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[Uhihi, I lost~] (Nicholas)


Lying on his back, Nicholas was making a strange laughing sound while his voice indicating that he was satisfied.

Even though I’ve fought back with my full power till he was beaten up, he still sounded so energetic….


[I knew that you were amazing.

My eyes did not deceive me.] (Nicholas)

[I, is that so] (Ryouta)

[Hey, hey.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas pulled his body upwards.

Sitting on the ground, while putting his arms on one knee whilst trying to stand up, he showed a smile at me.


[Let’s do it again sometime.] (Nicholas)

[Again] (Ryouta)

[Oh yeah.

It’s been awhile since I last had such a refreshing brawl.] (Nicholas)

[The hell are you even saying, a refreshing brawl……] (Ryouta)


I looked around me.

The surroundings were completely in ruins.

Instead of a brawl, it feels like he really wanted to kill me, plus it was the ‘destroying the environment’ kind of killing.

He wasn’t sad, but instead refreshed, I really don’t know what’s up with him.


[Hey it’s alright right, right.] (Nicholas)

[No wait—–] (Ryouta)

[Alright, while you’re deciding let’s go have a drink.

Let’s go get some super-aged meat from a shop that I know of.

The old meat and old sake is delicious ya know.] (Nicholas)

[Wa, wait, wait just a second.

You change your mood too quickly, what’s more, weren’t you doing your ‘usual job’, what are you gonna do about that] (Ryouta)

[Today we head to the store.

My rule is to not work overtime.] (Nicholas)


While I tried to protest, Nicholas forcefully dragged me along to his conversation.

I saw Nicholas standing up, and I could see he was slightly limping from the damage he took earlier.

His mood is really easily changed huh.


[Ma~n, that felt so good.

You know, I just came twice during that fight earlier.] (Nicholas)


Even though he’s a pervert, but he’s kind hearted.

Though I don’t see that we’re gonna deepen our relationship, but it’s not like I’m in a hurry for that.

I guess we can deepen it by drinking some sake.

While thinking about it, we walked together.


[Back to what you said, what is this ‘super-aged meat’] (Ryouta)

[It’s from Bromin Dungeon.

It’s one of Hetero’s dungeon, and it’s the dungeon’s drop, something like a manufactured meat.] (Nicholas)

[Manufactured inside a dungeon] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, after the the monster drops the meat, they’ll leave it there for awhile until it becomes a new monster.] (Nicholas)

[Right.] (Ryouta)


It reminded me of the Parent-Child Slime back in Teruru.

The Parent-Child Slime would drop multiple potatoes, but depending on the drops, if the potatoes are small or it’s spoiled, those won’t become gold.

So if you leave those bad potatoes on the floor of the dungeons, you can just hatch a new Parent-Child Slime.


There are rather large variance in which adventurers go about their everyday life.

It’s illegal to hatch something other than that monster’s drop, but it’s alright if the drop isoriginated from that floor.

Plus, they welcome more monsters on that floor to begin with.


[So they utilize that.

Leave the dropped meat, and once it becomes spoiled the monster would hatch again.

Then defeating that monster another meat drops.

Something like that.] (Nicholas)

[Why would they go through such an annoying process] (Ryouta)

[Because meat that is rotten is the most delicious.] (Nicholas)

[Well….I guess so] (Ryouta)


I have heard of such arguments before, so I can’t say I don’t understand.


[When the meat is rotten, the umami(flavour) would come out before it begins the hatching process again.

So once that happens, the flavour would still stay there and the freshness would return from the new drop.] (Nicholas)

[Is that how it works] (Ryouta)


That’s what they term as reincarnation.

Once, twice, thrice, the more you reincarnate that meat, the tastier it’ll be.] (Nicholas)

[Wow, I see…..] (Ryouta)

[However, depending on how rotten it is, after it hatched into a monster again, there is a limit to whether it’ll drop or not.

Sometimes even adventurers with A Drop can’t guarantee a drop you know] (Nicholas)

[That’s true.] (Ryouta)

[Hence why the more you reincarnate that meat, the higher the price would be.] (Nicholas)

[Interesting.] (Ryouta)


I slightly admired the process of the meat.

I do see the increase in price.

As there is this heavy thought that you might fail in getting the reincarnated drop, and all the hard work you put into making it the best is just like, playing an MMORPG when you’re trying to upgrade your weapon to it’s limit, and during the process of upgrading it, the weapon just decides to break even when it has a freaking 70% chance of succeeding, really makes you think about life.

Well, that’s why it’s expensive, as the value is there.


