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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 173 – Samechiren’s Winter Camp


Proofread: Shiro


The city of Samechiren.

Together with Cell, we sat inside a rickshaw whilst moving in the city.


Compared when walking in the middle of Shikuro and having a European vibe, the people and the things displayed around this city clearly had a chinese feel to it.

However, it did not lose out against Shikuro with their amazing crowds buzzling around the streets.

It’s because of this world, there’s literally any kind of dungeons that exists, so I was really curious at how the people live their everyday lives here.


Of course I’m interested in the names of the dungeons, however my mood right now wasn’t at that.


I started asking Cell who was sitting opposite of me.


[Now that we’re in Samechiren, where are we going] (Ryouta)

[The Dungeon Association.

We are going to corner the Dungeon Association Chief there named Linus・Ronin.] (Cell)

I see now.

He did say that he was coming here to enforce the rules around the dungeon association.


[That’s fine and all, but why bring me too] (Ryouta)

[I would love Satou-sama to cooperate with us.

It is something that only Satou-sama can do for us.] (Cell)

[Something that only I can do] (Ryouta)


I might be able to handle it by myself, however, if Satou-sama were to appear in front of them, then it’ll be easier to talk about the story.] (Cell)

[Is that so…..Well what should I do then.] (Ryouta)

[You can follow me, and just listen to what we are talking, that is all.] (Cell)

[Is that all I have to do] (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.

Even though his eyes were calm, somewhere around his eyes were hiding a sadistic look.

I wonder if it’s another facade that he doesn’t want to show to me Was what I finally came up with.


Finally we arrived at our destination with the help of two sturdy man pulling us.


After getting down the rickshaw, a five story building was greeted in front of me.

I then followed Cell into that building.

I wonder if he’d made an appointment to just walk past a luxurious looking reception room.

A look as though he had waited for awhile was painted on his face.


The man that was criticized by Clint during the Indole case, Samechiren’s Association Chief.

HIs name……Cell said it was Linus.


[Sorry for the wait.] (Linus)

[It would be the first time meeting.

I am the Dungeon Association Chief of Shikuro, Cell・Stem.

The gentleman beside me is the Association Chief of Indole, Satou-sama.] (Cell)


After introducing himself, Cell helped introduced me as well.

Oh right, I am Indole’s Association Chief.

Indole is practically under Shikuro’s Association, so normally I won’t care about it.


But now I get it, the reason why he asked me to tag along.

As Association Chiefs, I have to answer to any questions.

I better prepare myself.


[I’m Linus・Ronin of Samechiren’s Dungeon Association Chief.] (Linus)


Even though he introduced himself, but I felt some anxiety.

I guess it’s his reaction to what this visit was for.


[I apologize for the sudden visit.

However there was a recent incident in Shikuro and Indole that happened.] (Cell)

[Wh, what would that be.] (Linus)

[Apparently someone went around our dungeons and placed Dungeon Dusts in them.] (Cell)

[S, so there was such a criminal wondering around.] (Linus)


With words of condemn coming out of his mouth, Linus’s voice was trembling.

His eyes tend to move around, looking at me and Cell every once in awhile.

His eyes were enough to tell us everything, that he was the one who did it.


[So did Samechiren not face such despicable and wicked case] (Cell)

[I, I wonder.

I did not receive any such reports.] (Linus)

[I see.

I’m sure you know this as well, but it is a serious violation to do something as to tamper with a dungeon.

I myself could not overlook this case as it concerns Shikuro.

I have to absolutely catch this culprit…….This wire-puller.] (Cell)

[I, I see.] (Linus)


Linus’s voice trembled even more.

Cell then continued to threaten Linus in a roundabout manner.


With such a surprisingly roundabout manner, it was making him uncomfortable.

He can’t do anything, and occasionally answering in short words.

Whenever Cell opens his mouth, Linus was slowly being pushed into a corner.


I thought of the phrase, “Even though Osaka Castle was extremely glorious, it was still miserably abandoned”.

Cell was as such, he continued to fill in the outer moat.


[However, our opponent did something extremely foolish.] (Cell)

[Eh] (Linus)

[There is a saying in Shikuro.

Do not get involved with Ryouta・Satou.

Those who did something unreasonable and brings Satou-sama discomfort, nobody has ever left before sustaining devastating damage.] (Cell)


Now that he mentioned it, there was a saying as such.

Was it during the case of Clifford Maybe that’s when it started.

Well, I just normally did what I had to do.


However, that was also used as a threat.

And Linus who did something unreasonable was extremely scared.


[If it is related to Satou-sama, then even the Dungeon’s drop time would be changed.

Now that I remember, I wanted to ask you about this, but I wonder if Satou-sama can make drops itself disappear] (Cell)

[Huh] (Ryouta)


What’s with the sudden question——at that split second I understood what it was.

So this was what he said about listening to the talk.


[It’s possible.] (Ryouta)

[Oh, is that true] (Cell)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)


There’s no need to talk with each other, it’s normally doable.

When I brought Aurum back to stay over for the night, if she doesn’t return to the dungeon by morning, that’s what would happen.

I think I can pull it off.


[As I expect of Satou-sama.

No, wherever Satou-sama is around, no absurd situations would occur.] (Cell)

[That makes me happy to hear it.] (Ryouta)


It was my true feelings.

When I was still working under that Black company, whenever there’s any absurd things I would immediately stuck my head into it.

However when that’s gone, it actually made me happy.


[By the way, Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Yeah] (Ryouta)

[Since you’re in Samechiren, why not get an experience with the dungeons around here.] (Cell)

[Experiencing the dungeons That’s true, I do have some interest with what sorts of dungeons Samechiren has…….Is that alright though] (Ryouta)


I continued the talk.

Remembering about it, I asked Linus.


I guess this is some sort of threat as well.

Tackling head on to absurdity, and talking about what had happened to people who I’ve faced, plus the possibility of making drops disappear with the help of Aurum.


So many things were being threatened against Linus.

Linus who was feeling the multiple poisonous threats, he looks as though 10 years of his life has been sucked away.


Even though he’s been threatening for awhile, at the end Cell did not say a word and we left the Samechiren’s Association.



While being pushed by the sturdy men, Cell turned and talked to me.


[I’m grateful for your help, Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Is that alright with you] (Ryouta)

[Umu, with Satou-sama’s help, we have completely gained the initiative.] (Cell)

[I’m glad to be of help.

But I don’t know whether to be glad, we didn’t really give any demands though] (Ryouta)

[Since we’ve taken the initiative, there’s no hurry for it right now.

Linus・Ronin is a proper person, once he understands his position, I’m sure he’ll offer to us by himself] (Cell)

[I see.] (Ryouta)

[What’s more, The moment before a huge tree falls is the most delicious.] (Cell)


Cells unequivocally mentioned about frightening things.

But oh well, this time it was Linus that has to suffer his consequences.


[If Satou-sama wasn’t around, I wouldn’t have been able to do it as well.

So I once again thank you.] (Cell)


In the comfortable rickshaw, Cell touched his knees and bowed to me.


[Thank you.] was what he said.


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