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Shikuro Dungeon’s Association, the chairman’s office.

Bringing Emily and Leia along, we came back here after some time.


Awhile back, when I just arrived home, Cell’s worker came to our mansion and gave a message saying that he wanted to meet with me.


Inside the office, Emily and I were sitting on the sofa, and Leia was standing beside me, insisting that she wanted to do so.

And in front of us, was where Cell was sitting.


[I’ve heard that you met with Rebecca・Neon recently.] (Cell)

[News reach your ears at lighting speed as usual, and is it even necessary to call me out because of that] (Ryouta)

[The person sitting as number 1 in the world, also known as The・Perfect, and is liked by Neon Dungeon’s spirit to be given the name of Neon.

When that girl came to Shikuro, I have already marked her.

Then, I waited for her to be in contact with Satou-sama.

So it’s something that I’m curious as well.] (Cell)

[The number 1 person in the world meeting the third, what an amazing scenario to see desu.] (Emily)


Emily said, and Cell nodded.

Well, if we think along the lines of that, it certainly is true that Cell would have an eye on her as the Association chief.


[If you don’t mind, I want to know what was the conversation between the two of you.] (Cell)

[Well, it seems like she was interested in me, and hence wanted to see me at least once.] (Ryouta)


It’s not like I wanted to hide anything, thus I told him what had happened.


[…..I see now.] (Cell)

[Do you know about spirits being attached to someone] (Ryouta)

[Did she admit that that was the case] (Cell)


Cell faintly twitched his eyebrows.


[Did she not admit thus far] (Ryouta)

[Not publicly, but that’s what we assume.

Which is similar to Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Aah, I didn’t announce it as well.] (Ryouta)


And I’ve only known this recently about these kinds of classifications.


Even if you don’t publicly announce it, seeing that I’ve changed the rules inside of Aurum dungeon, it would makes sense that the other adventurers would assume that the spirits are attached to me.


[I see…..I guess that’s right.] (Ryouta)


Being liked by Neon, and receiving the protection.

Cell placed his hands on his chin as he thought about it.


[I do not know what are you worrying about.] (Leia)


Suddenly, Leia spoke to Cell.

Cell then lift his face up.


[What do you mean by that] (Cell)

[The other side has 1 person, we have 3.

I think that there is no problem if we decide how many people has the spirit’s protection.] (Leia)

[Wait, three….Don’t tell me.] (Cell)


Eyes wide opened, he looked at the three of us one by one.


[Selen.] (Leia)

[It’s Arsenic nanodesu.] (Emily)


Leia and Emily both answered.

Cell’s face became deep in surprised.


[So my assumption….of a family having 3 spirits wasn’t wrong] (Cell)

[That’s how it is.] (Ryouta) (TLN: That’s how mafia works)

[….As I expect from Satou-sama.

You would always surpass my expectations.] (Cell)

[No wait, it’s not like I’m the one getting all three….] (Ryouta)

[You’re right, Yoda-san is indeed amazing nodesu.] (Emily)


Emily cut me off mid-sentence.


[If Yoda-san wasn’t with me, I wouldn’t have been able to meet with Ojii-chan desu.] (Emily)

[I wouldn’t be able to get Selen’s protection as well.

It’s because Master is with me.] (Leia)

[That is…..also true.] (Ryouta)


When they put it that way, it’s actually much more accurate to say that I’m the one being attracted by the spirits.

It’s as they say, if I wasn’t there, they might have not been able to meet with a spirit.


[Being in contact with three spirits….you’re incredibly amazing Satou-sama.] (Cell)


Well, I did meet with Nihonium as well…but let’s not say that just yet.

If I said that, they’ll be even more shocked.




Suddenly, Cell looked weird, as he started thinking again.

A dignified face showing a frown expression.

He seems to be thinking of something serious.


[What’s wrong] (Ryouta)


I tried asking, but I got no reply.


[He’s making a difficult face nodesu.] (Emily)

[You think something bad happened] (Ryouta)

[Maybe nodesu.

But it’s for certain that he’s thinking of a request for Yoda-san nodesu.] (Emily)

[Aah…..That might be it.] (Ryouta)


Emily might be right on that.

I don’t know how serious he is, but he acts like there’s a [Ryouta religion].

No matter how impossible that request is, he thinks that I can complete it.


This time, it was that same feeling from him again.

And judging from his actions.


[Is he gonna ask me to get in contact with the rest of the spirits] (Ryouta)

[It’s a high possibility for Yoda-san nanodesu.] (Emily)

[He might expect Master to win over every spirits in Shikuro.] (Leia)


What Leia said might likely be true.


Cell clearly knew about the things that happened in Aurum.

Similar to how compatible Rebecca and Neon is, he might want me to do the same with every dungeons in Shikuro, Teruru, Silicon, Arsenic, Bismuth, Boran, and Selenium.

If I can dominate all 6 of these dungeons, the production—–no, the tax revenue will surely increase in leaps.


[That might actually be the request.] (Ryouta)

[It’s possible, because it’s Master.] (Leia)

[I don’t know yet unless I tried…But maybe.] (Ryouta)


Somehow I felt that I could do it.

It’s not that difficult to meet with the spirits, it’s just a matter of when.

So I thought that, perhaps, it was possible.


While we were talking about it, Cell took his time thinking about it.


Finally, he looked up and stared at me.


[Satou-sama, I have a request for you.

I’ll be doing some negotiations concerning about politics, and if it all goes well….] (Cell)

[And..] (Ryouta)


I gulped, as I awaited for his answer.

Emily was doing the same as she waited.

There was something imminent in Cell’s expression.


[I was thinking if there’s one spirit dungeon that you can control, which controls all.] (Cell)

[…..Huh] (Ryouta)


I just heard something too unexpected.


[You mean that dungeon that the Stem family is controlling….Money] (Ryouta)


I want you to meet with that spirit.] (Cell)


In this world, everything is dropped from dungeon, including money.

And the one’s controlling that, is Cell’s family, the Stem family.

Which means the Stem family is the Bank Of Japan in this world.


With that serious face, he asks me to meet with that dungeon’s spirit.

What an outrageous talk.


[Uwaa….Yoda-san is amazing desu…] (Emily)


While looking at Cell, Emily was delighted.


Although I was overwhelmed for a moment, when looking at his face—-


[Is it something necessary] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Cell)


He nodded.

Guess it can’t be helped then.


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