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Featured Image: Kusanagi, the three treasured sword

Inside the accelerated world, the item that was dropped was a sword.

It was a rusted sword.


It’s a so-called long sword or a dagger, but unlike your usual sword, where the handle and blade were made of different materials, this sword’s handle and blade is made out of the same material.

It’s basically a rusted sword made out of entirely metal.


Then, beside the sword, there appeared a woman.

It was a figure-sized woman wearing a kimono.

Whilst still in the accelerated world, the woman was staring at me intently.


[I see, so this is what it is.] (Ryouta)


After saying that, the woman quietly nodded.

Seems like she responded to what I said.


Previously it was the mirror and jewel, now it’s the sword.

It’s clearly referencing the three sacred treasures.


And, out of the 9 floors, the 7th floor dropped the rusted sword.


[So you’re asking me to explore the last two floors] (Ryouta)


She silently nodded again, then afterwards smiled.

So that’s what it is.


I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me, but once I reach the last two floors, I’m sure the rusted sword would return to its original shape.

Guessing that, the woman—–Nihonium confirmed.


[I got it, please wait for a little while more.] (Ryouta)


The woman smiled gently, then disappeared once again.

Gripping on the sword, I placed it inside the pocket before the day comes when I need to retrieve it again.


Now that I think about it, what about the effects.

For my HP, Strength, and Stamina, when I received the mirror, the limits of these three stats were lifted and I could breakthrough from S to SS.

Similar to the jewel, my MP, Speed, and Intelligence broke through

and was able to hit SS as well.


So what happens after I get this sword


When I was inside the dungeon, I thought to myself that, [It’s not possible right now] as I haven’t gotten the sword yet.


Originally, after getting this sword, I’m for certain that the rest of my stats can hit SS, but how about this rusted sword

Thus, being curious, while still inside the accelerated world, I instantly killed a Mummy that appeared.

The seed…..is seriously taking it’s time to drop huh.

Faster…..Gosh just come out already……


After waiting for what seems to be an eternity, the seed dropped at the same time as the accelerated effect stopped.


{Master} (Leia)


Leaving Leia’s question, I went and pick up the seed.


—–Mentality has been upped by 0.


I guess it hasn’t broke through the limit.

So I was right about getting the sword back to its original form, and only then it will lift the last 3 status.



In the afternoon, I was inside Teruru Dungeon doing my usual farming session.


And in the morning, the farming session in Nihonium was another different routine.

So in Teruru, Leia is responsible in picking up the drops, and honestly it’s must faster for her to pick up.


I was trying to find that sweet farming routine…..but for some reason the efficiency was kinda bad today.


[Today’s total is 2.14 Million Piros.] (Elza)


When I returned to the mansion, Elza counted the total amount and answered.

Can’t be helped, there are days like these.


This is also a challenge itself to face my failures, as I could learn today’s bad efficiency and avoid doing it in the future.


[Hey, your face seems kinda dull today, are you alright] (Elza)


Seems like I can’t completely snap out of it that even my face was showing, as Elza asked me in a worried expression.


[Aah no, even though I was testing out some farming method, seems like today didn’t quite hit the mark.] (Ryouta)

[But you’re still doing an amazing job.

To earn 2.XX Million Piro a day is quite a feat.] (Elza)

[I guess you’re right.

But since Leia is with me, I thought that I can aim for a higher goal.] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta-san….you’re really dedicated.] (Elza)


Elza was moved by my words as she looked at me with eyes of respect.

Even though it’s not something that splendid, but if I were to say it, I’ll surely lose.

So when being stared with such eyes, I feel kind of bad.


While I was finding an excuse to leave, luckily a helper from outside came to help me.




It was Cerberus who cried out my name.


[A-ah, Cerberus is calling for me so I better get going then.] (Ryouta)

[Yes!] (Elza)


I escape Elza’s place, and went to the garden.

As I reached there, it wasn’t Cerberus who was just there, but Clayman was there as well.


[What’s the occasion] (Ryouta)

[There’s a report for Master.] (Cerberus_

[A report] (Ryouta)


I tilted my head, then looked at both Cerberus and Clayman.

Clayman walked one step forward, and glance at me before speaking.


[Our work has been done safely without any problems, and we have received our remuneration as well.]

[I see, that’s good to hear.] (Ryouta)

[Also, I have discussed this with everyone else, but we decided to bring it to Satou-san.]


After Clayman said that, he handed me an envelope.

After taking it, I took a look at what’s inside, and there were two 10 thousand Piro notes inside.


[This is] (Ryouta)

[This is today’s remuneration, we took a cut from our pay to give it to you.]

[This is for Master~] (Cerberus)

[NO wait, it’s not like I mind it—–] (Ryouta)


Clayman looked at me seriously and cut my words.


[We are able to live there peacefully and quietly.

And this is all thanks to Satou-san, so take this as our repayment to you.]

[It’s basically the same as the villagers in Indole.] (Cerberus)

[The villagers in Indole…oh you meant the taxes] (Ryouta)


It’s true that Indole has been regularly transferring the money to my desk.

The taxes from the adventurers who were selling their gold dusts.

So similar to that, Clayman wanted to do it as well.


[I see.] (Ryouta)


I appreciate their feelings, and there’s no point saying no right now, so I happily received the 20k Piro.


[Alright, I’ll receive it.] (Ryouta)

[Then I will come by everyday to give it to you.]

[Isn’t that a pain to do it daily] (Ryouta)

[Our legs don’t feel that way.]

[I, I see, you are monsters.

You have higher stamina than humans.](Ryouta)


While thinking for a moment, I asked them to wait for me a bit.

I went back inside the mansion and went to where Elza is.


[Elza, sorry to bother you, but can you cancel some of the things I sold](Ryouta)

[Yes, it’s fine but.

What do you want to do with it] (Elza)

[Just a little bit….roughly around 200k Piros.] (Ryouta)

[I understand.] (Elza)


After Elza said that, she handed me 200k Piros worth of vegetables, then placing it into my pocket, I went back to the garden.

Then, taking the vegetables out, I handed it to Clayman.


[It’s my share, please take it.] (Ryouta)

[Eh Is that alright ]

[There’s no good or bad in taking the share right] (Ryouta)


Smiling at him, Clayman became slightly confused, then answered while smiling at me as well.


[Thank you so much, everyone will be extremely happy.]


As expected of a former monster, a rogue monster.

Clayman then take the 200k Piros worth of vegetables and went out of our mansion.


After sending him off, Cerberus turned and look at me.


[Master, you’re too kind.] (Cerberus)

[Is that so] (Ryouta)

[And you’re too generous as well.] (Cerberus)

[They almost have zero after giving me their pay.] (Ryouta)

[But it’s still amazing.] (Cerberus)

[I guess so] (Ryouta)


After saying that, Cerberus wagged his tail and pounce on me.

Cerberus was a little heavy, but it wasn’t painful.

Thus, I continued with Indole.

I have both tax income from Indole and the monster village.


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