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Chapter 22 – The battle between S and A


For my morning daily routine, I’m leisurely jogging my way to Nihonium’s Dungeon.

Since there is a Know-It-All Board at the entrance of the dungeon, I decided to check my status.


Level: 1/1



Strength: S

Stamina: F

Intelligence F

Mentality F

Speed: F

Dexterity: F

Luck: F


Same as ever, my level is stuck at 1.

Though my HP was raised up to S due to hunting at the first floor, and my Strength was also raised up to S when hunting at the second floor.

Thus, I will be heading to the third floor today.

As for the Skeleton and the Zombies spawning at the first and second floor, I’ll deal with it for now.

Although they randomly appear from within the wall, surprising me sometimes, but it’s rather useless as I can deal with them, and thus, I arrived at the third floor.

The atmosphere on this floor is similar to the ones above.

All of them looked like natural dimly lit caves.

Suddenly, I’ve encountered with a monster!

The ground suddenly broke apart and there crawled up a monster with it’s whole body being bandaged.

The size isn’t that far off from a human, if I were to compare it with a human–It might be the same size as a Pro Wrestler.

It’s a Mira man, or more like calling it a Mummy monster is more appropriate.

I was sort of relieved.

Since this dungeon’s first floor is a Skeleton, and the second floor is a Zombie.

Each and every dungeon in this world tend to follow a specific feature.

It’s the same even in this dungeon, where all the monsters are undead just like this mummy.

I’m truly relieved that it follows a system.

After feeling relieved, I quickly make my decision.

I took out my gun and shoot at the mummy who is closing in on me.

Since it’s an easy target, I was able to accurately shoot it but—I was only able to stagger it and it continue to move closer towards me.

I panicked a little and rapidly fired at it, after firing all my magazine on it’s head, it fell down and I was able to defeat it.

Looks like I used up around 10 bullets to defeat it.

While having a bit of a cold sweat dripping down above my forehead, the monster vanished and dropped the familiar item.

Since it’s been proven that Nihonium Dungeon does not drop anything at all, but that’s because nobody has a [S Drop] like me, thus I was able to get a drop from these monsters.

The drop is of course a seed.

I immediately pick it up, and it disappears from the palm of my hand.

—–Speed is up by 1.

Just like before, I sigh in relief.

It seems like the third floor of Nihonium drops a speed up seed.

After realizing this, my tension increased.

Thus, I was searching around for mummies.



A mummy surprised attack me.

The wall suddenly collapsed beside me! And it’s chasing after me.

Time to oppose it.

I placed the muzzle of my gun right on the center of it’s body and relentlessly shot at it.

Pan, pan, pan, pan, pan!

Even though I’ve bombarded it with bullets, it doesn’t seem to work.

I put down my gun and took a step back, and knock it with a roundhouse kick.

The body of the mummy turned into a “

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