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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 19 – A guy who earns 300K a day

On the very next day.

I’m currently taking a break from increasing my Strength at Nihonium dungeon and decided to head to Teruru today.

Why Because I want to test out the capability of the Magic Cart.

How much is the maximum load, and how much would it sell from that load

This is what I want to test out today.

First place will be the first floor.

The monsters here are Slimes and their drops are Bean Sprouts.

Since defeating Slimes is extremely easy, I saved up my bullets and fought it hands on instead.


The efficiency of defeating it is difficult.

The usual drill is to approach it closely, and defeat it.

When trying to get close to it, it bounces away from me, so trying to battle with it is rather difficult.

So I tried a different method, I’ll rotate between shooting at it and picking up the bean sprouts.

After defeating the Slime, I pick up the Bean Sprouts and throw it into the Magic Cart.

While repeating this endless cycle, the cart gave an alert saying it’s full.

Since it’s full, I tried using the function that Alton-san applied to the Magic Cart to count the total amount.

After putting all the bean sprouts into the cart, the total amount was displayed.

41789 Piro, I can’t believe it’s around 40k!

I was honestly surprised.

Up until now, the total amount we collected after a hard work’s day was only 20k, but now with this it suddenly doubled that amount!

It was amazing to the extent that I’m seriously excited of it’s capability.

Thus, I used the extra 1789 amount of bean sprouts and turned it into rogue monsters to get more bullets, and the remaining 40K will be brought to Elza.

[Exactly 40k! How come!]


Elza was extremely shocked to the point where she is transfixed to the ground.

After explaining the function of the Magic Cart to Elza, she is now admiring it.

Her voice caught hold of another adventurer.

He too wanted the Magic Cart thus I told him about Alton’s shop and he immediately went out.

Now that I know the maximum amount for bean sprouts is 40K, it’s time to test out the second floor of Teruru Dungeon.

The opponents are Drowsy Slimes, and I’m aiming for their drops which are carrots.

First off, I should first configure the price of a carrot on the Cart.

When I noticed a Drowsy Slime, I immediately shoot it.

I then pick up the dropped Carrot and put it inside the Magic Cart.

34 Piro.

Immediately afterwards another Drowsy Slime appeared, I instantly shoot it, and place the Carrot inside the cart.

The amount went from 34 to 63 Piro.

Eventually, the Magic Cart was filled up to the brim again.

The total amount turned out to be 38814 Piro——Though it’s slightly lesser compare to the bean sprouts, but it is still doubled from the previous amount.

I changed the remaining 814 Piro worth of carrot to bullets, and cash in the remaining 38K Piro.

Next is the third floor, the pumpkins from the Cockroach Slimes.

Following the same manner as the carrots, I first set the unit price to Pumpkins.

After defeating a Cockroach Slime, a huge pumpkin popped out like a popcorn.

Then, carrying the pumpkin into the Magic Cart, the amount shows 10016 Piro.

Just 1 of it equates to 10k!

Though I’m collecting the pumpkins one at a time, but it rises up quickly due to the width.

In a way, I’m surprise though it’s a different meaning compared to just now—But…

The Magic Cart can barely fit just 4 Pumpkins in it, due to the huge sizes of them.

Though 4 of them equates to 39608—It nearly could reach a total of 40K Piro.

Since I only use a total of 4 bullets, it is unnecessary to replenish it.

In the end, it seems that bean sprouts are the winner.

Unlike the pumpkins and carrots, I can fill up more bean sprouts inside the cart.

The pumpkins are probably the worse compatibility for the cart.

Out of the 4 pumpkins I collected, the least amount was 8K Piro, what’s more I can’t put in another one inside because 4 is the maximum I can fit.

Worse case scenario, the least amount I could earn from it is around 35K Piro, though it is still more efficient than last time.

After fully exchanging the Pumpkins for money, I finally head down to Teruru’s fourth floor.

The monsters in this floor are Bat Slimes, and they drop Bamboo Shoots.

As for the unit cost—I’m at a loss as to choose which option.

Since this is my last earning for today, I’m feeling rather good.

While thinking so, I pick the unit cost for [Ryouta • Bamboo].

After finding a Bat Slime and shot it down, I pick up my branded bamboo shoot and place it into the cart,

……Well since it’s my last earning, I don’t wanna look at the amount till I collected the max amount of Bamboo Shoot before looking at the total.

After defeating it, I place the bamboo shoot in.

After defeating it, since I would likely count it, I tried my best to close my eye and put it inside.

While heartlessly defeating(murdering) them, I placed it all inside the Cart.

Afterwards, the alert finally came stating the cart is full.

It’s finally filled.

Now, how much is the total amount!

My heart is racing, as I’m feeling really nervous—I looked at the numbers and my eyes popped out.



Etto, one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand……

Etto one of them is lining up with these two, I’m not blurred or just seeing things, right

That means…..6 digits

—–6 digits!! It’s 200k Piro!!!

Can bamboo shoots be worth 200k

Though I understand that the brand is being markup thanks to Eric-san but, 200k

It’s easily—-10 folds!!

Since my efficiency is multiplied, even without the Magic Cart I can easily earn 100k.


I’m astonished at not only the greatness of the Magic Cart, but also at Ryouta • Bamboo.

Just diving into the dungeon for a day, I’ve learned two great things.

I’m simply overjoyed, today was a good day.

As I finished celebrating.

40k plus 40k plus 40k plus 200k is…..equal to around 320k!!

Even though it has risen to this extent but, I can’t believe the amount of sweat and hardwork I put into working my ass off day in day out at my old company, in just a day, I earned it just like that.


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