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Nihonium 6th floor, I who turned into a stone encircled the floor.

Filled with the poison mist, I was aiming my revolver steadily to headshot some zombies.


As Nihonium isn’t a time attack dungeon, I could slowly and carefully do things here.

One shot one kill, keeping my 100% headshot streak, I continued hunting.


At the same time, I did not neglect dodging attacks.

Though I’ve became invincible thanks to the Absolute Rock’s powers, but that was just to prevent from being poisoned.

Not letting any monsters land any hits on me, I properly dodged their attacks.


There was once when I played a game which became a habit of mine, where when I became stronger, when hunting low level mobs I would just use my strong skills to kill them while making huge wasteful movements.

Not falling for that again, I carefully planned my movement while hunting the Poison Zombies.


Dodging all their attacks, and also landing all my headshots 100% of the time.

If I were to do the latter, it would’ve been easier but it is also important to concentrate at all times, and although it exhausts me, when the time comes I would be prepared to face against them.


Training a ton for the entire morning, my Intelligence has reached C from D.

Of course, my dodging and hit rate was at a 100% at all times.



Afternoon, before leaving to earn some income, I went to the city.

After handing the mirror to Nihonium, I wondered around the city more frequently for the remaining Sword and Jewel


Since obtaining the ability to teleport to any dungeons, the excess free time was used to search for the items in the city.


[Yo brother, how bout trying some of ‘dem tobaccos.

The from the 30th to the 60th floors have tobaccos ya know.]

[The Newt that has the special zincum, Chinese softshell turtle, and Mamushi(Gloydius blomhoffii(a.k.a: japanese pit viper)).

We have all of dem.We even have some rare newts.]

[Today we received only 1 box of Krypton’s Green Onion! You can eat it or shake it! It’s even fresher than any Shikuro Dungeon’s Green Onions!]


The city of Shikuro is as lively as ever.

The market was crowded with products that had been gathered from various dungeons.

I was deeply emotional to think that even the various vegetables that was produced by me were selling in the streets.


While wandering around the market without purchasing anything.

I would sometimes pick up some dungeon names which made me go [What the heck].

I thought the Gods in this world hates tobacco, so why were things like existing

And Zincum’s energy drink….Well whatever.


Compared to those, the Gold from Aurum was straightforward and likeable.


While wandering around the market, I looked around for the sword and jewel.

Suddenly, I noticed that a part of the market was making a big fuss.


I wonder what happened as I went towards it.


[It’s a monster! A rogue monster has appeared!]

[Call someone! Pierre’s husband is being attacked!]




As I’d gotten closed to the commotion enough to distinguish words from the noise, I immediately kicked the ground and dashed.

A middle-aged man was attacked by a monster at the source of the noise, which was smacked right in the middle of a horse racing field.

The monster is a Frankenstein, a rogue monster hatched from garbage.


[Repetition!] (Ryouta)


Since the guy was about to be attacked, I hurriedly used Repetition as it was urgently needed.

The Frankenstein was erased without a sound and the man was saved.


Immediately after, cheering sounds were made.

The thankful words and praise of the citizens filled the air as they saw me helped the man.



[Thank you, thank you for saving me.]

[Are your injuries alright] (Ryouta)

[Aah, this is but a scratch.]


The man that I helped——Pierre showed his elbow and laughed.

It was certainly a light scratch, a degree of scratch that you would have when you rubbed against a wall while escaping.


I was glad that it wasn’t severe.


[Still, it has increased recently.] (Pierre)

[Increased as in, the Frankensteins] (Ryouta)

[Oh, you don’t know about it Recently there have been many cases of it appearing inside the city.] (Pierre)


Was there such a thing


[Why though Doesn’t Shikuro have people’s burning the garbages] (Ryouta)


This reminded me of Celeste who was once part of this job.

In this world, even the so-called garbage that humans leave would turn into rogue monsters.

Those materials that turned into garbage are not monsters from the original materials, they changed to 1 type of monster called the Frankenstein.


If you leave the garbage as is it would turned into monsters and bring harm.

