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Outside of Cobalt Dungeon.

Many adventurers were there making noises.


The entrance of the dungeon is clogged with Iron Bars.

They were the drops of the first floor.

The mountain load of Iron Bars sealed the entrance off, causing everyone not being able to enter.


[Stop wasting ma’ time, get them out immediately!]

[It’s impossible!]

[That’s right! No matter how much we take out, more of them floods out…..it’s increasing faster than we can take them out.]

[Then find more men to get them out!]

[Didn’t I already say it’s impossible.

With how small this entrance is, there’s only so many men we can place here before anymore would be useless.]


Even though they were removing it like how people removes mudslide, but it’s as they say, no matter how much they remove, more Iron Bars would just flow out.

More than a thousand plus Iron Bars have been removed, but they were no signs of seeing the road anytime soon.


The adventurers were getting impatient.

If they can’t get into the dungeon, then no money can be earn.

So obviously they’ve gotten even more irritated.


[What the hell is this even! Seriously what the hell is even going on]

[We asked the last person who came out before this happened, and he said that there was this guy called Ryouta・Satou still inside.]

[That , the leader of the Ryouta family]


That person just sat there, but he has some kind of ability where he reflects any damage dealt to him.

When the monsters attacked him, they would damage themselves and kill themselves instead.

And thus we come to the situation right now.]

[Why would he do something like that.]

[About that…..]


One of the adventurer placed his hands on his mouth, and whispered to the other adventurer.


[It seems like someone tried to assassinate him last night.]



What’s more they used a horrible technique of having a woman as a suicide bomb.]

[Which bloody dumbass did that! If they used something like that, it would just incur the wrath.]

[Was there any rumour about who it was]

[A rumour huh…..Well maybe the bugger who placed the Dungeon Dust all over Shikuro’s Dungeon]

[Aah that makes sense.]

[You talking about that Linus・Ronin guy Is he stupid or something!]


The adventurers who were already irritated and being rowdy were even more furious after hearing that.

The adventurer who tried to whisper literally did not matter.

As the talk between the two of them had already caught everyone’s attention.


[So what happens if you use a woman as a suicide bomber——Obviously something like this would happen you dimwit!]

[Yeap, of course this will happen.

We’re talking about that Untouchable.

Since it’s dangerous to be targeted, the safest method would then be to camp inside a dungeon.

Since it’s impossible to prevent any automatic counters.]

[Does he even have a reason for killing Untouchable! This Linus.]


The adventurer spitted out, and raised his voice like the others.

Insults and abusive words towards Linus were increasing by the second.



Samechiren’s Association, chief’s office.

Linus was furious while skimming through various documents.


The documents were mostly complaints.

Complaints from the adventurers and also from trading shops.

All the complaints were about Cobalt Dungeon not working anymore which is losing many of the adventurers earnings, and all of them were piling up on Linus’s desk.


The contents were mostly asking the Association Chief to do something about it, but they were a few that wrote there [This is all your fault right Go fix it immediately!].


He is to blame for it——basically what goes around comes around, and he was there fuming while reading all these documents.

It wasn’t just documents, but there was a piercing eyes staring at him, which was embarrassing as he was being pissed right now.




It was NIcholas who came to visit.

Linus who was hugging onto his head immediately looked up and stared at Nicholas.


[You alright.] (Nicholas)

[What the hell are you here for!] (Linus)

[Well don’t be so mad, I’m here to thank you.] (Nicholas)

[Thank me] (Linus)

[You gave me a reason to fight with him.

Thanks man, because of you, I’ve finally had a good brawl in such a long time.] (Nicholas)

[And you still dare to show up in front of me! Even though you’ve failed your task!] (Linus)

[Can’t be helped.

I’ve had a fight with him, and since I lost, I have to follow what the winner says.] (Nicholas)

[Follow] (Linus)


He wanted me to tell you something.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas was smiling, but Linus’s face tightened.


[Depends on the reaction of the other party.

Was what he said.] (Nicholas)

[Depends on me So he wants money] (Linus)


Nicholas snorts and laughs.


[You think he’ll forgive you with just that/ I think you’ll be better of apologizing to him] (Nicholas)


This time Nicholas shrugged his shoulders.


[Welp, I’m done conveying his message.

Anyways, I’m gonna leave you be.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas bowed slightly with his hand gestured out, then standing up he was about to leave.

However, as he grabbed onto the door knob, he stopped and said something.


[Ah that’s right.

Based on my estimation, I think there’ll be a Dungeon Master spawning inside Cobalt Dungeon tomorrow.

And based on my report, it’ll probably appear at the lowest floor.] (Nicholas)

[! ! !] (Linus)

[Welp, toodles~] (Nicholas) (or “atout a l’heure”)


After finally saying what he wanted, Nicholas once again started walking out.

The only one left in the room was Linus in despair.



Dungeon Master, an annoying being that could very well shake the ecosystem of a dungeon, even as far as changing the drops inside the dungeon as well.

And therefore knowing when it appears is extremely important.

Right now, it was reported that it’s going to appear.

And nobody could get into Cobalt Dungeon and stop it.


A further bashing was waiting for Linus.



Night, the day has set, in the chief’s room.

More piles of documents were stacked on the table, and Linus was hugging his head while leaning on his desk.


With just half a day, it feels like 10 years of his life has slipped away.

There, Cell visited him.


[Sorry for interrupting.] (Cell)

[W, what are…..] (Linus)


Cell who entered the room sat in front of Linus, then Cell looked at him haughtily.


[Seems like the bashing was kinda bad.] (Cell)

[Fuc……..I, It seems like it has nothing to do with you right.] (Linus)

[That’s right.

But I won’t endure it.] (Cell)

[Huh] (Linus)


Linus cried out, but Cell tossed a document towards him.


[This is] (Linus)

[You’ll know once you read its contents.] (Cell)


Linus then quickly scan through the document.

At first he had a doubtful look, but soon that doubt turned pale.


[Th, this is…..] (Linus)

[I do not enjoy trampling on a dog who has already fell into a puddle of water.

The documents shows that you were collecting money out of Indole.] (Cell)

[…..] (Linus)

[The money that was donated by Indole was mostly kept inside your pocket.

I’ve got this from a person who’s trying to attack you too.] (Cell)

[Wh, what are you trying to do] (Linus)

[I too do not like to have these being published to the public eyes.

Even more so in this city.

However, the case has been caused into such a large scale, and if it’s someone with many enemies, I’m sure there would be more dirty secrets that would be revealed] (Cell)


Won’t you agree As he looked at Linus.

Linus was frustrated.

What Cell argue was real, and that he was implying it indirectly.


Even without saying anything, he knew what he was saying.

The case about the Dungeon Dust, and obviously Cell was grabbing hold of this as he knows about it.

And if it is issued at this kind of timing, it would completely be disastrous.


Feelings of hesitation, distress…..and also resignation.

Many feelings were merged together, and everything that Cell knew about, was staring at him.


[I’ll resign, please let me off with this.] (Linus)

[Tell that to Satou-sama, not me.] (Cell)


After Cell said that, he immediately went out.

Seeing the appearance of Linus walking out the door, for a split second it looks like he aged another 10 years or so…..As if he has become an old man.


[As expected of Satou-sama.] (Cell)


Cell looked at a corner with eyes filled with respect, imagining the person who isn’t here before walking out as well.


[Just by sitting there, he could force that guy to resign.

Really, only Satou-sama could do something as weird as that.] (Cell)


With this case, the nobility of Satou has grown by ten folds.


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