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Below the city walls of Ocean of Clouds City, Shang Qingying led a group of inner court students and outer court students to obstruct the path of 10 young men in violet gold robed.

Most of these 10 students were Half-Saints, and the weakest amongst them was at the peak of the Monarch Realm!

“Ye Caiying, we captured that yellow robed man and white wolf.

It has nothing to do with your secret court.

Isnt it hardly justifiable for all of you to just come here and take them by force” Shang Qingying gazed at the man who led the group while revealing a slightly gloomy expression.

The man called Ye Caiying chuckled and replied, “Instructor Shang, that isnt right.

Were all from the academy, so is there any difference between us This yellow robed man and white wolf possess slightly special identities.

Especially that white wolf, hes one of the 5 sons of Welkin Wolf Demon King.

So, we cant allow him to just die.

Perhaps we can even use him to negotiate with Welkin Wolf Demon King!”

“Even if were going to negotiate, it should be done by my inner court and the outer court.

It isnt related to your secret court at all!” Feng Wuchao spoke coldly.

Ye Caiying glanced at Feng Wuchao and said, “Are you looking for a beating”

Feng Wuchaos face turned cold.

He was just about to speak when Shang Qingying stopped him and gazed at Ye Caiying, “Ye Caiying, I know that what youre saying makes sense.

After all, I had the exact same plan.

However, both of them were captured by the outer court instructor, Ye Yang, so only he has the right to deal with them!”

“The outer courts instructor” One of the men by Ye Caiyings side laughed coldly, “So the outer court has a new instructor again So what Since my secret court wants them, are you telling me he dares to refuse us Itll be fine if hes sensible, but if he isnt, then hehehe….

The academy has no rules about beating up an instructor!”

“Gongsun, how can you speak like that” Ye Caiying waved his hand and said, “No matter what, hes an instructor, so we must respect him.


The man called Gongsun chuckled and said, “I understand.

I understand.

Respect him, right If hes sensible, then we will respect him, we definitely will.

But if he isnt, then I cant guarantee anything!”

Ye Caiying waved his hand at Shang Qingying and the others, and he feigned helplessness, “Im sorry, Brother Gongsuns character is like that.

Please dont mind him!”

Feng Wuchao spoke indifferently, “We dont mind at all!”

The other outer court students behind him and the inner court students nodded as well to display that they didnt mind.

Besides that, their gazes towards Ye Caiyings group carried pity….

There were 4 sides to the city walls, and they were respectively guarded by the local powers within the city and the academy.

Yang Yes accomplishments at the main gate hadnt spread through the city, so the students of the secret court werent aware of it.

However, while the secret courts members werent aware of it, the members of the inner court were!

Was the secret court strong

It was absolutely strong.

Even though they had members at the peak of the Monarch Realm, even some Half-Saints would probably be no match for them in battle.

As for those at the Half-Saint Realm, they were even more terrifying.

That was exactly why the academy had allowed the secret court which only consisted of around 30 members to guard one of the city gates!

However, while the secret court was strong, what about Yang Ye

If they were given a choice, they would rather face the secret court than face Yang Ye.

The members of the secret court were proud, arrogant, and haughty.

However, Yang Ye wasnt just proud, arrogant, and haughty.

He was vicious, unrestrained, and mad!

That madness was true madness, and not something that was faked!

After all, if a person wasnt a madman, how could that person dare to kill inner court students, try to kill an elder and instructor, and even chase after an army of millions!

Shang Qingying glanced at Ye Caiyings group and said, “Ye Caiying, out of consideration for Shangguan Yunhai, allow me to repeat myself again.

Leave that man and wolf here, turn around, and leave right now.

I guarantee that nothing will happen to you if you do that.

Otherwise, even Shangguan Yunhai wont be able to save you!”

Ye Caiyings eyes narrowed slightly, “Actually, if Instructor Shang insisted, then I would have given Instructor Shang some face and not taken them.

However, since youve said that, then Id really like to see if anything will happen to me!”


Suddenly, a ray of red light shot through the sky.

It was still in the sky, but a figure had already appeared in front of Ye Caiying.

At the same time, Ye Caiyings throat was grabbed when he hadnt even bee able to recover from his shock, and his countenance instantly turned purple!

The figure was naturally Yang Ye!

“What dont you tell me if anything will happen to you now” Yang Ye held Ye Caiyings throat with his right hand and lifted him up.

This sudden turn of events stunned everyone here.

As soon as they recovered from their shock, the students of the inner court and outer court instinctively took a step back and stayed away from Yang Ye.

