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In order to pick up my mandatory Speed Up bullet for today, I had to pass by Indole in order to get to the monster village.

Even though my mansion is connected to all of the dungeons in Shikuro and those that I’ve visit, the monster village doesn’t have a dungeon, so it was kinda bothersome to get there.


Even though I said that, the Speed Up bullet is an extremely important item to get, so even if it’s a little bothersome, I have no choice but to go and retrieve it.


[This is the first time I’m coming here.]

[Really] (Ryouta)

[This is amazing.

All of the monsters are looking at Ryouta-san with respect.]


Celeste who insisted on coming with me to the monster village was surprised by the view.


[Everyone is like Cerberus.] (Celeste)

[You’re right that they’re all rogue monsters, so I can see your point where all of them look kinda like Cerberus.] (Ryouta)

[And everyone is diligently doing their job too.] (Celeste)

[And Celeste is their senpai.] (Ryouta)


Celeste gently smiled.

She used to be a garbage disposal before she joined our family.

And the monsters are now doing the job that she once did.


[I’ve only heard rumours about this, but it’s really amazing how they’re all gathered in one place.

It’s as they say, seeing is believing.] (Celeste)


Again she was looking around with a surprised look.

I guess back in my world, it was easier to imagine with pictures of videos.

I know that this world drops anything in dungeons, but it’s kinda overboard for gadgets to drop in this world.


Wait a second There’s no camera, but there might be something that can function as a camera.

Should I ask Carl-san who modified my Magic Cart.


[Ah.] (Celeste)

[What’s wrong Celeste] (Ryouta)

[There’s a treasure chest over there.] (Celeste)

[Eh] (Ryouta)


Looking at where Celeste’s finger was pointing, there indeed was a [treasure chest] looking monster.

It reminded me of a mimic in a video game, where the lid of the chest is opened, and inside is pitch black, with sharp teeth around the edges.


[It’s a rogue monster right.] (Ryouta)

[No, it’s a treasure chest.] (Celeste)

[Huh It’s different from rogue monsters] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, it’s rare even amongst monsters.

Whoever defeats it would obviously get a drop, but the drop varies from people to people.] (Celeste)

[It varies huh] (Ryouta)

[It’s incredibly rare, so not much research has been done, but rumours said that if you think about something you want, then that item would drop from it, was what I heard.] (Celeste)

[A drop based on your imagination huh.] (Ryouta)


That’s rather interesting.


[Let’s try defeating it.] (Ryouta)

[Okay.] (Celeste)

[So anyone would get a drop from it Even when its outside the dungeon](Ryouta)

[That’s right.] (Celeste)

[Then Celeste, why don’t you try it] (Ryouta)

[I’m fine with it.] (Celeste)

[You sure] (Ryouta)

[As what I want in mind…..is either Ryouta-san or something that resembles Ryouta-san to drop…..] (Celeste)


Celeste was mumbling to herself.

I can’t really hear what she was mumbling, but its certainly bad if I ask any further.


[If that’s the case, then I’ll try it then.] (Ryouta)

[Good luck~] (Celeste)


I took out my revolver, then loaded a Normal bullet for testing purposes, I fired.




The treasure chest made a clean sound of glass shattering.


[Eh It, it’s weak] (Ryouta)

[Seems like it.

Since anyone can defeat it, and anyone can get something out of it, that is if you can find it to begin with.] (Celeste)

[I see….] (Ryouta)

[And you see the sharp teeth protruding out It’s the opposite of what you think.

Seems like it’s made out of some sponge like material.] (Celeste)

[….It reminds me of the old days where there’s this monster called a Present monster.] (Ryouta)


It’s basically a bonus monster.


Then something dropped.

I went close to it and picked it up.


[……Wow, it’s my smartphone.] (Ryouta) (TLN: Time for In Another World With My Smartphone season 2)


I was actually surprised by it, it even had the same scratch from when I dropped it after just buying it, and regretting it so much.


[What is that] (Celeste)

[Uhmm…it’s a thing called a smartphone….but there’s no way I can charge it if it runs out of battery.] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta-san] (Celeste)

[Alright, Celeste can you stay put right here] (Ryouta)

[Eh] (Celeste)


I held the smartphone, and took a distance away from Celeste.

I turned it on and chose the camera function, then I tried fitting Celeste into the frame.


[Alright, cheese~] (Ryouta)

[C, cheese] (Celeste)


Celeste was clueless as to what’s going on, then I press the shutter and took a picture.

After confirming it, I showed it to Celeste.


[Here.] (Ryouta)

[Eh….It, it’s me] (Celeste)

[Yeap, it’s something called a photo.

It’s the lens on this and the functions on the phone that helps take a picture.] (Ryouta)

[Wow…..I’ve never seen something like this before.] (Celeste)

[I can even record things.] (Ryouta)

{Wow…..I’ve never seen something like this before.}

[Hya! W, what was that] (Celeste)

[It’s a video.

It’s not immediate, but saved for a certain period.] (Ryouta)

[So there’s even something like that….So this is what was Ryouta’s mind](Celeste)

[…..Well, I guess so.] (Ryouta)


I messed around with my smartphone and deleted all of my email in my inbox.

I don’t want to remember the work I’ve done for that Black company.


But with this, I’m for certain that this is my phone.


[So this is a treasure chest.] (Ryouta)

[Hey Ryouta-san.

Do you have other things in mind that you want] (Celeste)

[There’s quite a few.] (Ryouta)

[Are there other amazing thing like that] (Celeste)

[…..Quite a few indeed.

Like for example, a microwave….but it’s kinda useless as we’ll eat Emily’s food before it even gets cold.] (Ryouta)

[Is that so.

Fufu, I’ll look forward when we meet with a treasure chest again.](Celeste)

[Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.] (Ryouta)


Agreeing with Celeste, I placed my phone inside my pocket.


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