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Chapter 20 – The new house is super chill

The next morning, Emily and I decided to take the day off from work——So instead of diving into the dungeon today, we went to town.

Same as last time, we went to the real estate agent shop where I went previously to hurriedly lend a house for Emily.

The person from within saw me, and immediately stood up to greet me.

[Well if it isn’t Satou.

What brings you here today]

The person is in his early thirties with a really slim waist.

His body is completely lean, if we were to put it in a bad way he is that type of people.

However, since he speaks clearly, I find him reliable.

Etto…..If I’m not mistaken his name was….


[It’s Antonio.]

He answered while smiling.

I guess he sense that I’ve forgotten his name, thus he decided to initiate first.

It really helped me.

Being guided by Antonio, Emily and the two of us were sandwiched between a table.

[I want to rent a new home.]

[Thank you very much for choosing us.

Can you perhaps tell me the conditions for your new home]

[As long as it’s new, and wide.]

[I understand, what would be your estimated budget]

[I guess around 800k Piro]


Emily who was quietly sitting next to me was shocked, and voiced out.

[Isn’t 800k Piro Yoda-san’s entire fortune nanodesu.

Is that alright nanodesu I would consider keeping some for any just in case situation nodesu.]

[It’s okay~]

If we don’t have cash then we should just earn more.

Since all my Drop are S, and what’s more my HP and Strength is already considered really high—where it is easy to defeat monsters.

Besides, we now have our trusty Magic Cart to increase our income efficiency.

Currently, using our entire fortune won’t trouble us.

Even if we were to use it, we can just earn it again tomorrow.

This was what’s in mind, using this method.

[I understand———Would these property interest you]

We’ve easily decided on our new home.

It is at the heart of the city, a 2LDK property. (TL: LDK is living room, dining room, and kitchen)

The building is new and it’s clean, the residence around us seem kind too.

The rent is 150k——It’s half of my daily income from using the Magic Cart!

Since it’s possible to move in immediately, I chose this location, and paid the monthly rent in advanced for the security deposit, thus the contract is done.

By the way, I decided to keep our previous 20k Piro house as it is.

Even if we move out I decided to continue renting our previous house, leaving it as a Second House.

We also left the warm and cozy atmosphere that Emily has created as it is.

Although it is sort of luxurious of me, since it’s still reasonable to do it, thus I lavishly did so.

The next day, our first day in the new home.

After waking up, I head to the clean living room and ate the breakfast that Emily had prepared.

[Emily, you’re amazing.]

[What is, nanodesu]

[We’ve only just moved in here yesterday, right]

[Yes desu~]

[Even so—]

I scanned through the entire living room.

The inside of the house is sparkling clean.

Though, it’s not the same as a cleanliness of a new home.

It’s not only as clean as a newly bought home, but also the feeling of warm and cozy atmosphere of living here for a really long period of time.

If I’m not mistaken, this wasn’t what I saw when coming in here yesterday.

Everything is sparkling brand new, it’s exceptionally clean.

It was just plain beautiful.

It is what it is, you’re crazy if you aren’t surprised to this extent.

[I just normally cleaned it for a while.]

[This is not the level of just normally cleaning it.]

This deserves to blow one’s mind away.

Emily who had done all these is an amazing woman.

Compare to when I was living at my parent’s house, this warmth is even better than there.

[Are you going to Nihonium then to Teruru again Here you go, this is Yoda-san’s bentou~]

After saying that, Emily handed me a small package.

Accepting the bento, in it must be my lunch box.

Emily’s bento, it must be extremely delicious.

Even if I’m inside the dungeon, the cooled down bento would still be delicious.

That is Emily’s specialty.

And if it were to be eaten inside the dungeon, my stomach will be in bliss.

[I’m not going today.]

[How come]

I found an even better happiness that I want to enjoy even if I were to not go today.

[I don’t wanna work and lay around indoor all day.]

[Is, is that okay If we don’t go to the dungeon, we won’t get any income.]

[No problem, we can go tomorrow.

What’s more…]


[I thought of it just a moment ago that it’s stupid to work every day.]

[Eeeeeeh Ar, are you sure it’s fine not working everyday]

[I think it’s fine!]

I told myself it’s fine.

Yes, it will all work out.

It’s alright to not work everyday, I can go to the dungeon whenever I like or when we need to pay for rent.

That’s the reason why I acquire so much Strength.

Therefore, I think it’s legitimate to have one day where we don’t do anything all day!

More like I wants to be lazy all day! Staying at this comfy home that Emily made.

Emily did not know what to do and was panicking, she does not know what to do to the me who propose the idea of not working today.


[Yes desu.]

[Let’s rest today! With all our might!]

[Y, Yes desu!]

After pushing her to this extent, she mimicked me and rested.

Today is a very carefree day.

Together with Emily, chilling all day (‘very day).

In the middle of the day, Eve came to our house begging for more carrots.

Thus I took out our stockpile of carrots and handed it to her, and she joined us together to chill.

So, a day has passed—Our income for today is zero.

We did not contribute to society at all today!


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