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After raining and night came, the streets of Shikuro.

A bar with delicious beer called, .


Ryouta・Family was gathered over there.

Inside the spacious bar, sitting at the furthest back possible, me, Emily, Celeste, Eve, and Alice, all five of us were sitting at a table.


Next to them, Cerberus was sitting with his upper body upright, looking at the entire bar with a ferocious face.


While we were eating and drinking, Cerberus played the role of a respectable watchdog.


[Oi, ‘dat a Cerberus right]

[Ain’t ‘dat the watchdog of hell.

Da heck, it’s eating food from that tiny child.]

[Ey you, that tiny child that you’re speaking of is Emily-san, you living under a rock or something]


Everyone in the bar was eyeing on us, and were gossiping here and there.


Carrying the dishes and beers that we ordered, as soon as the bar’s poster girl with an apron and a hood approached us, Cerberus stood up.


Larger than a normal human, he exposed his teeth while looking down at her.

The poster girl was shaking in fear.


[Cerberus, she’s working for this bar so it’s okay.] as soon as I ordered him, he sat back down.


The poster girl that felt relieved placed the food and drinks on the table.


[I’m sorry for frightening you.

It’s already okay.] (Ryouta)

[Is, is that so]

[Yeah, look.] (Ryouta)


Beside the poster girl who was still a little afraid.

Alice brought the dishes that was brought and placed them in front of Cerberus.

Wagging his tail like mad, Alice showed a smiling face as she took one of the dishes and lets him eat, that figure was totally like a dog.


[Our dog is pretty obedient.

It would not attack if I say that person’s not an enemy, though if it is, then he wouldn’t show any mercy.] (Ryouta)

[Th, that’s right.

Though it’s big but it’s still a dog.]

[Do you wanna try touching him] (Emily)



Emily asked the surprised poster girl.


[If you give bunny bonus carrot dishes, she’ll let you touch her.] (Eve)

[Is that really alright]

[Cer, come here.] Celeste called for Cerberus as he sat in front of her.


While laying down, she stroke her head with a rhythmic movement.


[Here, you try.] (Celeste)

[Then, thank you.]


Rub rub, as the poster girl stroke the head of Cerberus.

Cerberus allowed her to do so, the owner—-Ryouta Family——ordered him therefore the poster girl could caress him.


She was even caressing his body.


[So obedient.]

[Being able to tame the hell dog, Ryouta Family is strong.]

[Hu, hun.

It ain’t that great, that’s cause that Cerberus is at its first form.]

[Your voice is trembling though.]

[Plus the number one most frightening thing is an obedient watchdog.

Being tamed by its owner to only listen to them and mercilessly attacking enemy is the scariest.]


Listening to various gossips while being satisfied, all of us made eye contact and agreed.


It is to appeal to everyone that our family has Cerberus now.

Although Cerberus is a rogue monster originated from Kerberus, but it has a collar so someone won’t misunderstand and attack him by mistake.


The objective of bringing him to the bar is so that we could appeal everyone of the [perfectly tamed dog].


Afterwards, things conveniently happened further from here.


[My voice ain’t trembling m‘kay!]

[But it sounds like it.]

[Ey, what did I say!]



A fight broke out at a distance.

One of the guy flipped the table upside down, and the other guy kicked the table off.


The kicked table flew over here.


Cerberus chewed on the table which flew straight here.

Interrupting the table that was flying against me, he opened his huge mouth and bit it.


The eight-man table was shattered in a flash.




Cerberus raised a low growl, where’s the enemy of the owner, as he showed a ferocious face without me saying anything.


Though the scene wasn’t as scripted, but naisu Cerberus.

The surrounding went silent, overwhelmed by the watchdog of hell of the Ryouta Family.


[It’s okay Cerberus, it was just an accident.

It isn’t an enemy.] I quietly said, and Cerberus stopped growling and had a pose from just a moment ago where the poster girl was allowed to easily stroke him.


[Amazing…..he really is obedient enough to listen to orders.]

[Anyways look at that, that dog hasn’t eaten the food yet.]

[That’s true.

What’s wrong with that]

[Dogs are classified as a living thing in a family, so before the head of the house eats, they do not eat first.]

[The family head huh…..Aah.]


Various lines of sights gathered to me after some story was told.

This was truly convenient, as I took the food that was carried here and placed it on my mouth.


After eating it, Cerberus began eating as if given permission to eat.


Then cheers rose from within the bar.


[Ryouta Family is seriously awesome(lit af).]

[They always surprise us each time, this Ryouta・Satou.]

[A fearful man…..Let’s not do anything to go against that family.]

[Yeah, someone that I know also said the same thing.]


While listening to various words, Cerberus was perceived as my dog and after that rumour was spread, my purpose of coming here today was finally fulfilled.



After going home, I relaxed inside my room.

Lots of things happened today, so it was time to head to bed.

Someone knocked on the door.


[Who’s that] (Ryouta)

[It’s me, master.] (Cerberus)

[Cerberus huh.] (Ryouta)


I got up and opened the door, where Cerberus was sitting in the hallway.

Like the [Hachiko Statue], he is sitting all roundly like a faithful dog, but there was still a sense of intimidation as his body was large.


[What’s wrong, don’t like your new room] (Ryouta)

[No! It’s nothing of that sort! Thank you very much Master, I did not think that Master would trouble himself to allow me to have a room all by myself.] (Cerberus)

[Is that so…..Fumu.

I guess if it’s a room for humans, it’s hard for you to go in and out.] (Ryouta)


I gave Cerberus a room within the mansion, but seeing that he had to knocked a little while ago, I thought that it wasn’t easy to use.


[I’ll call the agency by tomorrow to remodel the room for you, so it will be easy to live.] (Ryouta)

[That’s unnecessary! I’m alright with what I have.

I’m grateful enough to die just by having a room with a roof on top of me.] (Cerberus)

[Let’s keep that sentence for next week.

Emily is here, thus there is still more happiness than now.] (Ryouta)

[…….Thank you so much, Master.] (Cerberus)


Cerberus lowered his body down so as I would look down at him from above.


[I’m happy to be picked up by Master, I never dream of sleeping in such a warm room with delicious food.] (Cerberus)

[I see.] (Ryouta)

[Hence, I’m really really grateful for what you’ve done for me, Master!] (Cerberus)


Cerberus seemed to be happy while facing at me.

Just because he is a rogue monster, he was forced to eat leftovers from garbage, him being able to show such a face right now, I was happy for him.


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