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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 26 – The third bullet

After seeing Raze and Roza off from outside Silicon dungeon, I looked at Emily who was beside me and gave my gratitude.

[Thank you, you seem to know where I was huh.]

[I heard it from Elza-san when she passed the box to me desu.

She said that Yoda-san will definitely come here and rescue them nodesu~]

[Oh, I see.]

I unintentionally let out a bitter smile.

Since I did not want any rogue monsters escaping from the Pandora Box if I left it around, I thought of letting Elza hold on to it but I guess she passed it to Emily.

I was thinking of slowly converting them to Flame Bullets afterwards.

But she came here and used it to help me.

After looking at her perceptiveness, I gave her lots of praise.

[Thank you Emily~]

[The pleasure is mine nanodesu~]

[Shall we find a place to grab a meal then.

Since Emily had helped me lots, I want to treat you a to feast.]

[If it’s like that then let’s head back home.

I’ve actually heard of a new recipe recently, and I want Yoda-san to be the first one to try it~]

[No but, it’s as thanks you know.

If it’s thanks, shouldn’t we bring Emily to a place to eat instead of cooking by yourself]

[That’s precisely why nanodesu~]

The end of her word sounded like a heart shape was placed there, while Emily portrayed joy with those beautiful smile.

She really is…..so adorable!

My chest felt warm after looking at her, thus I gave in and let her do whatever she wants.

[At least let me get a good sake before heading back home.

I want one that let’s me enjoy the taste of the food while sipping on it, any recommendations]

[I heard that distilled liquor is a good match for it desu~]

[Yoshi, let’s buy a bottle for two then!]

[Yes desu!]

Following the flow, after a day’s work and some other stuff that happened, I can finally be with Emily and walked home together.

The next day, I want to head to Nihonium early in the morning, but it’s not to strengthen my abilities.

First off, I went to town to buy some common Collection Boxes.

Since the box is only ever used by people with special hobbies, 1 box cost 10k Piro which is weirdly expensive.

Though it’s not like I can’t buy it, and I even bought 6 boxes.

I first used the first 4 boxes, and used them to replenish my Freeze and Flame bullets for a total of 100 for both of them.

Since I’ve used up almost all of it yesterday, it is in need of replenishment.

As for the last 2 boxes, I went ahead to the third floor of Nihonium and hunted mummies to stored the Speed up seeds in the boxes, and thus I’d gotten hold of a hundred new special bullets.

The special bullets that I’d gotten from the mummy have a special effect, I ran some tests with it, and after finally understanding the effects of it noon came, thus I went back to Shikuro to meet up with Emily.

We went to the usual store called , and together with Emily pushed the Magic Cart full of Dandelion. (TLN: Name is 燕の恩返)

Since Elza’s counter is sort of empty, we went to her direction.


[Aah, Ryouta-san….and also Emily-san.]

[Today as usual, I want you to help us with the dropped items.]

[Okay, please wait for a moment.]

Elza went towards the Magic Cart and took out the Dandelions, and started weighing them.

[By the way, I’ve heard of rumours regarding you, seems like during the Magical Storm, Ryouta-san went inside Silicon dungeon and rescued someone.]

[It’s already become a rumour]

[That is something praiseworthy.]

[Uh, really.]

I guess so.

Now that I think about it, yesterday’s situation really put me on edge.

Inside a dungeon where magic cannot be used, I’d gotten myself surrounded by monsters with 100% (maybe) physical resistance.

Thinking back at it really gives me the chill.

Afterwards I saved her, I guess it would become rumours.

[Her name was, Roza right.

Is she alright]

[To be honest….I heard that she isn’t in great condition.]

[What do you mean by that]

[The Magical Storm this time around, seems to be strong enough that everyone in town could not use magic.

Since Roza-san’s injuries are quite severe, it’s bad because no one can use recovery magic right now.]

[If that’s the case, why don’t they just bring her to another town]

[That is…..her injuries are bad to the point where it’s best not to move her around….]

[I see…..]

[That’s why….

even though this is something harsh, they said she can only bear with it until the Magical Storm subsides.]


[Ah, I’m sorry for suddenly talking about such heavy subject.

Etto, the calculations are done, in total it’s——]

[Where is Roza staying right now]

[Eh Wh, why]

[Please tell me, where is she right now]

I looked at Elza straight in the eyes.

Her face suddenly went bright red, and told me about it while being flustered.

I arrive at Shikuro’s biggest hospital.

According to Elza, Roza is currently staying in one of the rooms in this hospital.

I went inside the room, and there laid Roza on the bed with a painful expression, and laying beside her is Raze who is staring at her with dark circles beneath his eyes.

[Aah…….You are yesterday’s….]

[It’s Satou Ryouta…..How’s her condition]

[….As you can see it’s not great.

The doctor said that if tonight passes, and the Magical Storm has not subsided…..]

[I understand.]

[Though we are waiting for a healer, but even though they arrive if the Magical Storm doesn’t subside…..Kuh! Why did this happen.]

Raze hit the wall.

His fist then leak out blood.

Not just his fist but his lips are also bleeding.

He’s sad to the point that he bit his lips.

I looked at Roza.

Her face full of pain is showing a lack of blood, and it’s as white as a paper.

Though tonight might not be the last, but is there anything we can do right now.

I then took out my gun, and positioned it.

[Wa, wait, what the hell are you doing!]

[I’ll end it quick.]

[Ending it quick——]

Since saying anything now is a waste of time, I shot at Roza.

The bullet went straight into the middle of her torso.

Immediately after, a bright white light is covering her body.

That was my last shot, out of all the hundreds I’d gotten, I wasted 99 of them to test the effects of the special bullets from the rogue mummies.

The white light, it’s a healing light.

Healing Bullets, was what I decided to name it after testing out the effects.

The painful expression of Roza, is slowly becoming calm, and her complexion seems to have recovered.

[Th, this is]

[I guess with this it’s fine.

Though it’s better to ask a doctor to check up on her.]

[Yo, you saved her…..]

Raze became relieved.

With this it’s finally complete, seems that it’s the same as when I saved her from Silicon.

[Thank you so much! Really really, thank you so much!]

Raze continuously thanked me before I left the hospital.


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