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[Let’s watch some flowers!]


In the morning, everyone gathered at the dining hall, and Aurum excitedly said.

Mike’s eyes were shining brightly as well as we were looking at the duo.


[Flowers] (Ryouta)

[Yeap! I heard that humans love to watch flowers during spring, so I want to do it as well!] (Aurum)

[Do we even have flowers around here] (Ryouta)


While asking that question, I looked at Emily’s direction.


[We do have it desu.

My mom used to love watching flowers.

So every year, she would go with her friends to watch flowers while drinking sake desu.] (Emily)

[Ara But Emily’s mom, I thought that you were in the dungeon all year round To think that you would also have a chance to see flowers.] (Ryouta)

[Her friends would go into the dungeon and watch the flowers desu.] (Emily)

[Isn’t that…..just a banquet] (Eve)


While all of us were eating our meals, Eve who was the only one chewing on her carrots answered without any emotion on her face.


[Yes desu! Mother loves doing banquets and watching flowers as well nanodesu.

Aah, I remembered she chose a floor in the dungeon where there’s dungeon snow for it desu] (Emily)

[Well, instead of a flower, that’s more of watching snow.] (Ryouta)

[Sounds like fun! Hey, let’s go and watch some flowers!] (Aurum)


While Emily was talking about her past, Aurum who proposed that idea became even more excited.

Since she originally wanted to enjoy what it’s like in the outside world, it’s highly probable that some of the festivals we have would be fascinating for her.


But it wasn’t just Aurum, for some reason everyone else was focused on me.


They wanted to do it, but I’m the one who makes the decision, that was what their faces were making.


Obviously I won’t say no to this event.


[Alright, let’s do it then.] (Ryouta)


Everyone stopped eating and cheered.


[In return, we have to work hard, especially you Aurum, as you won’t be going back to your dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[Gotcha! For the sake of flowers, I’ll work hard! Let’s go Mi-chan!] (Aurum)

[Wawawa!] (Mike)


Aurum then dragged Mike out of the dining hall and out of the mansion.

Someone’s excited for the flowers.


[I will make snacks for the event then desu.] (Emily)

[I’ll help out.] (Elza)


Elza said as she decides to help Emily out as well.


[Do we need to….book a place for the cherry flower] (Ryouta)


Since I’ve never seen one in this world before, I asked everyone.

Then, our knowledgeable Celeste answered.


[That’s right, we do need to book a place first.] (Celeste)

[I’ll do that~] (Alice)


Alice stood up and energetically answered.


[You sure Alice] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, because I’m the most free here~] (Alice)


As soon as she said that, the friends on her shoulder all cheered.

It’s true that she’s the most free out of all of us.


[Then I’ll leave that to you.] (Ryouta)

[Okay! Leave it to me!] (Alice)

[Celeste, Eve, and Leia.

Let’s go and gather the ingredients.] (Ryouta)

[I got it.

Emily, could you give us a list of what you need] (Celeste)

[Before the list, I want carrots.] (Eve)


With that, all of us did our various duties.



Outside of Shikuro, a place where not many people would be at.

But the places with cherry trees are crowded, and in this once a year event, everyone gathered here to celebrate such an event.


And in those groups, Alice・Wonderland placed a huge sheet below a blossomed cherry tree and sat there.


The other people who were nearby looked at the mini monsters playing around on top of the sheet.


The Skeleton Boney-chan.

The Slime Jumpy-san.

The Little Devil Bon-bon.

The Needle Lizard Toge-chan.

And the Master Dragon Gau-gau.


Alice was playing around with a variety of monsters as if making a puppet show.


Then, a strange party approached her.


[It’s cause of you that we’re late for a good spot.]

[My fault We would’ve gotten a good place if you didn’t overslept.]

[I think so too.]

[Tsk, I got it.

I’ll do something bout it.]

[What are you gonna do]

[Well, you’ll see.]


One of the group looked around the vicinity, and approached Alice.


[Hey you.]

[Hm What is it] (Alice)

[Get out of here.]

[Eeh~, I can’t.

I’ve already book this place to see the flowers with my friends.] (Alice)

[Listen here, give it up and go.]


The man lifted his feet and——-Stomp! the ground.

The ground curved in, and the soil splattered around.


[Oo.] (Alice)


Even though it’s a threat, but the clueless Alice did not know what is happening.


[I’m already being nice here ‘aight.]