This world puts disposing of waste way more of importance than Japan, which would lead to a high quality living environment.


As dungeons increases, Adventurers would also increase which inputs more taxes for the city, which is supposed to use to properly handle garbages.


[About that.]


Pierre frowned and said.


[Recently there has been rumours of people tampering with garbages.

I don’t know why, but they’re ruining the garbage.] (Pierre)

[Ruining garbages.] (Ryouta)

[That’s right.

They would scatter the garbage occasionally which resulted in the rogue monsters being hatched.] (Pierre)


Is that so…..

Ruining garbages, who is it and what are their motives


After separating from Pierre, I tried walking around the city while observing.

It’s true that I could see garbage sometimes laying around.


Since garbage becomes garbage, it was [0] up until now.

As it was a necessity, this world where no garbage can be seen anywhere is kind of like an eden.

That, has been slowly falling apart.


There weren’t any problems for garbage in the main street for now as there were people during the daytime, so it won’t become rogue monsters.





The wind blew, the garbage wavered, and was carried to an alleyway.

Luckily I saw it, thus I burned it with my Flame Bullet.

The garbage that had been carried to place that weren’t popular would eventually become rogue monsters, causing a commotion just like a while ago.


Still, why would do want to litter garbage



I went back to the mansion and told Alice.

I explained what was happening in town.


[Alice, can you also perceive the monster’s whereabouts in the city] (Ryouta)

[It’s possible, when Boney-chan and the rest were playing hide and seek with me, I used that to win them all~] (Alice)


Alice boasted.

The monsters that were riding on her shoulders protested while jumping around, bouncing and poking at her.

They’re so close together as always.


[If that’s the case then that’s good, will you patrol the streets for a while.

Alice, we can use your powers to find the just hatched Frankenstein so we can defeat it before it starts attacking innocent civilians.] (Ryouta)

[Okay, got it.] (Alice)

[I’m sorry for asking you to do something like this.] (Ryouta)

[That’s alright, it’s cool to protect everyone!] (Alice)


Alice heartily laughed.


[Aahh, I immediately found one.] (Alice)

[Eh] (Ryouta)

[Over there.

Just over there, there’s a monster.] (Alice)


Alice pointed at the wall of the mansino.

Although it is a wall, there was a garbage dumpster where garbage was gathered.


[I’ll go ahead and check.] (Alice)

[that’s alright, with that distance it’s better for me to go.

Thanks Alice.] (Ryouta)


While thanking her, I jumped out of the mansion.

I head towards where Alice pointed.

When I arrived at the garbage dump, I found something lurking in the shadows.


The shadow was small, it wasn’t human.

It was a rogue monster.


There are private houses in the vicinity, if left alone, it might cause havoc.

Acting as fast as I could, I used Repetition on it.


The strongest farm magic, Repetition killed immediately without mercy.

Because the rogue monster was a Frankenstein it would immediately die—–it didn’t work.


The monster snuck around the garbage and eventually ran away.


[……Aah! Wait!] (Ryouta)


I was puzzled for a moment and stopped for a moment as Repetition did not work, during which the enemy escaped.


While chasing after it I used Repetition once again, as expected it did not work.

Why though I thought as I finally caught a glimpse of the enemy.

This bugger had a cloth covering it thus I couldn’t identify it.

However, it was a fact that that wasn’t a Frankenstein.


[I see, you’re the culprit!] (Ryouta)


Recalling back, this bugger must’ve been the one scattering the garage.

So it wasn’t the Frankenstein.

Then it might be the culprit of the garbage vandalism.


As I thought, I decided not to defeat it but catching it.

I kicked the ground and dashed to it with my SS Speed.


I pretended to run away from him, the head…..I thrust the muzzle of the revolver where the head seemed to be.


[Freeze.] (Ryouta)


The enemy stopped moving, and was trembling in fear.

While keeping my revolver on it’s head, I took the cloth off.


[Do, don’t attack please, I’m not a bad monster.]


I was surprised, no this was beyond surprised.

What appeared from beneath the cloth, fur that was dirty all over and shabby.

A dog, no, it was a dog-like monster.


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