As for the students of the secret court, their expressions changed drastically, and their profound energy surged while they gazed at Yang Ye with killing intent!

Shang Qingying was just about to speak when that student from the secret court, Gongsun, spoke abruptly in a low voice, “Let him go or Ill make even death a dream for you!”

Shang Qingyings expression changed when she heard him, idiot!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly slammed Ye Caiying against the ground!


The entire ground shook violently as a shrill cry resounded.

Ye Caiyings entire head had been smashed into the ground.

However, his body seemed to be quite strong, so his head hadnt exploded apart and only a few strands of blood had sprayed out from it….

“You!” Gongsun was furious, and he was about to speak.

However, Yang Ye suddenly raised Ye Caiying up and tossed him in Gongsuns direction.

It was so swift that Gongsun had only just reacted when an explosion resounded, and his figure blasted away 2 other students of the secret court while he flew backwards!

The remaining students of the secret court were astounded.

They who were about to attack didnt dare do so anymore.

After all, both Ye Caiying and Gongsun were Half-Saints, but both of them hadnt even been able to resist a single attack from Yang Ye!

So, how could they dare to attack

Yang Ye paid no attention to them.

In his opinion, it was pointless to play with these fellows.

He walked over to the unconscious figures of the yellow robed man and white wolf, and he grabbed them up before tossing them towards the city walls.

Meanwhile, he flicked 8 strands of sword energy over, and they nailed the yellow robed man and white wolf on the city wall again.

The yellow robed man who was unconscious howled miserably, and the white wolf howled with pain….

Yang Ye gazed at the 2 of them and said, “Until they die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked back towards the city.

He was about to arrive at the city gates when he suddenly stopped, and then he said, “If you want to take revenge, then try your best to send someone stronger.

Dont send someone weak because I wont want to waste my time with all of you.

Besides that, if you dare to bring that fellow and that wolf down again, then Ill kill whoever that does that!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes figure flashed and vanished within the city.

Once Yang Ye left, Feng Wuchao suddenly gazed at the group from the secret court and said, “Didnt all of you want to beat up the outer courts instructor Hes our outer court instructor.

Why didnt all of you beat him up just now Werent all of you so haughty just now Werent all of you so brave What Youre cowering back now All of you….”

Xia Bingwei pulled Feng Wuchao back and indicated that he shouldnt continue.

Feng Wuchao took a deep breath and said, “Im not acting like this out of complacency, nor am I relying on Brother Ye to suppress them.

I just cant stand the sight of them!”

The students from the secret court revealed unsightly expressions.

Meanwhile, Ye Caiying and Gongsun crawled out from the rubble.

At this moment, both of them were in quite sorry states.

Especially Ye Caiying, his entire face was beyond recognition.

Actually, he wasnt just beyond recognition, his face could be said to be ruined.

His forehead had sunk down, half of his nose was gone, half of his lips were gone as well, and blood covered his entire face.

It was an utterly horrifying sight!

Ye Caiying was just about to speak when Shang Qingying spoke coldly, “I would keep my mouth shut if I were you.

Before all of you, he bashed up a discipline elder, killed one of Saint Qians disciples, struck Saint Qians granddaughter, killed a few dozen students of my inner court, and even hit me in public.

However, hes still alive and well!”

Their expressions changed when they heard this.

While Ye Caiyings expression couldnt be discerned, his eyes were filled with shock and bewilderment.

Shang Qingying didnt provide any explanation and just spoke coldly, “If your secret court wants to take revenge, then go get your secret courts alumnus, Shangguan Yunhai.

Otherwise, anyone who faces him will suffer.

Especially you.

I advise you to keep a low profile.

If you want to die or be crippled, then you can continue acting arrogantly before him like you did just now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Shang Qingying turned around and led the others into the city.

Only the members of the secret court remained outside the city.

“Brother Ye, are we just going to let the matter go” Gongsun spoke in a low voice.

Ye Caiying didnt speak, but his eyes were filled with ghastly killing intent!

In Ocean of Clouds City.

Yang Ye found another room, and only him and the violet mink resided within it.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and waved his right hand.

You Wuyings corpse appeared in front of him.

He glanced at her corpse and then immediately started refining it.

Just like that, two hours passed before You Wuying was transformed into a Sword Servant.

Yang Ye flicked his finger.

The object in the room which produced light was blasted apart, and the room fell into darkness.

At the same time, his Sword Domain appeared within the room and enveloped it.

Once he finished doing that, You Wuying started moving.

“The Laws of Darkness….” Yang Yes soft muttering arose within the room.


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