[I’m sorry.] (Alice)


Alice answered immediately.


[I’m going to have a good time with all my friends here.] (Alice)



The man raised his voice at Alice’s answer.


[O-Oi….Don’t tell me that girl is.]

[No doubt that’s Ryouta family’s Dragon Master.

This is bad.]


One of the man from their group saw Alice and mumbled.



This place—-]


And someone stepped in.


[Ou, wait a second.

Let’s find another place.]


Not being aware of his friends’ restraints and expressions, the man turned to Alice again.


[I’ll tell you this one more time, give us this place.]

[I’m sorry.] (Alice)


Alice turned away silently after saying that.

The man became pissed from Alice’s answer.


[Since you’re a kid, I was being nice to you, but since you’re a little bitch—–Ughh!]


The man was blown away.

He was blown away by a round object that rushed behind Alice.


[Jumpy-san! Everyone!] (Alice)


When she looked behind, her monster friends became their original size.


The monsters all had killing intents.

Shortly after, the rest of the monsters beat up the man.


It looked like the monsters were the gangsters bullying someone.


[Please stop it guys, wait Gau-gau!] (Alice)


Alice couldn’t stop them, as the Master Dragon returned to its huge size, and burst out flames.


The flame flew towards the man as he screamed.


Then, the flames suddenly exploded and smoke sizzled everywhere.


The sound was dry, and an ice shield was made in front of the man.

The multiple layers of ice saved the man from burning up.


Gau-gau who doesn’t want to return to its plush state used its sharp nail to jump onto the man.




Before it could land, a guy stood in the middle and stopped the attack.


[Ryouta!] Alice shouted.


A guy appeared, and everyone was relieved.



My hands were throbbing.

I’m glad that I stopped Gau-gau’s blow, but it was really heavy.

It’s said that the dragon species, the Master Dragon is comparable to that of a Dungeon Master.


I had to do my best to stop that blow.


[Gururururu…..] (Gau-gau)


Gau-gau still had its bloodshot eyes as it tried to attack again.


[You better stop right now, or Alice will be sad.] (Ryouta)


After saying that, Gau-gau suddenly stopped, and looked at Alice.

Alice looked saddened as she looked at the runaway friend of hers.


Gau-gau then went on all fours and showed an apologetic gesture before transforming back into its small, deformed body.


All of them then lined up in front of Alice.

Alice then patted them.


[You’re all bad, but I’m happy that you protected me.] (Alice)


That being said, all of the monsters tried to save Alice.


[My bad, you alright] (Ryouta)

[—–What the ** man!]


The man yelled, but his friends immediately blocked his mouth and dragged him.


[Eh What’s wrong Yoda-san desu] (Emily)

[Looks like they’re trying to start a fight.] (Celeste)


I heard a voice from beside me.

When I looked beside me, from Emily to Mike came.

Seems like my family members have gathered.


I wanted to ask what happen but—



[You dumbass.

Do you even know who you’re dealing with]

[Your opponent is the Ryouta family okay.

And there’s three of them who have the spirit’s name.]

[Are you still living under a rock or something!]


The people who got involved with Alice was talking about something, and they immediately stood up and fled away.


[What just happened] (Ryouta)

[Uhmm, they said to give this place to them.] (Alice)

[Aaah….] (Ryouta)


Now I get it.

These bad guys thought they could bully Alice who was alone.

I kinda understood the situation.


[It’s my bad for leaving you here for so long.] (Ryouta)

[No, I’m fine.] (Alice)

[There’s the chibis besides low level, so it can’t be helped.] (Eve)

[Yeah, it’s important to act at times like this.] (Celeste)


Eve and Celeste both answered, as they sat on the sheet as well.


[If I do this then no one can have this place.] (Aurum)


Aurum said as she snapped her finger.


The next moment, the sheet turned golden, and the weight held the sheet down.


The shiny sheet then attracted attention.


[With this, no one can have this place.] (Aurum)

[I think that’s a different method of dealing with this.] (Ryouta)

[Anyways, let’s all watch the flowers!] (Aurum)


Aurum said with high tension.

Seeing her figure, it reminds me of an innocent child.


We then gathered to watch some cherry trees.

The flowers were beautiful, but most importantly the dishes that Emily made were delicious.


[I guess if I have a spirit’s name, no one would be able to take our place.] (Alice)


Alice quietly mumbled as she enjoyed the cherry blossom.


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