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Chapter 116 – A man who went ahead to obtain SS for Speed


Nihonium Dungeon, the third floor.

Inside a limestone-esque dungeon, I went around hunting for mummies with their bodies wrapped up with bandages.


When I faced for the first time, it was a tough battle indeed.

Normal bullets had little to no effect on them, only when I stumbled upon that the Flame Bullet was it’s weakness and only then can I actually defeat it.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


But now, it was an EZ victory.

As I’ve already defeated this monster once before, I used my strongest repeating magic to instantly kill it.


Ah, Repetition is such a useful magic, just by aiming at a target and chanting the spell, I could defeat a monster immediately.

All this while, it had been like an Action RPG, but with Repetition the RPG became a command-based RPG.

It was that easy, walking around and hunting.




A mummy crashed out from a wall and surprised me, but I stepped backwards while holding my gun, and blew it away with a turning knee kick combo, then shot a Normal Bullet at it.


Together with a consecutive rushing combo, it was decided.


Maybe I’ve been relying on Repetition that my body was numbed and was afraid for a moment, but I guess that wasn’t the case.


Yeap, I can’t be conceited.

Repetition is just [A magic that defeats a monster], that’s all there is to it.

Monsters that I’ve not defeated before would just make this magic as useless as the Wind Cutter magic, what’s more I would probably be facing even more new monsters from now onwards.


The Rare monsters on certain floors, the Dungeon’s Dungeon Master, or the boss that I have to face before meeting the spirit of the dungeon.

I would have plenty of chance to face against those monsters.

Thus, if I rely too much on Repetition, it would be a foolish act and would blunt my fighting ability.


I lightly sealed off my Repetition, and with my remaining time left on this dungeon, I used my dual style Gun=Kata to fight them.

I’ve also restricted myself by not using the Infinite Lightning Bullet, and disciplined myself on defeating it without any easy way out.


When morning ended, I’ve collected a ton of seeds and managed to raise my Speed from S to SS.



In the heart of Shikuro’s city, I was walking with Emily side by side.

I positioned my gun in front, and pulled the trigger.




The moment I fired the bullet, immediately after I caught hold of the bullet mid air with my hands.

Using my thumb and index finger, I caught hold of the bullet as if holding onto a seed.


I caught a flying bullet.



[Amazing desu! How did you catch that nodesu] (Emily)

[Well I just moved fast that’s all (that’s all…that’s all…).I just have to move faster than the bullet and catch it when I fired it.] (Ryouta)

[There’s a limit to how fast one can move nodesu.

And to catch something that fast with your hands—–is something I would never think of desu.] (Emily)

[Well I’ve seen someone doing that on movies in the past.] (Ryouta)

[Mo—-bies] (Emily)

[Ah, no just talking to myself.] (Ryouta)


There’s definitely no movies in this world.


Pulling the trigger again, as soon as the bullet flew out I used my hands to catch it.

Though the bullets were fast, but my SS Speed was faster.

Well, since I was the one shooting it so gauging on the timing and catching it wasn’t as hard as it seemed.


[Yoda-san is starting to get stronger desu, I’m happy nodesu~] (Emily)

[I’m not there yet, my Intelligence, Mentality, Luck, and also Dexterity.

Those four are still F.

Plus, I would still have to search for the sword and the jewel.] (Ryouta)

[That would be of no problems nanodesu, because Yoda-san would settle it in no time nodesu!] (Emily)

[Ah, I guess so.] (Ryouta)


I won’t know whether I can or can’t do it, but if I were to say whether I’m doing it or not, I’ll definitely answer [Of course I’ll do it].

That’s the reason why I must not rely too much on Repetition, and continue to defeat the small fry monsters with my usual method in order to keep my battle intuition sharp.


Thus, in order to improve my remaining abilities, I would have to do what I can as countless battles are awaiting me in the future.

Raising my abilities, and also obtaining more new items.

Those are important, but constantly cultivating my battle intuition which is not in a status is equally or just as important.


[I’ll do my best too desu.

Together with yoda-san~] (Emily)


Emily smiled sweetly at me.

I was almost caught looking at her and immediately looked away.


[Well, we won’t know what happens in the future.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu!] (Emily)


Afterwards, while being secretly healed by Emily’s smile, we walked together with our shoulders side by side.


Suddenly, my feet stopped.


[Yoda-san Why did you stop desu] (Emily)

[…….That.] (Ryouta)


I raised my arms up and pointed at something that was slightly further away from us.

Clint was over there.

Clint was sitting in a cafe terrace with a whole bunch of sugar cubes stacking on top of his table.

He was chewing on the sugars.


Munch munch.


[Haah…..Can someone help me with this situation.] (Clint)


Clint, who was all alone, sighed loudly.


Then, he turned over and looked at Emily and I.

It was on purpose, seriously, that was too obvious.


[Should we use another route to go] (Ryouta)

[I think that’s a fine idea desu.] (Emily)


Emily nodded, and we switched routes.


We won’t know what’s gonna happen, hence we needed to prepare.

Well, I do have some relationship with Clint, so if there were anything I would help.


Though, that would be the case if he came head front.


[That kind of invitation.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu, it’s 100% something bad nodesu.] (Emily)


Emily nodded, guess the both of us had the same thinking.

Thus the both of us hastened our footsteps away from that direction, but.


The road in front of us, Clint was there!


He was sitting on the ground in front of someone’s house, and on his arms were a stack of sugar cubes, he was biting on it.

The sugar cubes have increased.

At first there was a pyramid stacking of 5, but now it had increased to 10.



[……Emily, should we just head home for today.] (Ryouta)

[……Agree desu, it is important that we should rest our bodies once in awhile desu.] (Emily)


Emily and I hastened our pace even more.

This time we were walking fast towards the direction of our home.


This is bad, this is definitely bad news.

I don’t know whether he was doing this on purpose, but the moment we turned to another route, wee could see Clint with his favourite sugar cubes increasing again.

It all seemed to be a supplementary materials.


We hurried, and our walking fast has turned into lightly jogging.


[Once we turned to this corner we’ll reach home.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah desu.] (Emily)


When we turned around to look, Clint wasn’t there.


[I think we lost him—–but desu.] (Emily)

[Wait Emily, don’t say that, it’s a bad—–] (Ryouta)


Saying those words during this time is definitely bad omen.

It was as bad as when attacking a strong opponent in one hit and saying [Did I do it].

Basically it’s a flag, what’s more the flag was retrieved at supersonic speed.


The moment we turned around the corner, Clint was there!


Clint was sitting in front of our home.

This time the pyramid cubes had increased to 20 times.



[What the hell, even my name was said !! ] (Ryouta)


Shit, I’ve unconsciously tsukkomi his sentence and responded to him.

After thinking of it I was like damnit and covered my mouth but, there weren’t anywhere else for us to escape.


I can’t believe he would chase us until here, even if we were to escape till tomorrow—–and even if we managed to run into our home he might appear out of nowhere like just now.


Well, it’s not like I can run away from him for long, I thought and decided to talk to Clint.


[What is it…] (Ryouta)

[OOO, you’ve come at a great timing Sato—-] (Clint)

[You don’t have to do your little act anymore, just say what you want.] (Ryouta)


I stopped him mid-sentence, as I knew it was useless and it was a waste of time.


[……First off is to thank you.

And something huge has happened, I would need Satou’s help again for this.] (Clint)


Clint looked straight at me, with his usual Dungeon Association Chief’s look, he thanked me.

And right after, this case seemed to be serious.

Facing me with his most serious face, he said.


[Arsenic…..might run out of lifespan.] (Clint)


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