At the same time, I understand Nicholas’s interest even more.

Especially the sake.

The older it is the better it tastes, which lead to me understanding on why he insisted that time is the most luxurious.


While walking along, we were chatting about the super-aged meat.

Saying that it has such a strong taste with its fine and tender chewiness which just melts into your mouth, it makes my mouth watered in anticipation.


We then left the streets that was mostly in ruins and finally returned to the busy streets where we were before.



[Ah, the customer from before.]


It was the waitress that I helped just now.

I wonder if she was looking for me, as I could see her looking around for someone.


[What’s the matter] (Ryouta)

[Is this something you left at your seat.

So I thought whether you forgot about it.]


After saying that she handed me a revolver.


[Oh Ain’t that the weapon you usually use] (Nicholas)

[Well I didn’t get to use it.] (Ryouta)

[Not fair!] (Nicholas)

[Huh Wh, what the hell are you saying not fair] (Ryouta)

[Take that and fight with me again, let’s go for round two right this instance.] (Nicholas)

[No no no……] (Ryouta)


I thought you said you don’t work for Over Time…..while thinking about that I took my revolver….And at that moment.


I noticed something.

I had my revolver.

My revolver was with me this entire time.


One revolver.

It wasn’t two, but one.

When the waitress handed me the revolver, it was a second revolver.


My reaction were a tad bit too late.

Since I always had two revolvers all this time, my reaction was a bit slow.


The revolver shone.

The gun barrel cracked, and from within the light was brimming out.

Even the [blink] of the light, I reacted too slow.


The world around me stopped….no it became slow.

It was as if I was inside a slow motion movie where it’s moving frame by frame, and I can’t react.

Only I realized the meaning of this light.


This girl was a suicide terrorist.


The moment I realized, I immediately took out the Absolute Rock and used it.



After the dazzling lights swept the entire area.

There were flickering lights and burning pain, and after that was over I opened my eyes.


Right in front of me was Nicholas.


[Oi, you alright] (Nicholas)


Nicholas who was in the Invincible state was worried about me.

After breathing deeply, I took out my revolver.

I fired the Infinite Recovery Bullet……to the damage where it must be treated immediately, then immediately exhaled and spitting out air that was accumulated in my lungs.


[I’m alright.

How bout you.] (Ryouta)

[I’m alright.

Cause you pushed this to me.] (Nicholas)


After saying that, he held onto the Absolute Rock that I pushed to him.

The moment when the light was about to overflow, I quickly shoved the rock at him and activated.

Because of that, Nicholas was unharmed.

However, the surrounding was horrible.


Even though the buildings weren’t damaged, but the atmosphere had a change.

It had a [nothing at all] kinda air.


It was similar after a typhoon has passed away, it’s like the dirty air was wipe cleaned and now there’s only refreshing air, but there’s nothing around the air whatsoever.


[What the hell happened.] (Ryouta)

[You, are being aimed.] (Nicholas)

[What] (Ryouta)


I looked at Nicholas as if what is this all about.

Then, Nicholas smiled but it was slightly different.

Even though he was smiling, I could feel the killing intent.


[So you used me as bait huh.] (Ryouta)

[…….In order to defeat you I don’t mind using such methods, even if I can’t defeat you I would use my subordinates to weaken you.] (Nicholas)

[So that’s how it is.] (Ryouta)

[…..] (Nicholas)


Nicholas smiled, but his eyes weren’t smiling.

It’s like he hated to use such methods.


[Well it’s too bad for that Onee-chan.

That she was involved with all this.] (Nicholas)

[Aah, well if that’s what you’re worrying then that’s alright.] (Ryouta)

[Huh] (Nicholas)



When Nicholas was shocked, the waitress’s head came out of my pocket.

It was as if I gave birth from within the pocket.


[What the hell is that even.] (Nicholas)

[I just put her inside my pocket before the explosion.] (Ryouta)

[That’s amazing, you’re really good.] (Nicholas)

[….] (Ryouta)


The Absolute Rock isn’t that Invincible after all.

I was stabbed behind my back by Nicholas, and I had to even protect the normal civilian waitress by putting her inside the pocket.

Plus, I had to use my all on magic to protect myself.

It was a prompt decision, but it went well regardless.


As soon as I understood that it went well, anger swell up on me.


[Nicholas, who’s your client] (Ryouta)


I have my predictions, but I want to hear it from the man himself.

The answer that Nicholas said was as expected.



The Chief of Samechiren that we’re trying to pursue.


Guess I have to pay him a visit and return back the compensation he’s done to me.


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