


I grabbed hold of one of the turtles and hit it with all my might.

Don! Don! Don! Don! Don!—–


With my ultimate move, a punch, I kept punching the turtles repeatedly.


They multiplied, around half the room.

Time’s running out.


I continued punching and punching.

Even when my fist’s were bleeding, I continued.


[Uoooooooo!!] (Ryouta)



The shell has cracked!

And the cracked spot brighten up, and shattered.


[There’s no time——- Repetition!] (Ryouta)


Inside the accelerated world, I fired Repetition at all of the turtles.

And it seemed to work.


However, halfway, it multiplied again!

However, since Repetition worked, I continued defeating them.


With the Infinite Recovery Bullet on one of my revolvers, I fired it onto myself and Repetition on the turtles.


Though they were still doubling, but the Speed Up Bullet Repetition outrace it.


After awhile, somehow all the turtles were annihilated.


And finally, the entrance to the room connected to the spirit appeared.


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