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When morning came, I’m currently heading to Nihonium Dungeon.

After waking up in the morning, I have a faint gleeful smile on my face…..For some reason I was reminiscing about my past.

Previously, it’s more of the moment before my memory was interrupted.

At that time, many days ago, my health wasn’t in good shape.

As time goes by, I felt more and more dizzy, by the time I realized what has happened to my body, it was already too late.

Although, I still consume energy drink and continued working.

On that morning, I was also working like mad, I was working so late till the point of overworking and I genuinely did not realize that, but I continued working because I still have lots of work to do till the last train has long pass.

Suddenly, my eyes went blurry and became full white and I felt light headed and knocked out on my desk—.

—The next moment the slime has drop something!

Somehow, looking back at it, it must be confusing as to what I’m saying right now.

I’m so confused that I thought [Am I still in that dream].

As I think about it I gradually get further away from the answer, thus I decided not to think about it completely.

As all these was happening, I was inside Nihonium Dungeon.

Somehow in front of my eyes, I was checking my status on the Know-It-All Board.


Level: 1/1



Strength C

Stamina F

Intelligence F

Mentality F

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck F


Even though my level is still the same at 1, but because of the seeds I’d hunted my power is gradually increasing.

As I went in, I pumped myself by saying “I’ll do my best again-”.Afterwards I went into the limestone cave-like dungeon’s second floor.

I immediately encountered a Zombie.

The zombie was as per usual, It groaned while charging towards me.

From yesterday’s Gorilla—I took out the item that was being dropped by that rogue monster where this world’s people have said that [They don’t drop stuff].


An explosion sound could be heard from my ears, and a whiff of gunpowder smoke can be smelled, my hands were also shaking for a while and soon became slightly numb.

At that moment—The zombie’s head was blown to smithereens.

The item that I was holding on my right hand, is an Automatic Gun which doesn’t belong in this world. (TLN: Automatic gun as in a handgun)

The Gorilla from before was the one who dropped the gun and a huge chunk of ammo for it.

Today, while hunting for the seeds, I went and test it out.

With one shot to the head, the zombie’s head splattered and died on the spot, leaving a seed on that ground.

When I pick up the seed, my strength was up by 1, and I continued searching for more zombies.

Then, I saw a zombie in a distance.

It’s around 20 meters away from me.

I positioned the gun and fired it….I missed and instead grazed it’s shoulder.

(TLN: I found this relevant XD)

I shot the zombie a second time, this time I confirmed a headshot on it’s head after aiming at it.

With this I’ve already killed 2 zombies, if I get used to it I might be able to hunt even faster than before.

As for the seeds—–.


As I was heading my way towards picking up the seeds, suddenly the wall beside me collapsed, in it appeared a zombie.

The zombie who suddenly pulled a surprise attack on me, I tried to open my mouth to say something but bit it instead.


While trying to forcefully get it away from me, I kicked on it’s abdomen.

The zombie’s body got bend into a ‘

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