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Selen Dungeon, basement first floor.


Today as well, I was leveling up my Growth Bullet.

Leia would grab hold onto the Rainbow Slime, then I would shoot at it, and Leia would revive it and rinse and repeat.


After around 2 hours or so, I finally leveled it up by 1.

I thought it would be easy to level up at the start, then as your level goes higher and higher, it gets harder to level.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


[Maybe it’s based on the number of times used.] (Ryouta)

[Number] (Leia)


Since it wasn’t necessary to combine with Leia, she was in her human form listening.


[Aah, basically it needs to be used in a certain number of times in order to level, is my speculation.

Rather than raising the level based on the experience value, it might be the number of times you used it that raises its level.]


Thinking it like a game—-I answered.


[Let’s count it.] (Leia)


Without any expression, Leia started to count the number of times I used the Growth bullet in order to prove my theory.

Usually one would use a robotic tick, but for some reason this job kinda suits Leia.


[Thanks.] (Ryouta)

[…..No worries.] (Leia)


When praising Leia, I could see her cheeks getting slightly redder.


This was one of the positive things that I would do to trigger her emotions back as she has lost her soul inside her body.

Obviously I won’t do anything negative.


Continuing on our level grinding, suddenly I noticed some disturbance slightly further away from us.

What happened As I stopped shooting.


[Let’s stop for a moment.] (Ryouta)

[Alright.] (Leia)


Leia and I went and check on the disturbance.


The cause of that noise was at the rest area.


After a new association chief was appointed for Shikuro, Cell set up all these resting areas in each of the dungeons except for Nihonium.


It was a place where adventurers can treat their injuries, or just take a rest before continuing on.


And over there, was a young looking adventurer with suspicious eyes looking around the area.


[A rest area…..huh.]

[Hey you, if you ain’t going in then move aside.

You’re bothering the others by blocking the entrance you know.]


There were other adventurers behind him, asking him to move aside.


[H, hey.

What….happened here]

[What do you mean, ah, so your first time here]


[I see I see.

Not like there’s any difference, just a new association chief of Shikuro Dungeon that ordered to create these resting areas.]

[How much per entry]

[It’s free.]



When the young adventurer was amazed, the adventurer who answered lightly shrugged his shoulders as he entered the resting place, leaving the young adventurer be.


[It’s free That’s ridiculous.

Being able to heal while inside the dungeon How can it be free….I’m sure there must be something going on behind our back.]


As he convinced himself.


I wanted to tell him that there’s nothing to worry about and he can use it, but there was someone behind me started talking to me.


[Satou-san, long time no see.]

[Eeh…..Ah Ina.

Long time no see.]


One of the workers working in the trading shop of 『The Swallow’s Repayment』, Ina.

She is best friends with Elza when they met in Shikuro, but now she should be in Indole.


[Why are you here Is Indole settled] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, there’s no problems there.

So now this is my new job.] (Ina)

[A new job] (Ryouta)

[One of our branches office made a trading shop inside the dungeon.

Remember, the one that Satou-san helped created that system.] (Ina)

[Aah.] (Ryouta)


She’s talking about that Magic Cart’s transporting function that I frequently use to send my items back to our mansion.


[So you’re trying to expand your business into the dungeon huh.] (Ryouta)


Since we can get more customers, and if you’re inside the dungeon, you will sell it cheaper, so we might get better profits.] (Ina)

[I see, makes sense.] (Ryouta)


Thinking about it that way, the adventurers wouldn’t have to purposely head back to the city and sell their items, instead they can just come here and sell it.

There should be a certain number of people who will use the cheap appraisal over wasting time.


[It’s thanks to Satou-san that we’re able to start our business here.

Next time our master would come and personally thank you.] (Ina)

[Is that so.

So is it only in Selen] (Ryouta)

[Nope, we have set up at other places as well.

Well, except for Nihonium.] (Ina)


Ina smiled as she answered.

I see, that would make earning money much more convenient.

There’s not much benefit for me, but it’ll no doubt be easier for the other adventurers.

Yeap, it’s a good thing overall.


[H, hey.]


As Ina was talking, someone spoke from beside us.

It was that young adventurer who was doubting the rest area.


[I overheard your conversation, but is it true that a trading shop would open inside the dungeon]

[Yes, it is true.]


Ina answered with her working smile.


[It will still take some days before the shop is officially open, so once it is open, please feel free to drop by.] (Ina)

[And that…..is there any requirements in selling your items]

[Requirements There is none.] (Ina)

[That’s impossible….Such a good deal is…..]


Again the young adventurer was shocked.


[Ah but, you will be sold at a slightly lower price compared to selling it in the city.]


Even though Ina amended her explanation, the fact that the young adventurer being shocked is still present at how absurd this was.


Again he muttered things like [this is impossible], or [there must be a catch] as he slowly walked away.


[I wonder what was wrong with him, did I say something wrong] (Ina)

[….It’s possible but…] (Ryouta)


I have seen someone like him before.

A white company—–or we won’t even go there, but even in a normal company, it’s a phenomenon where a former black company employee would become suspicious as he is re-employed into a regular company.


A colleague once told me as he had changed jobs before.


When the new company is too kind, he becomes suspicious and thinks that something is up.


I guess it’s something that’s been influenced when inside a black company.


[I guess he’s been inside a horrible family and dungeon before this.] (Ryouta)

[And that is the reason he’s become like how he is] (Ina)

[Being brought into a nice environment after being treated horribly might be the cause of it.

It takes time for him to accept it.] (Ryouta)

[Heh.] (Ina)


Ina looked at the guy who was walking away, then looked at me and smiled mischievously.


[Then, so that person became like this is all Satou-san’s fault] (Ina)

[Eh] (Ryouta)

[Well, since the incidents in Shikuro and Indole has been saved by Satou-san right.

Similar with the resting area and our trading shops.

And the atmosphere of the adventurers around us has become better—-] (Ina)


Then taking a deep breath, she smiled and looked at me.


[Eeeeeverything~, is Satou-san’s fault~] Ina said.


…..I guess it might be true.

If that’s true then, it’s worthwhile, as I thought as such.


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