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Waking up in the morning, I cleanse myself in the bathroom then changed to a normal wear, I walked over to the dining area and saw Celeste’s face was planted on the table as though she was one with the table.

The tall and beautiful black hair girl, even though she’s always the beauty that sits up straight, but that usual image wasn’t seen today.


[Morning Celeste, what happened to you] (Ryouta)

[Morning Ryouta-san.

Even though it’s early in the morning, a Magical Wind has hit the city once more.] (Celeste)

[Aah, that’s why.

Are you alright though] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, as long as I’m inside the mansion, I should be fine.

The reason why I’m in this state was because I was happily going out and the Magic Wind hit me.] (Celeste)

[Is that so…..] (Ryouta)

[I’m alright, okay.] (Celeste)


Celeste sat up straight, and the usual perfect beauty has returned once again.


[At least the inside of this mansion is properly protected, the forecast also said that it will return to normal once afternoon comes.] was what Celeste said.


She seemed alright, well it’s something that can’t be helped.

Even on earth, I would get a headache because of the cyclone that’s causing a low pressure.

In this kinds of situation, it’s best to stay put and rest.

Luckily, it should be gone during the afternoon.


[This too is Ryouta-san’s fault, you know.] (Celeste)


Celeste made a smile on her face with a playful feel to it.

I know that she wants me not to worry and was only jokingly saying it, but what’s that gotta do with me


[Because I’m always with Ryouta-san, so my level was maxed out long ago.

The Magic Wind would get worse the higher the ability of a magician.] (Celeste)

[Ooh, well if you put it that way, then it’s indeed my fault then.] (Ryouta)

[Right~] (Celeste)

[If that’s the case, I should apologize to you.

Anything you want] (Ryouta)

[Hmm let me think…..Alright, how about we head for tea I saw a good store while walking around the streets.

I want to go there, just the two of  us.] (Celeste) (TLN: WAY TO GO CELESTE!)

[I got it.

Let’s head there next time.] (Ryouta)


When I said that, Celeste was extremely happy as she smiled sweetly.

I thought that even for a bit, I could help ease the pain of the devastating effects of the Magic Wind for her.





Nihonium, 6th floor.

Using the Teleportation Room to get here, I immediately noticed some discomfort.

My temporal region was pulsating, it wasn’t like I was taking any damage, but I can feel some sound coming from the back of my head.

When hearing it from Celeste and the rest, it seemed to be the symptom of a Magical Wind day.


But why I thought when…


[Aah…..My Intelligence….is now at….S.] (Ryouta)


I immediately understood why.

The Magical Wind that would make strange changes to the conditions of a Magician.

The stronger you are as a Magician, the more damage you’ll take from the Magical Wind.

Since my Intelligence is at S, the effects of the Magical Wind was as strong as a S damage.

That’ll surely affect me.


I stood in position, and checked my condition.

Even though it was painful, but it’s not as though I couldn’t move.



I was using the Absolute Rock’s invincibility effect, so the damage was cut by quite a lot.

Yeap, it seemed like it won’t affect me from hunting.


Coming with a conclusion, I started my hunt.

(Let the hunt begin)


Nihonium Dungeon 6th Floor, Poison Zombie.

I continued hunting them today.

After coming out from Sulphur Dungeon, I felt that besides my statuses, I would need to improve on my techniques.

Sniping, and shooting at their limbs.

Testing and training on various methods, I defeat the Poison Zombies and obtained the dropped seeds.


Without any accidents, at about noon, the scheduled amount of seeds were gathered, and my Intelligence has became SS.


Finally my Intelligence…has reached SS.













Nihonium Dungeon, 7th floor.

There weren’t any Dungeon Snow nor were there any poison gas, it looked similar to the first 4 floors from above.

Since it wasn’t necessary, I disabled the Absolute Rock’s invincibility.


[Eh] (Ryouta)


I unconsciously let out a voice.

The moment I cancelled the affect, the back of my head started to hurt.

It was the pain from the Magical Wind.

It was the same when I entered the dungeon during the morning.


[I thought it ended after afternoon] (Ryouta)


While holding onto my neck, I head back up to the 6th floor.

