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Bismuth Dungeon 6th Floor, with the help of Alice’s guide I was now defeating Chameleon with Repetition.


[Repetition !] (Ryouta)


Testing it once, the Chameleon went transparent again, and after it was completely gone I fired Repetition.

The Chameleon’s movements were slow, so even if they turned transparent it should still remained at somewhat the same spot.


Hence I fired to see whether my theory was right or not.


[It’s not working.] (Alice)

[It looks like it.

I guess it’s better to think of it as them turning invincible rather than becoming transparent.] (Ryouta)


Even though Repetition is a Magic that allows you to defeat a monster in 1 shot, the recognized Chameleon could not be defeated.

When they’re invincible, it’s best to think that there’s nothing we can do to defeat it unless it comes out again.


Even with the strongest class magic, it could not defeat a Chameleon once it went into it’s invincible state.


[It makes sense that there are less adventurers who could defeat such monster.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah.] (Alice)

[But you do know when it appears right.] (Ryouta)

[Of course !] (Alice)


With such confidence, she raised both her thumbs up.


[If that’s the case then let’s seriously do this, let’s get ‘dem wheat and send them back using the Magic Cart.] (Ryouta)

[Yes!] (Alice)


Thus, Alice and I went around Bismuth Dungeon’s 6th floor round and around.

While walking through the multilayered rainbow-coloured walls of the Bismuth Crystals themselves, I defeated the Chameleons with Repetition after spotting one from Alice, and sent the wheat using the Magic Cart.


We did that for some time, and a Transportation ball was floating right of our eyes.

Who came here from the mansion Was what I thought when the entire teammates came all at once.


Emily, Celeste, and Eve, the three of them.


Cerberus could not come due to being a rogue monster and Elza who had to manage the wheat supply could not leave too so these were all of us.


[Good work nanodesu.] (Emily)

[It looks like it’s going rather well.] (Celeste)

[What’s wrong, everyone] (Ryouta)


I stopped my hands and when I asked them, Emily, Celeste, and even Eve all turned to look at me.

The bunny costume wearing Eve with her usual reserved face was seen.


[Don’t mind us.

If there’s nothing right, then it’s all good.] (Eve)

[What does that even mean] (Ryouta)

[We have no idea either nodesu.] (Emily)

[It’s better if you just spill it out, then we would know, or at least know what you want.] (Celeste)


Emily and Celeste had a confused expression, apparently they also seemed to be out of the mosquito net(meaning you are placed in a position where you do not understand what’s going on.).

I looked at Eve.



A.K.A Killing Rabbit, and called by other Veteran Adventurers.

I wonder if there’s any speculation.


[I got it, do whatever you like.] (Ryouta)

[Are you alright with that] Celeste furrowed her eyebrows.


[Since I’ve taken someone as hostage, Eve that is.] (Ryouta)

[Hostage nanodesu] (Emily)

[I’m the only one being able to get an S Drop carrot.] (Ryouta)

[Regrettable……but gnawing.] (Eve)


Eve jokingly said, as she picked up carrots out of her costume and chew at it raw.

She really does love her carrots.


Meanwhile, Emily and Celeste seemed convinced.

The carrots that I produce with S Drop seemed to have a distinctly different taste than the rest, and the reason why Eve was in our team was mainly because of that reason.

If that was gone——-it seemed like I would be at a disadvantage, was what they came to a reasonable understanding and thus was convinced.


Meanwhile, Alice had a grin on her face, and struck my side with her elbow, whispered to me.


[Oh you, you’re not a frank person huh, Ryouta.

Even though you just have to normally trust Eve.] (Alice)

[That goes without saying, as it is a [trust] anyways.] (Ryouta)

[Fumu fumu That’s true too.] (Alice)

[Besides, Eve is more pleased with that.

A girl who only loves carrots, isn’t it more pleasing to see someone with a face like that.] (Ryouta)

[Heh] (Alice)


Alice had some interesting thoughts, and went to where Eve was.

In front of the girl who was still chewing at her carrots.


[So Eve is a girl who only loves carrots, huh.] (Alice)


As she repeated what I just said to her, word for word.


Then, it seemed that the rainbow-coloured cave shone even more.


[They’re like a close friend to me!] (Eve)


Eve showed a tremendous energy and smiled, one that was never seen before on her.

It was a smile that was causing her reserved character to collapse.


[Ooh, amazing.] Alice was moved.


I don’t have to try anything for today, as Eve seemed pleased.


Alice returned to me.


[That’s amazing, it’s exactly as Ryouta said.] (Alice)

[I guess so.] (Ryouta)

[Yes! I’m amazed you understand your friends so well!] (Alice)


I don’t think it’s worthy of a praise but alright.


Being embarrassed by Alice’s praised, I resumed hunting Chameleon as is.

Alice became our radar, and I used Repetition to instantly kill, Emily and Celeste then picked up the wheat as if it was strawberry hunting while sending it to the Magic Cart.


Thus, the relaxing period continued, but it was broken in a flash.


Strange men came down from the upper floors, and went passed us as he went down further.


There were those who were smiling, and those who were glaring at me with their eyes.

The number count was 10, the one thing in common about them is their enmity towards us.


[Oooooh, this is quite grand eh.]

[Sorry but you have to stop right now.]

[If you feel hurt then blame it on yourself young man.

If you’re doing this, many people would not be able to do their business, you hear me]


After they said so, they further strengthen their hostility.


At us——especially when Emily, Celeste and at the same time Eve came.


[Are those them nanodesu] (Emily)

[I see.

So these are the people that would trouble Ryouta-san’s progression.] (Celeste)

[A somewhat common scenario.] (Eve)


Eve nodded quietly and said.

I see, so that’s why Eve invited everyone over.


The men attacked all at once.

Emily, Celeste, and Eve who understood the circumstances intercepted them.


Emily jumped with her hammer first towards them, whereas Eve ran towards them with her small feets and used her Special Move, Certain Kill Chop.

Celeste, from a former garbage disposal and now changing occupation to an adventurer, she had gotten used to fighting, and on her left the Bicorn Horn firing a barrage of fire, and on her right casting Inferno.


Towards the 10 opponents, the three of them did not even move back, and was even overwhelming their opponents.



[Something’s not right desu] (Emily)


Emily suddenly shouted at the man who smiled cynically.


[You fell for it.

Our goal wasn’t to destroy you, but to stop you guys from working.]


What the heck are they saying——as I tried thinking and immediately knew what their motive was.


Bloodthirst could be felt directly from above.

The bloodthirst could not be compared to these men, it was an inorganic-like bloodthirst.

The bloodthirst was straightforward and thought nothing other than killing.


[While you’re here you’ve attracted that over here.

It was careless of you guys.]

[I’ve already known such a thing.] Eve quietly said as the man was surprised while saying [Nani! ].


It wasn’t just Eve, but Emily and Celeste stopped moving, and wasn’t surprised.

Rather they were smiling a little.


Then the bloodthirst closed in, as I approached kicking the ground lightly and dropped.

Rushing there immediately.

After momentarily descended at a SS speed, I ran behind those guys and surprised them with an attack.


Doing a standard body blow with a Strength of SS.

Their body bent in a “

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