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At the streets of Shikuro, inside the Dungeon’s Association.

I was inside the reception room being thanked by Clint over and over again.


[Thank you! Thank you Satou! I honestly didn’t expect you to actually do it.] (Clint)

[So you didn’t trust me.] (Ryouta)

[Don’t get me wrong.

I was on my last straw, especially when there was never once a dungeon could escape it’s death.

What’s more when the bloody rain was present, everyone would know that [This dungeon’s done for], that was the common sense.] (Clint)

[I see.] (Ryouta)

[It’s not just that either, not only did the bloody rain stop, the number of monsters increased significantly too.

With this Arsenic would produce more materials, which would also increase our tax revenues.

And it’s all because of Satou’s help~] (Clint)

[I did what was requested.] (Ryouta)

[Even so I’m grateful for it.

That’s right, I was thinking of an item in proportion to your reward, so I decided to give a share of the tax revenue of Arsenic to Satou.] (Clint)

[Is that alright] (Ryouta)

[Of course, if Satou wasn’t here Arsenic would’ve been dead.

If it is this much you can leave it to me.] (Clint)

[If that’s the case, I’ll gladly accept your offer.] (Ryouta)


With that Arsenic would continue to live, and I would receive a share of the tax revenue from it.

Of course I’ll be happy to receive free money.


[Along with it, a years worth of sugar—–] (Clint)

[I’ll respectfully decline it.] (Ryouta)


Even with that much of sugar given to me, I won’t have any use for it and it won’t make me happy either, so I flat out refused.



Night, Villa De Edge.

I was with the four of my teammates.


We ordered the beer of the day and the five of us cheered.

Drinking beer after finishing a job was good enough to penetrate into five of my organs.


[Spirit……I’ve heard of it from others about finding it when you reach to the lowest floor of the dungeon, but there were little to no information about it so I wasn’t too sure myself back then.] (Celeste)

[The Rare monster drop was a blind spot nodesu.] (Emily)

[Hey hey Ryouta, what sort of person was the spirit Was it as cute as them] (Alice)


As soon as Alice said that, she placed her three comrades onto the table.

Jumpy-san, Boney-chan, and the Little Devil.

The three adorable monsters were on the table.


[No no, completely the opposite.

A small old man, not cute!] (Ryouta)

[Is that so……] (Alice)

[Even if it’s not cute, it can be cute if it’s low level number 2.] (Eve)

[I’m number two now!] (Ryouta)

[I get you desu, if he becomes Alice-chan’s team then it would be much cuter than the original figure.] (Emily)


When we arrived at the pub, my teammates were talking nonstop.


Eve, which was usually silent, was laughing in a good mood while chewing only on carrots from the appetizer vegetable sticks.


[With this the mystery has been solved.

I’ve always wondered why the Absolute Rock would not drop items.] (Celeste)

[Now that I think about it, if you are talking about items, it had not drop anything of that sort.] (Ryouta)


I remembered the words of Celeste.

After defeating the Absolute Rock, the stairs appeared.

The staircase was treated as a drop item.

An item that only an S drop can get.


[Was there a drop for the Absolute Rock originally] (Ryouta)

[There is.

Though nobody uses it, but it was still an item.] (Celeste)

[What is it like] (Ryouta)

[Bunny, for some reason has it.] (Eve)


Eve who was chewing on her carrot sticks took out a small stone from her cleavage of the bunny suits.

(Just so you know…ehem….NSFW)

The stone placed on the table looked like any other stone picked up from the roadside.


[This is] (Ryouta)

[Emily.] (Celeste)

[Yes desu] (Emily)


Celeste whispered into Emily’s ears.


[Yes desu.] (Emily)

[Then….] (Celeste)


After Emily nodded, Celeste took the stone from the table, and kissed the stone.

The next moment, Celeste’s body gradually turned into a stone.

Within 3 seconds, she became a stone statue—–a stone statue of herself.