With the full poison gas emitting on the floor, I took a little damage because of my Endurance, but the headache stopped.


I went back down to the 7th floor, the headache started again.

6th floor, nope.

7th floor, yeap.


[Wind Cutter.] (Ryouta)


As I chant the magic, nothing came out.

Now I get it, it seems to be the special trait of the 7th floor.

After you passed the 5th floor of any dungeon, there would be floors with special traits in them, so it was necessary to take an examination for the 5th floor and onwards.


I took out my revolvers, and loaded some ammos.


Immediately, I encountered a monster.

The 7th floor monster was a wrapped bandage Mira, a Mummy.

But it wasn’t just some ordinary bandage, the back of its neck was strangely standing upright, and in front of it was some kind of electricity charge surrounding it.


The Mummy attacked me with surprisingly agile movement.

For it’s figure it was moving quite fast, though not as fast as the Red Skeleton, so I dodged its attack and fired a normal bullet at it.


The bullet flew straight at it—–but the sparks surrounding it made the bullet disappear.


[Is it used as an armor or something.] (Ryouta)


This time, adding the Strengthening Bullets together with 2 Normal Bullets, the Penetrating Bullet was formed.


But it was erased as well.



I thought as such.


This area has the traits of the Magical Wind so magic is prohibited, and there is also a great possibility that physical attacks would not pass through.


So I tried normal bullets, Penetrating Bullets, and even the Strengthening Bullets.


As a result, all of the bullets were erased as expected by that Electric Armor.


The Mummy rushed forward with its arms forward.


While guarding it, I flew backwards.


It was on purpose.

The power seemed alright for its appearance, the guarded arm had a little ticklish sensation, and there was also an additional damage from the lighting armor.


While jumping out, I used the Flaming and Freezing Bullets and fired.


The bullet landed, and the magic circle spreaded, burning the Mummy’s arms, and freezing its legs.


The Mummy shouted like a raging child.

It seemed to be effective.

A floor which has magic prohibition, and a high physical tolerance monster, but weak against magic.


It’s easy to understand once you test around.

Wait, there’s one more thing to try out.


I set my Infinite Lighting Bullets, and fired.

The bullet landed on him, bringing out a powerful lighting bolt—–and the Mummy recovered.


It was as what I’ve pictured.

I thought that the bandage was coated with some sparks, so it seems to have an absorbing lighting attribute.


With this, I could roughly grasped my strategy method.

After firing several Flaming Bullets, the Mummy burned down and collapsed.


It did not revive back like on the 4th floor, it just died normally.


It was at that moment when my strategy was established.


After the Mummy disappeared, the seed dropped.

Only 1 was dropped, the kind that raises my status.


—–Mentality rose by 1.


So the 7th floor seemed to drop Mentality seeds.

Well, I should give my all to up it from F to E then.


After thinking as such, a Mummy spawned below my feet which surprised me.

A sudden attack, in a panic my spinal reflexes as I defeated it in the most efficient way.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


I casted magic, but nothing happened.

The magic that defeats monster once I defeated it once—–was what it was but.


[The Magical Wind huh!] (Ryouta)


Although it was the so called strongest magic, but it exists within this world, so it can’t resist the logics of this world.

The strongest magic can’t be used when magic is prohibited in the first place.


I opted for a counterattack, and the Mummy spawned at a misfortuned time.

It opened its mouth wide enough to tear itself, trying to bite me.


I tried separating with it, but it soon caught up to me and would not leave me be.


[Th…..This thing!] (Ryouta)


I grabbed the Mummy’s head and kicked it with my body weight.


The Mummy still grabbed on to me, with all my might I tried to push it away, then the arm that was grabbing onto me, teared away from its elbow as I jumped away.


Nevertheless, the arm that was grabbing onto me would not let go, so I fired a few Flaming Bullets and knocked it down.


I’m glad that I’ve been practicing.


Even when Repetition could not be used, even if my bullets were limited.

I could still fight.


With the 3rd Mummy, I was able to defeat it with Annihilation Bullet.

Without any pain, I could still fight.


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