[What is happening——] (Ryouta)




Before I could finish my sentence, Emily smashed Celeste with her hammer.

Emily’s raw A Strength power with her hammer.

The blow made a shock so powerful that the table’s cups and dishes floated in the air for a second.

But Celeste was still intact.

A blow from Emily’s hammer would’ve shattered any rocks in Arsenic, but Celeste was still intact.


[What is this] (Ryouta)

[An item that can hardened the user like the rock.] (Celeste)

[That rock….you mean the Absolute Rock] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Celeste)

[Nice, won’t that make you invincible] (Ryouta)

[Not really, I couldn’t move while I was in the form of the rock.] (Celeste)

[Ah darn.] (Ryouta)

[That means there will be some restrictions on using it.] (Ryouta)


That’s why even it had an absolute defence, one of the stone is only 98k Piro.] (Celeste)

[So cheap!] (Ryouta)

[That’s cheap…] (Alice)


I knew of how hard the Absolute Rock was, as i fought with it before.

Even though this item gave you the same hardness, it was only around 100k Piros.

Well, it can’t be helped if you can’t do anything just by hardening.


After awhile Celeste placed the stone onto the table.


[That’s why.] (Celeste)

[I see.

This item is useless…] (Ryouta)


I bitterly smiled, and drank the beer in one gulped and ordered another one.

The alcohol turned, and my head goes round.

There was something, a vision floated on my head, but it was hard to come up with.


Well, it’s not a big deal…..


[At the very least, if it can be used to move so you can run away.] (Ryouta)

[Especially when you’ll be hardened for quite some time.] (Celeste)

[If the carrot is hardened, can I still chew it] (Eve)

[I wished to harden my hammer desu, it’ll probably be better deesu.] (Emily)

[……..] (Ryouta)


Being hard, and move

If you become hard, become hard……


[Aaaaahh!!!] (Ryouta)


Slam! I stood up while striking the table with my hands.


[Yo, Yoda-san What’s the matter desu] (Emily)

[We might be able to move!] (Ryouta)

[ [ [ EEeh ] ] ]



The outskirts of Shikuro, the usual spot.

I placed the stone and then took a distance.


I went back and my teammates greeted me, we didn’t talk, but expectantly waited for something to happen.

Everyone knew what I was trying to do, they knew by experience from what I have done so far.


And they even knew my aim.

So their eyes were lit up with expectations.


After a while, the tone hatched into a rogue monster.

The Rare Monster at the bottom 30th floor of Arsenic, The Absolute Rock.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


Once a monster has been beaten, i could release the strongest repeating magic with a Full MP.

The Absolute Rock with the strongest defence power was knocked down and dropped a stone.


It was the same stone as just now, but then again it does not look like it.


I picked it up and used it.

While looking at my body it turned into a stone.


[How is it Yoda-san] (Emily)


Emily asked, and the other three were gazing at me.

I moved, jumped around and spun around.

Finally, I took a pose like a hero.


[Seems like I can move.] (Ryouta)

[ [ [ [ OOOOOOOhhh! ] ] ]

[Emily, HIT ME!] (Ryouta)

[Roger desu!] (Emily)


Emily swung her hammer around and came over.

The hammer was swung down and it immediately moved me and I landed on my butt.

Emily’s hammer hit my butt.



The shock waves were more than the time in the store.

Seems like Emily was holding back when we were in the shop.

Although she swung it with all her might, it did not scrap me at all who had turned into a stone.

It only had enough margin to flung me backwards.


[That’s amazing desu.] (Emily)

[As expected the results would be like that, a drop that was once dropped again by Ryouta-san.] (Celeste)

[This is really awesome.

It’s cheap, and it’s better to have everyone hold onto it for good measures.] (Alice)

[I agree, let’s make it a standard equipment for our family] (Celeste)


My teammates were making noise.

We obtained a new powerful equipment.


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